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Grimoire Ritual Block Retrospective

Holy hell, this is a fuckload of content.  I'm actually pushing 8000 characters, so far.  That's almost double the content, per page, that I normally do.  This is a lot to cram into 4 pages, and I really wish that I'd had more pictures to work with.  I'm already using circepics,  which aren't always topical, and while most of the succubus party pics have clean versions, for some reason, the group shot doesn't. 
Anyway, it's a lot to cover, and I probably still haven't explained everything.  I did my best, though. 

If anyone's wondering, by the way, most of this stuff actually comes from my (mis)understanding of Haitian Voodoo, as explained by William Gibson, Richard Morrigan, and Neil Stephenson. 


The first page is an intro, so there's not much to say about the picture, other than that I liked it, a lot.  There's supposed to be a bra in her 'cut off' hand, but I chopped that off, so I'd be able to make her bigger.  Her face wouldn't display right, unless I did it that way. 
The text here, shit, where to start?  At the beginning, I guess. 
I ended up settling on 'Officers', which I'm still not totally sure whether I'm capitalizing, or not.  The general idea in the first block, is that all of the Goddesses in history, were actually human beings, at one point, who 'ascended' to goddesshood, just like Lilith.  I still haven't really worked out how that happened, but whatever.  I'm not sure if I managed to get that idea across, but basically, that's the idea.  I'm sure you've all noticed my increased use of colored text to emphasize certain things.  It just indexes better than italics. 
The second block in this page, expands on the succubi, and explains their reasoning for participating in all of this.  I made a bit of a 'logic error' in the second reason, which I had to fix up, a bit, on a later page.  Basically, if they want as many boys as possible, why are they picky?  The answer, on page 3, is essentially, that they're obligated by treaty, to pick a specific 'type'.  I had actually explained this, in detail, in my first draft of this page, but it got cut for space.  A lot of things got cut for space in this pamphlet. 
I decided to have Medea Circe write this pamphlet, mostly just to put her into the story, and to keep Jenni from getting yet another pamphlet attributed to her. 

The second page picture actually isn't Circe, although I thought it was when I downloaded it.  It's some chick from Final Fantasy.  I converted the white in the picture, to transparency, so it wouldn't be so jarring.  I really like the picture.  The boy is 100% a shota, and the woman looks very comforting, and maternal, here.  Besides, where else am I going to find a '3rd eye kiss' /ss/ picture?  It would be nice if it were in color, but whatever.  If it were in color, I wouldn't be able to pretend that it's Circe in the pic. 
The text was actually cut quite a bit, and I lost some characterization for the succubi, but what can you do, right?  This page is essentially a retelling of the 'porn and names' bit in the High Priestess block, but from the perspective of the High Priestess.  I feel like that's a pretty neat little dichotomy, where the boy is totally oblivious to the fact that he's summoning what amounts to a Sumerian (or Norse, or Egyptian) goddess.  He's just trying to bond with his High Priestess, but she's using his body as a tool, to further her own career.  It's interesting. 
A lot of energy is put into telling the High Priestesses not to get greedy, or lazy, and to match the boys and Succubi up correctly.  I feel like that would be a very common issue.  If a Temple is in danger of being found out, it's not hard to imagine a High Priestess just taking the first suitable boy, and doing a ritual, to save the Temple, his feelings be damned.  I imagine that some High Priestesses would even resort to kidnapping a virgin boy who fits the right description, pumping him full of valium and viagra, and just calling the first succubus who looks like she can help. 

The third page is the first one to use pictures from 'succubus party'.  It's just a picture of him, nothing really sexual about it.  Not much to say, other than, 'his clothes are weird'.
The text here is an extension of the previous two, for the most part, with a little buildup for the next page.  A lot of the page is just listing off different goddesses, and using them as examples.  It gets a bit specific, at times, and, really, this page is a bit of a throwaway, but there is one thing that I'm glad I was able to do in this page. 
I'm glad that I was able to clear up the logic error on page one, by saying that the succubi can't just take any boy, for what amount to legal reasons.  Each of the succubi has her own job, and her own pool of boys to pick from.

The last page picture is the group shot, that was used as the cover for the succubus party set.  Unfortunately, there's no clean version of it.  I needed another page to explain things, and I didn't want to use a circepic, if I didn't have to. 
The text here was supposed to be about the specific benefits of pairing with the succubi, but, luckily for me, I can explain the specifics, in the succubus portrait pages, and I'll probably have plenty of space to do so.  So this page, essentially, is just to explain the concept of the benefits, and give some framework, for people to understand the specific benefits, better.  I also needed to explain the negotiation process. 
I definitely wanted this ritual to be something that happened quietly, so the boys didn't actually know that anything special was going on.  To them, they're just having sex with their High Priestess.  The strangest thing for them, is saying the name of the succubus to be summoned.  This is kind of funny, because, when you get right down to it, they're doing most of the work in this summoning.  Who's calling down the succubus?  The boy.  Who's having sex with her, and acting as a sacrifice?  The boy.  Who doesn't have to slap some dumbass crystals on their forehead to communicate with what amount to angels?  The boy.  And who's basically getting nothing (aside from a particularly good orgasm) out of this? 
 I think it's really interesting to play with the idea that the boys are actually far more connected to the more metaphysical aspects of the faith, than the women are.  I touched on it, a bit, in Taisen, but I'd like it to be more of a theme, when discussing the 'succubus' stuff. 
There were a lot of gaps to fill in, and I tried to do it in this page.  Honestly, I kind of wish that I had made the HPs go into a total, amnesic trance, while the succubus takes over their body completely, but really, the negotiations would have to take place before the fucking, because I've already canonized the idea that the fucking lasts for... not long.  These are virgins, and they're fucking literal sex goddesses, now.  I would expect somewhere between 10 and 30 seconds.  The later pages will discuss that, a bit more. 
The blessings bit is kind of rushed, because I realized that I hadn't actually said anything about that, and I really needed to.  Luckily, the fact that you have to negotiate, and the fact that all of the succubi have a separate 'focus', means that I can be somewhat vague. 


So hopefully I wrote these with enough information, that the general concept actually makes sense.  I know it's like a wall of text, but seriously, there was a lot to cover, and not a lot of space to do it.

Next up is either the first two succubi, for the grimoire, or the orgy etiquette block, for the Temple Intro.  Probably the succubi, since that's what I've got prewritten. 

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