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Chapter 58 Pamphlet

This is the entire Chapter 58 pamphlet.  This one went really quick, because I love discussing theological questions.  This pamphlet is about as theological as it gets.


Full Chapter
My Beloved
Picture Me
Which Bounty
You on 
Curled Up
My Voice
Spill Seed
I Deny


intro - Chapter 58 is a gift.  It is an exhortation, from Our Goddess, to her male children, to enjoy themselves, and to think of her as not only a maternal protectress, not only as a revolutionary commander, but also as an extremely sexual being, and a lover.  It exudes sexuality, and it implores masturbation.  Our Goddess *wants* her boys to masturbate while reading this chapter, and she *wants* their orgasms to be deep, exquisite, and powerful.  She loves her male servants, and has delivered to them the charity of her blessed word.  It is erotic, and caring, dominant, but loving.  Rarely in the Gospel does Our Goddess speak this directly to her male servants, and this chapter is one that is undoubtedly directed towards male Lilians.  In Chapter 58, Our Goddess paints a very intimate portrait of her desires.  She presents a number of scenarios, all explicitly sexual, and challenges her male devotees to make a decision.  She asks her boys, quite directly, "Which of these bounties would you deny?"  This chapter is a rare look into the sexuality of Our Goddess.  We know that she loves her boys, but this chapter delivers her exact feelings like no other.  She doesn't just *love* her boys, she *lusts after* them.  She craves their sexual energy, and is more than willing to take it, wherever, and whenever, she can.  Their small, lithe, bodies excite her just as much as her tall, busty, figure excites them.  This chapter, while one of the most beloved, is also one of the most contentious.  Since its revelation, Lilians have argued and debated its true meaning, and what should be taken from it.  Is it directed only towards males?  Is it nothing more than a stroke piece?  What, *exactly* does "spill your seed unto my visage" mean?  There are many questions.  The goal of this pamphlet is *not* to answer those questions definitively, instead, it is to explore the different possible interpretations of this most blessed example of Our Goddess' word.  There have been a large number of rituals centered around this particular chapter, and a very intense debate over how those rituals should be performed.  Our goal, here, is to look at this chapter, and examine it, in the context of the related rituals.  We do not seek to favor one ritual over another, instead, we seek to celebrate the beauty of our diversity of thought.  We all worship the same Goddess, and all of our rituals glorify her name.

fullpoem -

My beloved,

Picture me, above you,
our bodies hot, covered in sweat
I lower myself onto you,
enveloping you with adoration
as your lips meet my breast,
and you wrap yourself around me,
I ask you…

Which of these bounties would you deny?

You, on your back,
fingers playing through my hair
my warm, wet, lips pass over your shaft,
all the way down, and back again
my tongue laps at your head,
the kiss, and then,
I ask you…

Which of these bounties would you deny?

Curled up in my lap,
warm, safe, content
drink from your goddess,
touch me all over
when you've had your fill,
lay your head on my bosom,
and I'll ask you…

Which of these bounties would you deny?

My voice in your heart,
my name on your lips
your hands are a blur,
your mind goes blank
as you cry and moan,
hold tight to my words,
and I'll ask you...

Which of these bounties would you deny?

Spill your seed unto my visage,
and lend me your strength
accept my love,
as I accept your lust
accept these bounties,
as I accept your sacrifice
Your body answers...

I would deny none of these bounties

mybel 85 - The first lines of this chapter are incredibly important.  "My Beloved".  Our Goddess is directing this entire chapter to those that she loves most, her boys.  She cares for them, and like any good mother, she wants to protect them from any harm or pain.  She desires their pleasure, and of course, lusts for their bodies.  But this lust is tempered.  Our Goddess is not one to use up a boy and toss him away, her love is eternal, and almost unconditional.  As long as a boy loves her, she will return that love.  The majority of Our Goddess' message is directed towards her daughters, the women of the Temple.  But this chapter is very much centered around the boys.  There are other chapters that seem to be written for the Temple's boys, Chapter 17 being a prominent example, but Chapter 58, unlike the others, is *direct*.  The chapter is formatted like a love letter, complete with salutation.  This chapter is designed to show, explicitly, the love that Our Goddess holds for her male servants.

