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Grimoire Succubus Profiles 2 Retrospective and Future Plots

So, after a short break, here's the second instalment of the Succubus Profiles.  They're just like the other ones, but with different archetypes.  I had a lot of fun writing these, and I feel like I did a better job with them, than with the last ones. 


The first page picture is the statutory Ydun boob pic.  Honestly, I could have gone with her 'clothed' picture, since it's just a sheer neglige, but it would have separated her from the others, a bit, so I didn't.  Good pics, all around, though.  I still wish that I'd picked a color for the background that wasn't 'nipple pink'.
I wasn't really sure what to name Ydun's power, and originally, I didn't even give her one.  But, to match the others, I decided to go back and retcon her in one. 
I like Ydun's power, and her role within the "Upper Temple".  I feel like it adds a bit of interesting story to that element of the organization.  I've always found the 'internal' elements of theology very interesting, which is probably why those 'soft polytheistic' religions do so well.  The intrigue is just fun. 
In retrospect, "explodes" may have been the wrong word to use, in this context.  Also, spirit herb.  I still love that term. 

The second page picture is actually the "boy not coming" pic, because I didn't want it to look like he came inside of her, which is what it looked like.  Nut is the creampie queen, and we don't need two.  Especially since this is probably(?) the only Grimoire that I'll be doing.  Maybe.  Anyway, I wanted to write something about Irkalla 'heading up the rear' in this pic, but I ran out of space (sort of). 
I like that I was able to do a little callback to the monsoon and diamond kush, as stupid as those ideas are, I think it's fun to imagine that the Lilians have their own special drugs that they cook up for themselves, to fuel their orgies.  Plus, Ydun is supposed to be the 'fun succubus', so I figured it fit. 
I was really proud of the whole "good look/good lick" thing.  I came up with it during last minute editing, and I'm really surprised that I didn't come up with it before. 
The entire multiple boys part was something that was added in during the editing process, so if it sounds rushed, or not particularly well thought out, that's why.  The 'one load per cheek' bit was added last minute, it was originally 'bukkake style'.  I'm not sure why I changed it. 
Overall, I think this is a pretty good fantasy.  It's very linear, which I like, and Ydun seems fun, right?

The third page picture is the staturory Irkalla pic.  Fun fact, "Irkalla" isn't an actual goddess, the goddess is named Ereshkigal, and she rules over the Sumerian underworld of Irkalla.  But fuck the name Ereshkigal, that's 4 goddamn syllables, and Irkalla ends in an "a", and is a much nicer name, overall.  Not much to say about the pic.  Her shoes suck.
The text is pretty standard, here.  I like the phrase "warm sweat, hot seed", although I could have reversed those.  The name of her power somehow manages to be even more phoned in than the others, but whatever.  That's not what people are reading this for, anyway. 
I like that I was able to avoid actually expanding on what 'prepare for that' means, with regards to anal play.  I figure any High Priestess knows what to do, there.  The only question is whether a boy's anal virginity is maintained, if he gets an enema.  Probably, right?  They give kids enemas, for health reasons, I'm pretty sure.  I remember reading about that, somewhere, and how it turns dudes into mad femdom freaks.
Anyway, the final paragraph, a late addition, is something that I'm pretty happy that I got in.  I could have used some made up succubus names, but I feel like using the ones that came before, helps to round out the pamphlet, and make the whole story more fun.  Plus, the 3way with sex goddesses fantasy is about as popular as the 3way with anyone else fantasy.  I think this last paragraph is a lot of fun, and I really wish that I could have expanded it, a bit more. 

The final page picture is the standard cumming pic for Irkalla.  Not much to say about it. 
The fantasy for Irkalla is actually much different, overall than the other ones.  First off, there's no sex, really, just a lot of heavy petting, and possibly some strapon play, that comes and goes, in like a half of a sentence.  As far as BDSM goes, this is about as vanilla as it gets, which I'm actually somewhat proud of.  It's easy to go too far with the femdom, and if I were going to do it, it would have been with Eos, where I went to far with the femdom Irkalla. 
Anyway, I think that this fantasy, while a bit odd, is kind of nice, and really shows what you can do, when you're getting creative.  Yes, I'm tooting my own horn, here, but damn, I love this fucking page.  Really.  I love the character of Irkalla, too.  I kind of wish that I'd been able to make her a bit more stern, but whatever.  Hopefully the picture does that for me. 


