Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lilian Intro High Priestess Block

This is the "High Priestess" block of the Lilian Intro pamphlet.  It goes through various etiquette for young Lilians interacting with their High Priestesses.


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90_k001 - Whether you are in a smaller, cell-based environment, or a larger Temple, you will probably be having sex with your High Priestess very soon.  For some of you, she will be the primary sexual partner, while, for others, she will be one among many.  Whatever the case, your High Priestess should be treated with the utmost respect, and reverence.  This *doesn't* mean that you can't touch her, caress her, speak freely, or otherwise enjoy your time together.  Just as Our Goddess likes to be open with her many lovers, our High Priestesses are friendly, inviting, and very accepting.  You shouldn't be afraid to be yourself around the High Priestess, but it's very important that, at the same time, you give her the respect that she deserves.  In the next few pages, we will go through a typical night with a High Priestess, and discuss some of the trickier issues that sometimes come up during these little sleepovers. 

093_k004 - First off, make sure you've cleared the schedule for your High Priestess.  She's done the same for you!  You'll be spending the entire evening with her, and sleeping over, too.  Pack some clothes, but also visit your Temple's Library, and check out some of your favorite comics and videos.  Generally, the evening's fun, will start with the two of you laying on her bed, nude, leafing through your favorite erotic comics or booklets.  Maybe you'll watch a movie or two.  This isn't just for fun, although it is *a lot* of fun.  The real purpose of this process, is to get to know each other, sexually.  While you're reading the comics, and watching the films, the two of you will be snuggled up, gently pleasuring one another, but also talking.  You'll discuss your turn ons, turn offs, and fantasies.  It's a good idea to listen, as much as you talk, here.  Getting to know your High Priestess' sweet spots can only benefit you, in the long run.  It's very likely, during this 'introductory' time, that the two of you will masturbate together, but she might want to stroke you herself, instead.  Pay attention to where she tells you to come.  This will be important, later. 

087_j006 - Soon enough, the time will come, for the two of you to have sex.  It might be early in the evening, or it might be later.  It might start with a deep kiss, as she leans back, to accept your love, or it might start with a soft bite, as she pushes you down, and mounts you, in lustful abandon.  However it starts, it probably won't last long, and *that's okay*.  Really!  Our High Priestesses are about as skilled as they come, and during your introduction time, she was gauging your interests, desires, and experiences.  She'll be trying her best, to make your first taste of her pussy, the best, most mind-blowingly pleasurable experience that you've ever enjoyed.  This is a blessing, directly from Our Goddess, delivered by your High Priestess, and uniquely tailored, just for you!  Enjoy it!  Remember, you're spending the entire night with your High Priestess.  You'll have plenty of opportunities to 'return the favor', and plenty of opportunities to turn down the heat, a bit, and have a longer, more relaxed, session. Above all, remember that sleeping with your High Priestess isn't an exam, it's a celebration of the mutual love that you both hold for Our Goddess, and for each other.  So take it easy, and don't be nervous.

075_i003 - Our final discussion on this topic, is actually a difficult one to cover.  All boys ejaculate, and while Our Goddess *loves* getting drenched in the hot seed of her servants and lovers, some of our High Priestesses do not.  Normally, if your High Priestess doesn't want you to cum on her, she'll tell her, but if she doesn't, you shouldn't assume.  You should *ask her* where she wants you to cum, preferably *before* the "point of no return".  Some High Priestesses want it as far away from them as possible, but many, simply want it *inside* them.  In their mouth, or in their pussy.  Some have special spots that they like.  One High Priestess might like to feel your warm love splashing onto her ample bosom, while another might want it deep inside her pussy, or spurting against the back of her throat.  Some of our High Priestesses love it when a boy pulls out at the very last moment, and erupts all over their soft, silky, pubic hair.  Others like to take it from behind, and get those rivulets of white gold, all over their ass, and lower back.  Our Goddess prefers it on her face, and many of our High Priestesses follow her example.  Whatever the preference, it's important to *ask*, as the moment of your ejaculation is often, a very erotic, and spiritual, moment for your High Priestess.  If you can't give her anything else, at least give her your cum, *exactly* where she wants it.  

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