Sunday, March 8, 2015

Timid Boys Domination Retrospective

You know, sometimes you just have to take a break from writing this stuff.  I really only meant for it to be a one month break this time, but it ended up being a month and some change.  Sorry about that.  I'm coming to the end of these, so it's a bit more difficult to find the motivation to finish them.  A bit cathartic, as well.  But, if I get hit by a bus at some point in the next months, I want to at least have released a fully featured story. 
I can't promise that I'll be back to a good schedule from now on, but I can promise that I'll try my best to actually finish this project. 


So, onto the retrospective.  I actually wrote these a while ago, and the text was sitting on my HD gathering dust, so this will be much more of a 'what I liked' than a 'how I wrote' kind of thing.

The picture here was something of a compromise.  There were better pictures, but they had terrible resolutions, so I picked this one.  I like that it features familiar characters, but the woman here looks a little mannish in the arms.  She's not being particularly forceful, either.  Again, there were better pictures. 
The text here does double duty.  It introduces the BDSM block, while also giving guide content for initial BDSM training.  It's particularly light BDSM, with no real bondage at all, beyond the natural bondage of being beneath a larger woman.  I like that I was able to use more descriptive wording near the end. 

The second picture is from an artist that I really like.  It's pretty centered on the shota, with his dick taking a 'leading role'.  The woman is in the background, although her feet are definitely given equal representation.  For foot fetishists, I would imagine that this would be an appealing picture.  For everyone else, not so much, but at the very least, you've still got the onee's tits to look at. 
The text is largely guide, but it also tells a bit of a sex story, as well.  It's not a narrative, because there's no characters, but there's plenty of sexual discussion.  It basically just goes through a bound footjob fantasy, so, again, I imagine foot fetishists would enjoy it.

The third picture is by the same artist as the second.  The tanlines on the shota are a nice touch, that add a bit of character to him.  It's nice that the artist included the actual chains and restraints in the picture.  The second pic didn't feature the restraints at all, I just decided that they were there, and wrote about them.  I like the warm colors that this artist uses.  Warm colors give a much more domestic feel, and help to make this feel like 'lighter' femdom.
The text actually provides 2 fantasies, one with a feather, and one for lactation.  I had already discussed domination cowgirl in the first page, so I didn't want to repeat it.  It's an example of me using the picture as more of a jumping off point than an actual focus of the discussion.  Personally, I think that works better.

The last picture is a personal favorite of mine, as is the artist.  It features a particularly attractively drawn woman, with her shota, in a scene that is very loving, and maternal.  This contrasts the previous BDSM scenes quite nicely, I think.  Yes, the scenes were very light, but still, some people really don't do BDSM, so even those scenes may have been too much.  The resolution sucked, but I liked the picture so much, that I decided to use it anyway.
The text covers aftercare, and, honestly, I feel like this page serves as a type of 'aftercare' for some of the more sensitive readers.  Like I said before, there is a very 'anti-BDSM' element in the /ss/ community, and I don't want to alienate them too much.  It can be easy to overdo it when you're making captions. 

I like the way that the final page came out, and I feel like it wraps up the BDSM block very nicely.  Overall, I like the way that the BDSM block came out, although the first picture, honestly, isn't that great.  I feel like I was able to handle the content in a way that didn't cross into 'extreme', while still presenting the Lilians as firmly female dominant, and implying that there was much more extreme BDSM in the Temple proper.  These pages are shorter than usual, around 850 characters, instead of the usual 1000, but I feel like I said what needed to be said on the topic. 
The only real issue that I have is that this portion seems to somewhat contradict the extremism of the earlier BDSM issue of the magazine.  I could say, though, that this block presents light femdom, that is being used to prepare the shotas for the much heavier and extreme femdom that they'll find in the Temple proper.  That's why it's so light here, and so heavy there.


So, I'm back, at least for now.  Next up is 4-6 of the Mommy Bubble pamphlet.  Then the Orgy block of the Timid Boys pamphlet.  Then, I'll do the outro for the Timid Boy pamphlet, and focus my time and energy on the Mommy Bubble pamphlet.  We'll see where we're at after I finish that up.  I still have to organize my random stories and specials into their respective magazines, so you might see a couple more narratives, if I find that I don't have enough.  

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