Sunday, March 8, 2015

Timid Boys Domination Block

This is the BDSM/Domination block for the Timid Boys pamphlet.  It goes through basic BDSM training.


Domination Intro
Domination Legs
Domination Arms
Domination Aftercare


domontop - One of the last things that you'll be teaching your boy, before you 'release him into the wild', is basic BDSM submission.  Now, he *should* already be submissive, both sexually, and emotionally, but before he gets into the Temple, he needs to have some BDSM experience.  Nothing too extreme, and nothing particularly painful, but a little bit of danger or fear is a good thing, especially for a boy who is new to the Temple.  Boys are often shocked by the 'cruelty' of their first few facesitting or strapon sessions.  Initial BDSM training can keep this from happening.  The most obvious place to start here, is rough cowgirl.  Throw him down, and have your way with him!  Smother him with your breasts, as your hips slam into his!  Make sure he's in the mood, of course, but be forceful, and show him how much fun it is to be taken.  If you do it right, he'll be left exhilarated, and begging for more. 

domfoot - After his first experience with 'rough sex', you should dial it back a bit.  Focus on gentler forms of domination, just like before, but this time, with a focus on movement restriction.  You don't necessarily have to tie his arms, either.  Using restraints on his ankles, and leaving his hands free, can be a lot of fun for both of you.  In a position like the one in the picture, leaving his arms free allows him to caress and fondle your breasts and thighs, but also keeps him restrained.  If he moves his legs, he'll be scooting his cock further away from your deft feet, and so, denying himself that pleasure.  This becomes a very erotic concentration game, where he tries, often futilely, to keep the pleasurable feelings alive, while fighting against his own pleasure response.  When he finally reaches the heights of an orgasm, he'll feel accomplished, and satisfied. 

domchainz - Restraining the legs is much less alarming than restraining the arms, which is why we do it first.  That said, at some point, you'll want to restrain your boy's arms, so he can get used to the feeling before his 'debut' into the Temple.  There's no real need for extreme domination here, though.  Simply restraining his arms is enough, so you can be much more loving, and gentle than you would be normally.  Many of our sisters, especially the ones who are lactating, find it very fun to have their baby suck their breasts while he's restrained.  They'll alternate between simple nursing, and mild smothering, and often stroke their baby off while he sucks.  Other sisters will, after restraining their baby, run a feather over his entire body, focusing on his (many) erogenous zones, before teasing and torturing his cock and balls with it.  The feather is best used as foreplay, a lead-in, to a wet, warm, blowjob, or even sex.  Keep in mind, though, the feather will usually get your boy pretty worked up, so don't expect him to last very long. 

titsuck - Aftercare is a very important part of any domination session.  'Sub Drop' is real, and while it's not such a big deal with these mild forms of BDSM, it's still something that you should be aware of.  When you take the cuffs off, your boy will be feeling a great number of different emotions.  If there was any adrenaline associated with the session, it will be gone.  If there was any pain, it will probably become a dull throbbing.  Feelings of shame might manifest themselves.  Your job, at this point, is to comfort your boy.  Now is the time for love, and lots of it.  Cradle him in your arms, kiss his forehead and hair, and softly stroke his back.  If he gets hard, stroke him gently, more as a maternal comfort than anything else.  You might even want to have sex with him during this time, but of course, make it slow, gentle, and loving.  You want to make sure he understands that BDSM is a scene, that *reflects* reality, but doesn't necessarily emulate it.  Above all, he needs to know that you love him, deeply, and dearly. 

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