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Chapter 58 and Prewriting

Chapter 58 is essentially a poem in the Gospel of Lilith, that is written specifically to entice young boys.  I believe, earlier in the project, I made references to 'more lurid chapters of the Gospel'.  This is essentially the sort of thing that I would be referring to.  Now, obviously, the Gospel of Lilith doesn't exist, and never will, but I made a short "chapter" for it, essentially to give an example of 'lurid chapters'.

I'm not that great at writing poetry, and I've never written erotic poetry, so the poem itself might not be that good.  I shamelessly ripped off the Quran to make this, and the explanation (tafsir) that the booklet is organized around is also a shameless ripoff of Islamic scholarship culture.  I guess at this point, it should be painfully obvious that the Lilian faith is essentially just a sexed up version of Islam, with some Wiccan and Maoist influences.

I'm thinking that this booklet will be 'written' in the 80's, so that I can use it in the Joobachi prequel that I'm making now.  That game needs content, and it's turning out to be a much bigger project than I initially expected.  At any rate, let's start with the text of the chapter itself.


My beloved,

Picture me, above you,
our bodies hot, covered in sweat
I lower myself onto you,
enveloping you with adoration
as your lips meet my breast,
and you wrap yourself around me,
I ask you…

Which of these bounties would you deny?

You, on your back,
fingers playing through my hair
my warm, wet, lips pass over your shaft,
all the way down, and back again
my tongue laps at your head,
the kiss, and then,
I ask you…

Which of these bounties would you deny?

Curled up in my lap,
warm, safe, content
drink from your goddess,
touch me all over
when you've had your fill,
lay your head on my bosom,
and I'll ask you…

Which of these bounties would you deny?

My voice in your heart,
my name on your lips
your hands are a blur,
your mind goes blank
as you cry and moan,
hold tight to my words,
and I'll ask you...

Which of these bounties would you deny?

Spill your seed unto my visage,
and lend me your strength
accept my love,
as I accept your lust
accept these bounties,
as I accept your sacrifice
Your body answers...

I would deny none of these bounties

Yeah, so anyone who's ever read the Quran will recognize the format of this Chapter.  I'm pretty good at doing erotic fiction, and erotic guide content, but since I'm not a God, I have difficulty in doing "God Voice".  Luckily for me, there's an entire book out there written in nothing but "God Voice", and over 1.5 billion people believe that it was written by God.
There's no need to reinvent the wheel here, especially when anyone who talks about it being offensive can be shut down immediately with the argument "so where exactly did you come across this incredibly offensive piece of written material?"  That said, a fatwa about this would be funny as shit.

If anyone's curious, the poem is ripped off Surah Rahman.  An interesting tafsir/discussion, on this surah can be found here:
And the text can be found here:

The booklet that these are going into is structured similarly to these videos, by the way.  The speaker in that video is a PhD out of Pakistan.  She and her friend are quite adorable, with their little chadors, and their accents...
Very cute. 

Anyway, here's my prewriting for the booklet


 The first page will be an intro by either Jenni or someone else, and then the second page will be the poem itself, with some kind of 'white-hair/dark-skin' pic, possibly from a manga, if I go with the 80's style for this pamphlet.

I'm thinking that I'll go line by line for the one liners, and then go paragraph by paragraph for the paragraphs.  So that's 8 pages, for a full 11, when you include intros and outros.  But, we can do a page on the ritual itself, and how it differs between the Temples.

Intro - authorpic
Fullpoem - darkskin/whitehair pose pic
MyBel - posepic/luvpic
Picme - girlontop with titsucking
WhichBount - multiwoman singleboy orgypic
Youon - blowjobpic
Curledup - cuddlepic
Myvoice - boyfap pic possibly with woman
Ideny - creampie?
Spillseed - bukkake
Diversity - regularsex AND bukkake AND solofap
Outro - authorpic