So, I really did enjoy writing this, and I say that like I'm done, and like I don't still have an outro to write.  I'm not sure whether I'll make another grimoire.  There's plenty of content to use.  There's a couple of futasuccubusxshota CG sets that would be interesting to adapt for my purposes, and theoretically, I could even pull some of the angel pics from MGQ, and possibly offend some Christians, just like I possibly offended some Sumerian/Egyptian/Norse/Greek Pagans with this. 
I'm not sure whether I want to do that, though.  There is such a thing as jumping the shark, with these things, and, worst, worst, case scenario, making a Grimoire for this stuff might encourage someone to try the summonings out.
They wouldn't work, of course, but that doesn't unrape the poor trailer-park/barrio/ghetto/special-ed boy, who's supposed to be summoning these "Officers".  Luckily, the vast majority of you are mature enough to separate reality from fantasy.  Also, you're all grown ass men, I'm pretty sure. 

Next up, I'm going to finish the Temple Intro pamphlet, which, unfortunately, has run into a bit of a brick wall, which I may have written myself out of, with this pamphlet, actually.  The pamphlet is written in a way that "assumes" that the boy reading it is sexually experienced, but the original Succubus idea required that the boys be virgins, for the succubi to show up.  Of course, I'm not sure whether that's the case, anymore.  I may have written myself out of that predicament. 
Not that it matters, of course.  Nobody's counting up the contradictions in this story. 
The Temple Intro Intro is really the difficult part, at this point.  I have no fucking clue what the Temple Intro is supposed to be for.  What I've got written, so far, is sketchy, at best, and kind of confusing, overall.  I'll post it below.


intro - Welcome to your first day in the Lilian Transition Program!  If you're here, it means that you've been hand-picked, for placement in a loving, *stable*, environment. That's right, no more group homes, no more social workers, and no more foster parents!  Very, very, soon, you'll be meeting your new mother, and when you do, you'll find that, unlike the other adults in your life, she is kind, loving, and values you, as a human being.  
Your assigned social worker should have given you a book called, 'The Love of Our Goddess'.  Did you like the pictures in it?  Most boys do.  Hopefully, you *read* the captions, too, but if you didn't, don't worry, your new mother will be reading it with you.  For now, though, we need to teach you about our organization.  You see, this program isn't like the ones that you're used to.  Here, we make sure that boys feel loved, and cherished, in the deepest, most fundamental ways. 
In the next few days, you'll be learning a great number of skills, to help you to integrate successfully, into your new life.  I ask that you be patient, and respectful. 
In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful and natural environment, that surrounds you!  Enjoy the cabin, that we have provided for you and your new mother!  Most of all, enjoy the special, healing, love, that will soon cradle, and comfort you.  From this day on, you are truly, a Child of Lilith. 


So I have no fucking clue whether that's the direction that I want to go with this pamphlet, or not.  It most definitely gets the "Lilians steal children from the ghetto and brainwash them out in the woods" idea across, but I'm not totally sure that I want to just lay it out like that.  I mean, damn.  This is really squicky.  Squickier than the babyfuck stuff.  Maybe.  Maybe it's just too real.  I don't know, man.  I hate rewriting shit, but... damn. 

Anyway, I might put that off for a little while.  In the pipe, still, is the 80's era Mommy Bubble pamphlet, which will probably be called, "The Sensual Mother's Guidebook", and go through different mom/son fantasy stuff.  Really straightforward, really fun.  I think it'll be a nice little palate cleanser, after this "exploitation of the most vulnerable" business.

So there's a lot for me to think about.  I'm leaning towards just printing that intro, simply because the Lillians are supposed to be villainous, and hey, why skimp on the villainy, right?  But I'll give it some more thought.  It is kind of squicky, the way it's written, now.  

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