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Grimoire Ritual Block

This is the ritual explanation portion of the 'Dark Hair/Light Skin/Blue Eyes' Lilian Grimoire.  It serves to explain what the ritual is, what the succubi are, and how, in detail, to perform the ritual, itself. 


Boy Choice


intro - It is extremely important that you, as a High Priestess, are able to form a positive working relationship with the officers that Our Goddess has appointed, to lead Our Revolution.  I'm not talking about the Regional High Priestesses here, or even the Temple Congress' General Secretary.  I am, instead, referring to the vicegerents of Our Goddess.  Some people call them Lilin.  Some people call them Succubi.  I call them Officers, and so should you.  These ladies are regarded, worldwide, as the greatest examples of Lilian power, and dominion.  Their stories were told, mistold, misheard, and oversimplified.  Over time, they became little more than archetypes, and most people consider them to be mythical, at this point.  Well, I have to tell you, they're *not* mythical, and they're *not* archetypes.  They are as real as you or I, and just like us, they have needs, desires, friends, and enemies.  *Unlike* us, they have Our Goddess' ear, and they have a measure of her power.  Maintaining a positive working relationship with *the commanders of Our Revolution*, is extremely important.  If you help them, they will help you, and if you please them, they will help you even more.  If you anger or offend them, however, don't expect to receive much help from them, in the future.  I stated that our Officers, like us, have certain desires.  Unsurprisingly, many of these desires are sexual, in nature.  These women live in the Domain of Our Goddess, and, as such, get plenty of sex.  *But*, things being as they are, there aren't a whole lot of virgin boys up there.  That's where we come in.  Virgin boys, for us, are something of an infinite, and renewable, resource.  Among the higher echelons of our Revolutionary Cadre, these boys are very much in demand, for a couple of reasons.  Reason 1 is simple.  Taking a virgin is fun!  It's pleasurable, and most Lilians *really* enjoy it.  Our leadership is no exception.  Reason 2, however, is more complex.  As we know, our boys are 'shadowed' by a spirit, created by Lilith, herself.  What is not as well known, however, is that these spirits are free to *choose* which Officer they wish to follow.  Some of them don't follow anyone in particular, and usually, they'll just attach themselves to the first boy that they see.  But many of these spirits will follow a specific Officer, and shadow whoever their Officer tells them to shadow.  This puts the boy under the 'tutelage' of that particular Officer, and so, their lives will often proceed in a way that would please that Officer.  This gives the Officer more power, in Our Revolution, and so, gives her an incentive to scoop up as many boys as she can. 

circebw - If you look hard enough, you'll be able to find quite a few texts, detailing various rituals, to call down Our Officers.  Most of the time, they're framed as 'succubus summoning rituals', and they're generally quite odd.  Some involve grain sacrifice, others involve candles, and daggers.  We don't need that bullshit, because we have something that these ladies *want*.  An attractive, inexperienced, boy, ripe for the taking.  It's best, if the boy has little to no sexual experience.  Masturbation is okay, and *sometimes*, he doesn't have to be a virgin, but for the most part, purity is at a premium.  To summon one of Our Officers, first, you must acquire a boy that appeals to her.  This will be discussed in more detail, later.  Once you've got the boy, you should talk with him, maybe looking through some pornography, to figure out what he's into.  It's important that you match the officer, to the boy.  So if the boy doesn't like hardcore femdom, *don't* call an Officer who's into femdom.  If the session goes bad, *you* will be held responsible, and word *does* get around.  Once you've matched the boy with a suitable Officer, it's time to call her down.  While wearing a quartz based 'amplifier' over your third eye, stimulate the boy to an orgasm, while having him call out the name of the Officer to be summoned.  After he comes, press your (quartz covered) third eye to his, and repeat the name, in your mind.  If you did it right, you'll know immediately.   

19 - The first step to calling down an officer, is finding a boy that she's willing to pair with.  Different officers like different types of boys.  This pamphlet covers boys with dark hair, light skin, and blue eyes.  Some Officers will take boys of alternate types, however.  For example, Anahita, who can tighten your pussy, as well as help you to deal with legal trouble, only likes dark skinned boys, with green eyes.  Komorkis, who can lighten or darken skin tones, however, likes boys of all shades, as long as their *eyes* are brown.  These requirements are influenced by the Officer's personal tastes, of course, but they're also part of a centuries old treaty, from before these ladies were fully united, under the banner of Lilian Revolution.  As we've said, this pamphlet is for boys with dark hair, light skin, and blue eyes.  All of the officers in this pamphlet are open to those types of boys, although Nuit and Ydun are open to boys of other descriptions, as well.  For reasons that are as obvious as they are unfortunate, exact information on which boys go with which Officers is scant, and highly guarded.  The best way to find out this information, than, is to ask the Officers themselves, as a part of your regular negotiations.  When it comes to negotiation, don't be afraid to speak your mind, but remember, just because a boy is rare *for you*, doesn't mean he's rare, overall.  There are places in this world, where dark skinned, green eyed, boys are the norm.  So if you need a blonde, blue eyed, white boy, but you're in Colombia, you might want to contact one of your Swedish sisters, and have her conduct a summoning, *for you*.  In return, you can summon using a boy that she's in need of. 

9 - One thing that we haven't yet discussed, is *why* you would want to have a relationship with our Officers.  Well, beyond the joy of giving back to those who served before us, there are a number of very tangible benefits.  Now, much of this depends on your own negotiation skills, but generally, if you help an Officer out, she'll owe you a favor.  It might not be a huge favor, and each Officer has her own 'focus', of things that she's particularly good at, but all things considered, having an ethereal being on your side is better than not having one, especially if you're looking to rise in the Temple's ranks, *where many of your peers are contacting these ladies on a weekly basis*.  As stated before, the favor is dependent on negotiation.  When your boy comes, moaning the desired Officer's name, she enters his mind, and quickly determines whether she wants to have sex with him.  If he's scared, or too young, or otherwise not to her liking, she'll leave immediately.  If she likes him, and she likes you, she'll enter *your* body, through your third eye.  The quartz just makes this easier for her, and proves your intention.  Upon her arrival, she will induce a *very* short trance-like state, in which the two of you will discuss what it is you want from the exchange.  This negotiation time may seem like it lasts for a while, but normally, it's less than a second, in 'objective time'.  Generally, there are two 'blessings' that you'll receive from an Officer.  The first is a freebie, as long as you can control your boy.  It's a simple bodily improvement, gained by having the boy ejaculate wherever the Officer prefers.  The second, is negotiated, and it can be anything from police immunity, to better luck at the casino.  It's important to note, however, that most of these blessings are *temporary*, and some Officers are less powerful than others.  

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