Monday, May 25, 2015

Grimoire Succubus Profiles 2

These are the second instalment of the Grimoire Succubus Profiles.  They go through the personality of the Succubus, before describing a night with her.


Ydun Personality
Ydun Session
Irkalla Personality
Irkalla Session


 21 - Ydun, pronounced "ee-dune", should probably be the first Officer that you call down.  She's fun, and friendly, not particularly concerned with the 'experience level' of your boy, and she's quite well liked within the Domain of Our Goddess.  Ydun blesses those who please her with a firmer ass, and a thinner waist.  As for favors, well, Ydun isn't particularly powerful, in the grand scheme of things.  What she *is*, though, is gregarious.  She has the power of "Positive Publicity".  Her time is split, quite evenly, between taking 'virgin sacrifices' on earth, and hosting wild parties, in Lilith's Domain.  If you show her a good time, she'll be sure to tell her fellow Officers all about it, usually, immediately upon her departure.  Ydun is a bit of a "Gatekeeper", of sorts.  She is considered to have very good taste, and so, her opinions are well respected among the other Officers.  We strongly suspect that she rates High Priestesses on a scale of 1-10, and then distributes those ratings     in some kind of periodical.  Many of our Officers will simply not show up without a previous, *personal* recommendation from Ydun.  Building a rapport with Ydun is important for any High Priestess, and it's probably a good idea to have a specific, 'secondary' Officer in mind, to ask her about, during your negotiation time. Ydun likes it when a boy pulls out, and explodes on her back, or her ass.  She'll take it on her belly, too, but she *really* loves it on her ass.  You can really pair any boy with Ydun, but she prefers fun loving, relaxed, boys.  Ydun will often want to share some spirit herb with the boy who has summoned her, so prep some, before the summoning.

34 -  A session with Ydun, as stated, will often start with a strong toke from a pipe, or bong.  Usually, a mixture of "Diamond" and "Monsoon" Kush are preferred, but anything strong will do.  Ydun will normally "shotgun" the smoke to her boy, before taking some for herself, and then moving into a 'soft straddle', over the boy's face, letting him get a good look, and a good *taste*, while she quickly rubs herself off.  Sometimes, she'll reach back, or reach down, and lightly play her fingertips over her boy's nipples, or sack, with her free hand.  When she's ready, she'll dismount, and usually give her boy a deep tongue kiss, while gently stroking and squeezing his cock, before getting into position, and beckoning to her lover.  Ydun prefers 'from behind' positions, so keep that in mind when choosing your pornography for the night.  She won't want to explain doggy style to a boy in the "heat of the moment".  If there are multiple boys, which Ydun *does* enjoy, thoroughly, the other boy will most often be found worshiping Yduns tits, at this point, although double penetration is normally attempted, later in the evening.  Again, this is not something that she'll want to explain in the moment.  After her boy comes on her ass, Ydun will usually have him 'rub it in', while she rubs *herself* off, before going for another toke.  

23 - Irkalla, pronounced, "ear-call-ah", is one of Lilith's oldest, and most trusted Officers.  She is quite powerful, but also quite stern, both towards High Priestesses, and boys.  She is very much a believer in female domination, and, unlike many of her contemporaries, doesn't like being on the 'receiving end', of *anything*.  She doesn't like the consistency of cum, although she does like watching it shoot from a boy's strained, pulsating, prick, and she loves the look of a panting boy, covered in sweat, and his own warm seed.  Irkalla has the power of "Financial Domination", and pleasing her, will all but ensure a positive cashflow in the Temple, which makes quite a popular Officer.  Irkalla will take most any boy, as long as he shows a true, and deep, devotion to the word of Our Goddess.  She goes gaga for these boys, and loves to spoil them, while ignoring her own orgasm.  She's a sadist at heart, but prefers giving her 'good boys' lots of pleasure, rather than pain.  She's a bit anally fixated, and loves strapon play, so make sure to prepare for that.  Anal virginity is the only type that she really concerns herself with.  She's quite gentle, but she takes what she wants, and expects her boys to accept the unconventional expressions of her love.  She all but demands that a boy summoning her be focused on Theological matters, open to anal play, and slightly feminine, if possible.  Naturally submissive, obviously, is non-negotiable.  Sometimes, it's good to pair Irkalla, with another Officer, like Ydun, or Nut, to "temper" the experience, a bit.

31 - A session with Irkalla, unlike with other Officers, rarely starts with anything particularly sexual.  Irkalla likes to "test" boys, asking them questions about their religious preferences.  Favorite chapter of *The Gospel*, favorite ritual, that sort of thing.  Over time, the discussion will get more sexual in nature, shifting to his (usually religious) fantasies, as she gently strokes and caresses his body.  Once she's pleased with his piety, and once he's sufficiently worked up, she'll start stroking him, often having him close his eyes, as she weaves a fantasy, usually complex, and always religious.  She'll most often use her skilled fingers, to 'act out' the scene, but sometimes, she'll get her toes, breasts, or even her mouth, involved, as well.  It's a good idea to keep some nice, edible, lubricant, around for her to use.  As the story draws to a close, she'll bring her boy off, and depending on her mood, she'll either have him lick the cum from her fingers, or use it as a lubricant, for when she (immediately) goes after his ass.  The 'anal play' portion of Irkalla's sessions, are really what she shows up for, and she prefers more 'exploratory' sessions.  Meaning, less experience is better.  She'll often start by laying a boy on his back, taking his hands in hers, and thoroughly tonguing his ass, while he moans and writhes under her hot tongue.  She'll then move to gentle fingering, planting kisses, and licks, all over the boy's cock and balls, and, depending on the boy, she'll either finish him off like that, or bring her strapon into the mix, giving the boy a prostate orgasm, he'll most definitely *never* forget.

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