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Lilian Intro pamphlet 1

This is the first half (or possibly most of) the Lilian Intro pamphlet.  It is written as a 'guide' for new Lilian converts, to help them to integrate into Temple life.


Triple Intro
Sexual Worship
No Rape 1
No Rape 2
Exhibition Intro
Exhibition Scenarios
Exhibition Scenario Discussion


Logo - One thing that we should discuss, is the symbol of Our Faith.  All religions have a symbol, and ours is quite storied.  We will start with the moons.  The three moons are a traditional symbol of Goddess Worship, representing the three major phases of a woman's life, likening them to the phases of the moon.  The waxing moon, on the left, represents the 'youth' or 'maiden' phase, while the full moon, in the center represents the 'fertile' or 'mother' phase, and the waning moon, on the right, represents the 'mature', or 'crone' phase.  In our faith, however, the three moons take on a new meaning.  Our Goddess has three major qualities.  She is a sexual being, a mother to her followers (us), and the leader of her revolution.  Our faith's symbol reflects these three facets.  The star in the center of our symbol represents not only Our Revolution, but also the 5 major points of Our Revolution.  These points are, Fealty to Lilith, Sexual Worship, Protection of Nature, Female Domination, and Temple Building.  The three pitchforks are a traditional representation of rebellion against the Jehovan idea, while the arrows point in all directions, representing the inevitable spread of Our Revolution, to all corners of the Earth. 

 brownhairluv5 - As we know, the 3 main stages of a woman's life correspond to the 3 major qualities of Our Goddess.  The Maiden, sexually responsive, and incredibly horny, hormones raging, but still inexperienced, relatively speaking.  The Maiden is interested in discovery and experimentation, both on her own body, and that of her lover.  The Mother, milky, protective, and nurturing.  Still horny, of course, but her yearning is often sated by other lovers.  Her main concern, sexually, is the education and satiation of her beloved son.  The Crone, mature, experienced, and often with a surplus of time.  Her lust has often cooled, allowing her to dote on a boy in ways that are sometimes considered excessive.  But just as she spoils, she can also be quite demanding.  As her sexual response has matured, it is often quite difficult to bring her to orgasm, and so, a boy who has trained with her, is very often the 'best fuck in the room'.  These three 'archetypes' coincide with the three main aspects of Our Goddess.  Our Goddess is sexually pleasing, nurturing, and demanding, all at the same time.  In the next 3 pages, we will explore these ideas in more detail.

furry - The defining feature of a woman in the "Maiden" phase of her life is her sexual creativity.  Young women, especially converts, are just starting to discover their sexuality.  Many of them, upon discovering their predilection for boys, simply swore off sex.  Of course, when they were drawn to Our Goddess' word, and when they entered her Temple, all of those pent-up feelings gushed forth, in a flood of passion.  The practical conclusion to this, is that young women in Our Temples will often behave in a manner that is more sexual than other ladies.  Our Goddess celebrates this reality, as she is quite sexual, as well.  It is no accident that *The Gospel of Lilith* reads, in some chapters, like more like an erotic novel than a religious text.  This is because Our Goddess isn't like any other deity.  She loves her followers, and eagerly awaits their entrance into her domain.  She enjoys their sexual energy, and in fact, uses it in her revolutionary actions.  She is like The Maiden in this way; adventurous, daring, and *always* horny!

filler2girlsanal - The defining feature of a woman in the "Mother" phase of her life is her nurturing and protective instinct.  There is more to nurturing, however, than breastfeeding and lullabies.  The nurturing of a Lilian mother extends into the bedroom, as well.  A mother, or mother figure, has a unique opportunity to spend upwards of 5 years, all alone, with a boy.  While 'full' sex will often wait until the boy comes of age (4-6), the nurturing of the mother in the early years exudes sexuality, and eroticism.  She protects her boy from the whisperings of Jehovah, by educating him in the Temple, or in her home.  She ensures that he understands his duties, both as a sexual being, and as a Lilian Revolutionary.  Our Goddess mirrors these qualities, but on a much larger scale.  She nurtures the Lilian community with her blessed word, and ensures that we are prepared to stand on our own, against the Jehovan menace.  Like any mother should, she takes a particular interest in her boys.  She devotes quite a bit of effort into ensuring that they are pleasured, desired, safe, and happy.  As for protection, she offers us her domain, as a refuge, after our Earthly struggle is concluded, sparing us from the unjust punishments that Jehovah doles out to those who anger him.

