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Lilian Intro High Priestess Block Retrospective

So after that last juggernaut of a blog post, I think I'll try to do these in short blocks, again. 
This block was tons of fun to write, even though I wasn't able to do the whole, 'scenario question and answer' thing.  I wanted to, but it didn't end up working out for this topic.  I like the way it came out, though.  I feel like I was able to sex it up quite well, without sacrificing some of the deeper story elements.  I was quite vague, though, on certain things.  You'll see what I mean, later. 


The first page picture is actually from the end of this set, which I might use again, since it has a bunch of orgy pics, and is set up in a way that really invites 4 page blocks.  Anyway, it just serves as an introduction to the 'High Priestess' of this scene.  I like that she's smiling.  For some reason, a lot of hentai artists don't do smiling.  They'll do all sorts of ridiculous ahegaos, but a simple smile is tough to find. 
The text here is just an introduction to the overall block.  It acknowledges the cell based structure, so I guess I'm keeping that idea.  One thing that I wanted to include, that I didn't really end up getting across, is the idea that, in the Cells and Circles, the boys with Lilian mothers might actually be less common. 
A Lilian Cell could just be 3 college girl roommates, and some neglected kid, who came into a shop once, asking for food.  It could be a Lesbian couple, their lesbian friends, and their adopted son.  I'll probably go into that in a later block. 
At any rate, this page just gives a sort of 'principal' style pep talk.  Not much to say about it, except that the 'give her the utmost respect and reverence' bits, are meant to lead, a bit, towards the idea that there's something more going during the tryst between the High Priestess and the boy. 

The second page picture was essentially picked because it sort of displays a woman jerking a boy off while watching something.  Of course, it's not perfect, but I've only found one or two pictures of a boy watching porn with his mom/onee, and one of those was futa.  It's not a genre that's been explored, and that's a real shame, because it's one that deserves a lot more love. 
As for the obvious question here, of, "what the fuck are they wearing on their heads", I don't know, man.  Third eye sex majick concentration crystals?  In a way, I'm almost glad that they're there, because I'm trying to have a somewhat metaphysical theme going on here, and the dumbass crystal hats do help with that, somewhat. 
The text here is mostly just to set the stage, explain, in more detail, what the night is about, and start the narrative.  I know I've said this before, but the whole "watching/reading porn comics with ara" concept really doesn't get as much play as it deserves.  It's actually a very nice fantasy; it's relaxing, fun, and sexual, but more suggestive, than actually explicit.  I've written about it before, and I'll be writing about it again. 
The text goes from guide to narrative, and then back to guide, which is a format that I've come to enjoy writing, and gotten much better at.  Hopefully I pulled it off well, this time.

EDIT : I changed this page around a bit, and added in some stuff that would make the ritual components much more obvious.  

The third page picture is kind of the meat-and-potatoes of this block.  Maybe climax would have been a better word.  Anyway, it's the big kahuna, right?  I really wish that I'd been able to get some better positions here, or at least have a pic where the High Priestess is wrapping her arms around the boy, and holding him close.  I like pics like that, and there's one, by this same artist, that features that exact position.  I'll probably be using it, later.  Anyway, this pic gets the job done, even if it doesn't show much, aside from some boy-ass. 
This text is really where some of the more 'theological' ideas start to come out.  I don't come right out and say it, and I'm not sure whether it's obvious, but this whole thing is actually, a ritual.  Basically, the High Priestess is channelling, here, calling down a specific demoness, to do a little 'ride-along' in her body, as she takes a young, inexperienced, boy.  The demoness gives the High Priestess power, or just does her a favor, in exchange for the fun of fucking a virgin, again.  The demonesses like different types of boys, and have different preferences, which I'll talk about later. 
The big things in this page text are the narrative at the beginning, and the bits about the 'unusually powerful orgasm'.  Most of the later paragraphs are just throwaway "Principal" fluff.  Most of the fun of this block comes from the theological implications, I think.  Maybe I'm just a goddess fetishist, though.  That's certainly a possibility...

The last page really was difficult to write.  But let's start with the picture.   I was a bit conflicted, over whether I wanted the picture with the cum in her mouth, on her face, or shooting out, onto her face, like an action shot.  In the end, I picked this one, because I liked the way her eyes looked. 
The text here was originally going to be a type of "is bukkake Lilian?" thing, but really, I don't need to write that page again.  I covered every angle of that, in the Chapter 58 pamphlet.  So this page basically just ended up being a narrative type of deal, about cumming.  Joy. 
The fact that so much thought and energy is being put into where to cum, is supposed to be indicative of the ritualization of the entire "High Priestess sleepover".  I've already canonized the idea that orgasms are a type of sacrifice, so, while I also brought up the idea that it doesn't really matter where the cum lands, we're still talking about channelling, here.  The demoness would, most likely, have some preferences about that, and the boy's entire job, really, is to please the demoness.  He's the sacrifice, here. 


So I guess, at this point, I kind of have to write that Grimoire.  I'll start looking for good picsets, although I've got a couple that I'm thinking will work, pretty well.  Expect that soon.  It'll be a bit of a departure from my usual work, but I think you'll find it to be fun.

I'm planning on turning Pink-Noise's "Christmas Mama" and "Mother's Day Mama" sets into a (possibly) large, "sex with your son" pamphlet, along the lines of the Mommy Bubble pamphlet, but with a totally opposite message, since it's coming out of the 70's and 80's Lilian mindset.  I think it'll be a lot of fun to play with the idea, that the Lilians pushed incest hard in the beginning, and then, when it led to a bunch of neckbeard basement dwellers, went in the opposite direction, entirely.

Beyond that, I'm planning out a "having sex with random women from your Cell/Circle" block, which will hopefully be unique, and interesting, and also an "Orgy Etiquette" block.

If you guys have any questions about the overall storyline, and want to request an answer, this pamphlet would be the place for it.  I know you guys never want to say anything, but for real, this is the time.  

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