Picme 70 - Our Goddess begins her seduction with an vision that is familiar to all of her male devotees.  The image of a woman's breasts from below, her smiling face looking down, as she lowers herself onto a stiff cock, is easily one of the first sexual memories that our boys have, and it is one that often stays with them for life.  This fantasy, however, is not only about the lust of the action itself, but the love that Our Goddess holds for her boys.  As her pussy sheathes the devotee in warmth and pleasure, her words envelop his mind, comforting, even while stimulating.  Our Goddess displays an intimate knowledge of her boys' desire, leaning into her servant, to give him her breast.  She gives her devotee all that he desires, and asks only for his loyalty in return.  Our Goddess' intention in this chapter is to titillate her male devotees, to show that she understands their desires, and wants to please them. 

Whichbount 38 - Which of these bounties *would* you deny?  This very pointed phrase is repeated, again and again, in Chapter 58.  In fact, many consider it to be the defining feature of this Chapter.  It's certainly one of the greater mysteries of this chapter.  This harshly phrased challenge contrasts the otherwise soft and relaxed demeanor of Our Goddess' word.  It can be a bit confusing, if you don't have a good handle on the dichotomy of Our Goddess.  She is both the mother of our faith, and a lover to her devotees.  She is the leader of her revolutionary struggle, and servant, to those who reside in her domain.  Our Goddess is multifaceted, and so, her word here represents her many distinct roles.  A mother must be soft with her children, cradling them in her arms, and kissing their boo-boos, but she must also be firm when required, forcing them to take medicine, or get to bed on time.  Here, Our Goddess is soft in love, but firm when it comes to loyalty.  She will certainly please her boys, but *only* if they are willing to please her, as well.  She asks one question to her beloved boys in this chapter.  Are they willing to worship her fully?  If so, she offers abundant pleasures, which, once tasted, can never be matched, and can never be forgotten. 

Youon 39 - Our Goddess continues to share her fantasies with us here, describing an incredibly intimate and romantic act.  That is, taking a devotee into her mouth, and even allowing him the measure of control and dominance that comes from placing his hands on her head, as she, quite frankly, *worships* his member.  What should we take from this?  Doesn't this contradict the earlier stated requirement of dominance over males?  Well clearly, it does not, but here's why.  The mouth is very warm, and soft, and wet, and it feels wonderful to put any sensitive appendage inside, but the mouth is also full of *teeth*.  The mouth can deliver amazing pleasure, but it can also remove an appendage that, at the time of its removal, is receiving an excessive supply of life sustaining blood.  In short, fellatio is very much a trust game.  Our Goddess, in taking a boy with her mouth, is giving him immense pleasure, but that pleasure can not only be retracted, but immediately turned into suffering, if he chooses to betray the revolution. 

Curledup 30 - Our Goddess is a mother, not only of the spirits that she created to guard and guide her boys, but also of our revolution, and of the Lilian Faith, overall.  She has many children!  As her devotees, we are counted among her children, no matter what our age.  Remember, Our Goddess is thousands of years old.  Even the oldest humans are barely adolescents in her eyes.  Her wisdom is unmatched, and compared to her, we are all babies, in need of caring and nurturing.  In need of her lap, and in need of her breast.  But what is the deeper meaning behind this verse?  Well, beyond the appealing image of a boy snuggling with, and nursing from, his Goddess, there is a metaphor.  Just as a mother's milk sustains her child, Our Goddess' word sustains us.  It sustains our revolution, as well as our spirits.  When you "drink from your goddess", you accept her nourishment, and put your life in her hands.  You trust that her "milk" is healthy, and that, when you lay your head on her bosom, that she will protect you.  Cradled in her arms, with heavy eyelids, and a tummy full of milk, you are totally reliant on your Goddess' goodwill and protection.  Well, in this chapter, Our Goddess promises this, but only if she receives the right answer to this chapter's central dilemma. 

Myvoice 18 - In the Jehovan religions, there is a distinct separation between Deity, and Human.  Jehovah created humanity, Lilith included, and humanity is expected to serve and obey him, out of some loyalty or gratitude.  With Lilith, it's different.  She is the mother of our revolution, but she is also a sister in creation.  We both share the same "father".  Our relationship with Lilith is one of fealty, but not an untouchable, faraway, worship.  We are very much allowed, and encouraged, to have a personal relationship with Our Goddess.  In this verse, Lilith instructs her male devotees to listen to her words, and imagine themselves playing out the scenarios.  These being erotic scenarios, arousal is ensured.  Our Goddess makes no bones about the intention of this chapter.  In this verse, Our Goddess almost directly orders her male devotees to masturbate.  Unlike the previous verses, Lilith does not *actually* appear, here, except in voice.  This is how the average Lilian boy experiences Our Goddess.  She is words on a page, beautiful, erotic, words, but still only words.  She acknowledges this, and urges her devotees to press on, to take those words, and use their imagination to make them real in their hearts, and to worship her in the very pleasurable way that she has proscribed.  She enjoys the fact that her devotees find her to be sexually pleasing, and in fact, there is much evidence that she finds *them* to be equally pleasing.  Is it possible that Our Goddess masturbates along with her devotees? 