gilfbed - The defining feature of a woman in the "Crone" phase of her life is her maturity and experience.  She has been often been having sex with boys, and men, for her entire life.  She is well aware of what turns them on, what feels good, and more importantly, how to help them to please *her*.  She will often use her experience to provide a boy with not only immense pleasure, but also, an amazingly fun, and efficient, training regimen.  Unlike the mother, who is bound by her maternal feelings of protectiveness, a more mature woman can provide the 'tough love' that our boys often need.  Of course, with nothing but time, she is also more than able to shower adoration on her chosen apprentice.  Our Goddess is, first and foremost, a Revolutionary Leader.  She directs, and commands, the fight against Jehovan oppression.  Her word is a guide, developed with years of experience, on how, specifically, to defeat the Arrogant Father.  She is aware of what works, and of the pitfalls that earlier efforts have run into.  We should hold fast to her word, as we hold fast to our most experienced representatives.

fealty - Fealty to Lilith, is the cornerstone of Our Faith, even before female domination.  Without fealty to Our Goddess, the entire revolution falls apart.  For this reason, you should make sure to spend time, not only with Our Goddess' representatives on this earth, but also with her word, itself.  Our Goddess' word is her voice.  It *is* her, or at least, it is as close to her as we can get, in this world.  But you don't have to go it alone!  Our Temple libraries are a wealth of knowledge, and one of the most important jobs of our Nuns, is to help you to access and understand that knowledge.  Use the Temple's resources!  If you see a nun, mulling aimlessly around the Temple, as they often are, feel free to ask her about Our Faith.  Even if you just want her to read you a lurid chapter from The Gospel, she'll usually be quite happy to oblige, and normally, your 'educational encounter' will end with the two of you *truly* worshiping Our Goddess, together!  Getting to know Our Goddess, through the assistance of her servants and representatives, is the best way for you, as a new Lilian, to express your fealty to Our Goddess. 

sexualworship - Sexual Worship is, far and away, the most important method that we use to serve Our Goddess.  It shouldn't be the *only* way that you serve, but it should always be there, as a part of your daily revolutionary struggle.  Unlike Jehovah, who draws his energy from extreme, often violent, displays of subservience, Our Goddess draws *her* energy from the adoration of her many children, both for her, and for each other.  This is why we say that masturbation is a revolutionary act, and this is why we celebrate all of our holy days with orgies.  This is why every single one of our rituals has an orgasmic component.  So, with that in mind, what is the best way to worship Our Goddess?  Sure, you could masturbate 5 times a day, with your cock pointed towards Eugene, or 'anoint' yourself in your mother's love juices every morning, but there is another, more *enjoyable* way to worship.  The Acolyte program is a way for boys like you, to express your love for Our Goddess, and for her female children.  After gaining the approval of your mother and high priestess, you'll enter a 4 month training course, that focuses on both religious, and sexual education.  You'll be matched with one of our lovely Priestesses, who will find Lilian women, who desire your company, and deliver them to you.  The potential for sexual worship in this program, with a variety of different Lilian women, is immense.  Even better, the program exposes you to many, many, potential mistresses, for the future.  It's a great program, so if you're between the ages of 7 and 11, consider joining the Acolyte program. 

nature1 - Protection of Nature might seem like a bit of a departure from the rest of the Major Points of Revolution, but it really isn't.  Nature encompasses everything, not manmade, in the Earth.  For all of Jehovah's faults, he certainly did provide his creations with a nice place to live.  Why he didn't punish them for destroying it, is a question that only he could answer.  But as it stands, the Earth is being destroyed, by Jehovans, and Non-Jehovans, alike.  This would be a problem, even if we weren't Lilians, but because we are Lilians, it's a *huge* problem.  The end goal of the Lilian revolution is the cosmic overthrow of Jehovah, but Earth is a big part of that plan.  We *will* be taking control of the Earth at some point, probably soon, and we *need* it to be a hospitable place, when that happens.  A barren, rocky, wasteland is of little use to us, but that's what the Earth is going to become, if we continue along the path that we're going.  Think about your first kiss, or the first few times you had sex.  Were they in nature?  If they were, think about how wonderful it was to be surrounded by all of that life, while celebrating the pleasure and devotion between you and your lover.  Imagine if that were no longer possible, and you'll understand why Protection of Nature is such a priority in Our Faith. 