Intro - discussion of what chapter 58 is, and the ritual that goes with it
Fullpoem - just the poem
Mybel - discussion on the idea that chap58 is basically a love letter to Lilian boys.  Discussion on how most of the Gospel is directed towards women, while this particular chapter is directed towards boys.  Discussion of other chapters directed towards boys.
Picme - Discussion and expansion of the fantasy described.  Intro to the fantasies overall, discussion of what Lilith intended from the poem, and from this particular passage
WhichBount - Discussion of the phrase, and explanation of why it is repeated so often.  Should probably take some of the explanation from Razia's work.  Small discussion on what is meant by 'bounties'
Youon - Discussion and expansion of the fantasy.  Special emphasis on the 'hand on head blowjob' thing being more about Lilith's love, and less about any sort of domination.
Curledup - Discussion and expansion of the fantasy.  Some discussion on the different format of the final line.  Special emphasis is placed on the maternal aspects of Lilith, and the role of her followers as children, whatever their age.
Myvoice - Discussion of the intention of the chapter as a stroke fic, and the proper behavior when reading the chapter.  Adherents are supposed to be jerking off to the chapter, and the fantasies within.
Ideny - Continuation of the idea that the adherent is supposed to be jerking off to the chapter, discussion of the 'spirits' that accompany male adherents, and their connection to Lilith.
Spillseed - Discussion of the meaning of the word 'visage', and the adherent's proper behavior when finishing the chapter (he's supposed to cum here).  Discussion of the importance of keeping Lilith in mind when fapping, and why it's a revolutionary act.
Diversity - Discussion of the different rituals for the recitation of the chapter, and a reminder that, despite these differences, everyone's worshiping Lilith, so there shouldn't be any huge issues with the differences in how they worship.
Outro - Discussion of the chapter, its role in the Temple, and how adherents should see it.


So I don't actually have any pictures for this yet, and I'm not sure whether I'll be using manga pics, or greyscaling regular pics, or using one CG set, or multiple CG sets, or what.  I don't think that I've canonized Lilith's personal appearance, but I imagine that she could change her appearance at will.  I've canonized the idea that there is a canonized appearance of Lilith, but I haven't canonized what that appearance is.
In my headcanon, she's a dark skinned woman with white hair, but it can be a bit difficult to find specific /ss/ pics of someone matching a specific description, and doing specific things.  Each new variable results in less pics, until you're looking at "nothing here but us chickens!", or its counterpart, "no hits found".
There are a number of manga pages by a group calling itself "the monthly istanbul", which could work, but they're manga pages, and manga pages are covered in text.

If I'm greyscaling the pictures, I can use blondes and ganguros (without the ridiculous tattoos and makeup) for Lilith, but we're still talking about a lot of material to go through and narrow down, with zero guarantee that I'll actually find anything.  I'm considering using a set called [mole monster] Lost Days -Shonen of a Certain Country-

It's nice and cartoony, and it would be pretty easy to either change the color of the woman's hair, or just greyscale the whole pic.  The problem is that the pics don't go with the poem.  Now, I could change the poem, but that would require me to change the poem.  I wrote it the way I liked it, and I don't want to change it.  I'll have to think about it, and keep looking for good pics.  

EDIT: I'm pretty sure I'm going to use [pink-noise (Mizuiro Megane)] Mama Shotaimu Tropical-hen [Digital]

The woman is brown with light hair, the shota is small and shota-like, and the art is about as top-shelf as it comes.  The resolution could be better, but really, I don't care.  The good greatly outweighs the bad, here.  1000 thanks to the dude on 8chan who posted this artist. 


So I guess an update on the Joobachi Prologue is in order.  I've been working on it, and right now, I'm finalizing some of the basic coding, to set up the system.  I keep running into little issues, mostly revolving around the issues of setting up a time/date system, and the fact that kids have to go to school.
I didn't fully realize it until I started making this game, but kids are actually in school for most of their waking day.  So any time the MC tries to do anything, I have to add a little check to make sure he's not supposed to be in school.  But school is only on certain days, and hours, so I also have to program those hours in, and program an easy way to check.
Now, I've programmed a "school checker", but I still have to work out the school gameplay.  A lot of socialization goes on in school, and I have to work that into the game, somehow.  I also have to make it meaningful, story-wise.

It's a lot of work, but I am working on it.  

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