Ideny 59 - Of course, you would deny none of Our Goddess' bounties.  It is important, for both ritual purposes, and for your own relationship with Lilith, that this line be read *out loud*, even if it has to be whispered very quietly.  The *Affirmation of Fealty to the Lilian Revolution* is a very crucial part of being a Lilian.  You shouldn't take it lightly, and you shouldn't say it, if you don't mean it.  Accepting the bounties of Our Goddess is the first step in building a relationship with her.  In exchange for your submission, she is more than willing to take you under her protective mantle, and treat you as a lover.  It's even better if you can say this line with a more *sexual* tone, moaning it, as you moan her name, your pleasure building, as you near an orgasm.  As for the moment of orgasm, it's okay to stay silent, or be vocal in a more abstract way, but Our Goddess does appreciate it when boys call out *her* name at the height of their passion.  If you like to use visual stimulation while masturbating, it's okay to look at pictures that don't match Mother Sophia's description of Lilith from *The Night Journey*, as it is stated in the Gospel, that Lilith is more than capable of changing her form at will.  The important thing is to keep your Goddess in mind as you masturbate, and to sincerely desire, deep in your heart, for the energy of your orgasm to go towards Lilith, and towards Revolution. 

Spillseed 33 - A very unfortunate idea, which entered our consciousness through purely Jehovan sources, says that being ejaculated on is somehow "degrading".  This cannot be further from the truth.  When a boy ejaculates, he is affirming the attractiveness or sexual skill of the woman in question.  Unlike an erection, which in boys, is often random, ejaculation is the body's way of saying, "I like this, I want this, this is exciting and pleasing to me".  Our Goddess clearly *loves* being drenched in cum, and we should, too.  There are a number of different ideas on the meaning of 'spill your seed unto my visage', but one thing is quite obvious.  The adherent is supposed to orgasm here, and his ejaculate has to go *somewhere*.  Our Goddess has stated, in previous chapters, that an orgasm reached with Lilith in mind, is a revolutionary act, that strengthens her.  But Our Goddess has said that the orgasms of *both* sexes strengthen her, and she has also said that all Lilian women are her representatives on the Earth.  So, with all of that said, what is the sacrifice?  The orgasm itself, or the milky, white, byproduct of the orgasm?  What is the visage?  A painting of Lilith, or the body of one of her Earthly representatives?  Each Lilian has to come to these conclusions by themselves, but Our Goddess' message is clear.  She *wants* cock, and she *wants* cum.  Shouldn't we, as her young disciples, follow her example?  Shouldn't we, as her representatives on Earth, cherish the seed of our boys?  Shouldn't we accept the lustful sacrifice of a Lilian boy, just as Our Goddess does?

Diversity 60/64/74/57 - The nature of Chapter 58 lends itself quite well to ritualization.  Our Goddess' word rarely presents this sort of linear erotic narrative.  Almost immediately after revelation, Lilians got to work transforming these blessed words into a codified ritual, that could be used to glorify and please Our Goddess.  Of course, there were different interpretations, and different rituals.  Some were centered around a drawing of our Goddess, or a picture of a woman resembling her, and involved solo masturbation.  Others were more domestic, casting the mother as Lilith's "stand-in", and playing out the scenarios exactly as described.  Still others involved multiple boys, fantasizing about Our Goddess while masturbating, before rising, to "deposit their sacrifice" onto the body of a very lucky Nun or Priestess.  There were rituals where the boys licked their cum off the Nun's body, and rituals where they all came in the Nun's mouth.  There were creampie rituals, bisexual rituals, even musical and dance rituals.  All the while, Our Prophet, when asked about the 'correct' ritual, would simply give her trademark grin, and say, "the sexiest one".  Not much of an answer, *or is it?*  Is it possible that this ritual, beyond the "revolutionary orgasm" component, is a type of entertainment for Our Goddess?  We know that she has innumerable sexual partners, but just as we will often enjoy some alone time with a video or magazine, it's not a stretch to imagine that Our Goddess will sometimes relax in her royal chambers, check down on her revolutionaries, and enjoy herself, as they enjoy *themselves*.  As this is very much a possibility, we should offer Our Goddess the greatest amount of variety that we can.  We should let 100 flowers bloom, and 100 rituals contend, for the attention and pleasure of Our Goddess. 

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