Monday, May 18, 2015

Grimoire Succubi Profiles 1

This is the first succubi profiles block for the Lilian Grimoire.  It goes through the personality of the succubus, before describing an average night with her. 


Nut Personality
Nut Session
Eos Personality
Eos Session


25 - Nut, pronounced like "foot", is an Officer that is quite well loved, by our Priestesses, and our boys.  She is extremely maternal, and blesses the High Priestesses who please her, with the gift of lactation!  One option for her, is called, "Maternal Seduction", and works on a specific family.  The mother will trust you, the father will respect you, and the children will *adore* you.  Another option, often taken, is, "Sedative Presence".  For 3 months, *all* babies and children below 4 will soften in your embrace.  Their cries will cease, and their tranquility will, most likely, engender an immediate confidence from their mothers.  Nut is a good choice for High Priestesses looking to recruit young mothers, or shore up their support among non-Lilian VIPs.  Nut likes creampies, but don't worry, she'll make sure you don't get pregnant.  She takes virgins almost exclusively, with the only exceptions being boys with abusive mothers.  Not abusive as in, "takes him to mass on sundays", either.  *Really* abusive, although neglect *does* count as abuse, so many of our converts are shoo-ins for a session with Nut.  On the topic of boys, Nut prefers them small, young, and relatively weak, physically.  She has a special love for chubbier boys.  Boys in her 'sphere of influence', are generally more affectionate than others.  They're less interested in sex, and more interested in snuggling, particularly with larger, softer, ladies.  When choosing a boy to summon Nut, look for emotionally sensitive boys, who enjoy lactation, full figured women, and soft femdom.  Make sure that they aren't particularly pushy, when it comes to sex, and make sure that you don't serve them any alcohol, spirit herb, or other intoxicants, before the summoning. 

33 - A session with Nut often starts the same way it ends, with a kiss to the forehead, and a long, almost smothering, hug.  After the pleasantries are done with, Nut will usually lay her boy down, gently, kissing them all over, paying special attention to their softest bits.  Sometimes, she'll tie a boy up, during this time.  When she's ready, which can take a while, she'll mount her boy, and take his seed, as deep as she can get it.  Whether she faces towards him, or away, largely depends on her mood, but normally, if there's no bondage, she'll try to take the boy's hands, and hold them to her chest, while she rides him.  Generally, Nut makes no attempt to prolong the experience, and when the boy comes, that's it for the coitus.  After sex, Nut will untie her boy (if he was bound), and wrap him up in her warm, soft, arms.  This is where Nut's maternal side takes over.  She will offer the boy her breast, and nurse him, stroking his head, chest, and neck, as he drinks from her.  Although samples of the milk have tested negative for any narcotics, all boys nursed by Nut report a sedative, entactogenic effect from her milk.  One boy described it as, "like Love Candy (MDMA), but it made me sleepy".  This effect is, unfortunately, not replicated in your own, normal, lactation.  At any rate, the boy will usually fall asleep in Nuts  arms, after about 2 or 3 hours of very relaxed, snuggling.  Expect your nipples to feel tender for a couple of days, after summoning Nut. 

27 - Eos, pronounced "Ee-Yah-s", is an Officer, who is often misunderstood, and misused, my many of our High Priestesses.  Too many times, she has been matched with boys who weren't ready for her, by greedy, inexperienced, High Priestesses.  Sometimes, these women will, in their lust for power, pump their boys full of sedatives, to make them unable to resist, or even to say no.  For this reason, Eos has gained a bad reputation, among many summoners.  Eos is quite powerful, but she is also, quite intense.  Her blessings, for those who please her, include a nicer bust, and a more youthful face.  No more sagging, and no more wrinkles!  She offers the blessing of "Dominance Over Man", meaning, any one man, anywhere, will bend to the whims of the High Priestess who has pleased her.  *But*, she is quite difficult to please.  Eos like Our Goddess, enjoys the feeling of a boy's hot load, all over her face, and dripping down, onto her bust.  She like rough sex, as well, in *both* directions.  She can be extremely demanding, and will often push a boy past his limits.  She likes virgins, but because her tastes are so extreme, it's very rare to find a virgin who is able to handle her.  You'll probably have to train a boy, *personally*, for her summoning.  She should be matched with a boy, who is both interested, and experienced, in heavy BDSM.  Possibly a fighter, but definitely someone who *likes* playing rough.  She likes stronger boys, both emotionally, and physically.  Boys in her 'Sphere of Influence' are often quite extreme in their faith, but this is a disciplined, extremism.  Like a dog, fiercely loyal to its owner, and ready to attack anyone who crosses her, but always, *always*, obedient. 

29 - A session with Eos is always intense.  She prefers for her boys to be clothed, when she gets them, only so she can tear the outfit off, immediately.  She'll often alternate between kisses, and bites, *hard bites*, all the way down a boy's body, until she gets to his cock.  She'll attack his groin, with a ferocity that is rarely seen outside porno-tapes, squeezing his balls, and slapping the head of his cock, before taking it deep, into her throat.  She actually likes her boys to grab her hair, and 'facefuck' her, at this point, and she'll respond, by twisting and squeezing his nipples, until he cries out in pain.  When she mounts a boy, she'll usually slap him, as she bounces, up and down, on his tortured, cock.  When she's getting it from behind, she'll demand that he spanks her ass.  She loves to leave bite marks, scratches, and hickeys, on her lovers.  Generally, she'll put a boy through his paces, making him come 6 times, or more, during the session.  If he comes anywhere but on her face and tits, including inside her, she'll choke him, call him names, and then start kissing him, deeply, while massaging his prostate, to get him up again.  There is no cuddling, relaxing, or aftercare, with Eos.  If the boy starts sobbing, or panicking, there's a good chance that she'll just exit the scene, leaving *you* to clean up the mess.  If you manage to please her, however, expect your blessings within 1 week.  

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