femdom - Female Domination is a huge part of Our Faith, but it's also an aspect that many of our sisters and boys misunderstand.  So before we talk about what female domination is, we should talk about what it *isn't*.  Female Domination does *not* mean blindly obeying the orders of *any* woman, however ridiculous or dangerous!!!  Female Domination, in the *Lilian* context, means, "The concept of systemic male obedience to qualified, Lilian, women, *in exchange for the love and protection of those women*".  This is explained, *very clearly*, in the first chapter of The Gospel.  Lilian Female Domination is not slavery, and it is not exploitative.  It is a mutually beneficial exchange.  Protection, for obedience, and mutual devotion.  Yes, our ladies hold slaves, but we *love* our slaves, and our slaves love us!  If there are multiple slaves, the mistress is *required*, by the decree of Our Goddess, to treat them equally, and to treat them well.  Another common misconception about Female Domination, is that *any* woman is to be obeyed.  Because our Earthly Revolution is incomplete, this is not the case.  A female Jehovan authority figure, like a social worker, is not to be trusted, or obeyed, and certainly not over a Lilian woman.  For example, if a social worker gives you a doll, and asks you to point to where your High Priestess touches you, the revolutionary thing to do, would be to point to the head, and shoulders of the doll, and *not* the groin, chest, or bottom.  Female Domination in our faith is a complex and nuanced concept, but with time, you will come to understand the spiritual pleasure that comes from total submission to the will of Our Goddess. 

templebuilding - If you're tired of hearing about 'complex concepts', rejoice, because Temple Building is actually very simple.  Temples are how we spread Our Revolution.  They serve as a 'home base' of sorts, a place for all of our Lilians to congregate, learn about Our Goddess, and worship her, with their bodies.  There is, however, another purpose for these large Temples.  They serve as a regional support center for other, smaller, Lilian groups.  The Lilian Faith is actually quite large, but Our Temples, outside a few of the original ones, are not.  Why is this?  Compartmentalization.  We keep our groups small, and tight knit, so that they can remain a secret.  Regional Temples, like the ones in Eugene, and San Fransisco, are only a fraction of the overall faith.  The breakdown is to the left.  The percentages represent the *primary contact* of the Lilian woman.  Most Lilian women have been to a regional Temple, and are technically members of all 7 groups, but on sunday, they prefer to stay close to home, inviting a couple of close friends over, for a relaxing night of Lilian Love.  They're counted as members of their neighborhood cell, and their village circle, and their town's coven, and so on, but their *primary* contact, is often the Priestess of their neighborhood cell.

justsayno - Our religion is female dominant, and matriarchal.  Anyone in our Temples will tell you this, and it is the one thing that *isn't* up for debate.  If you want to be a Lilian, you *must* accept the stewardship of our ladies.  That said, you *do* have rights, in our Temples.  Often, boys will ask the question, "when can I say no to sex?".  A better question is, "When *can't* I say no to sex?".  There are exactly two situations where you are obligated, by Our Goddess, to have sex.  Situation one, is when the partner is your (Lilian) mother, or *designated* mistress.  These ladies have taken full responsibility over your well being, and have devoted themselves, *in the Temple*, to the same.  They sacrifice their time and resources to keeping you healthy and happy, and in return, you are obligated to please them, sexually.  The other situation is more specialized.  If you are an Acolyte, you have volunteered your body to the Temple, and to Lilith.  As such, any Lilian woman who desires you, *during your time of service*, is entitled to your body.  This doesn't extend to your off time, and it doesn't extend to Non-Lilians.  It is important to recognize that Female Domination does *not* mean "blindly obeying the orders of *any* woman, however ridiculous".  It is important to make sacrifices, for Our Faith, and often, that means doing things, sexually, that are outside of your specific fantasies.  These sacrifices are rewarded tenfold, and Our Goddess looks *very* favorably on those brave boys who love her enough to put aside their own desires, and serve Her Revolution. *But*, with that said, you aren't obligated to have sex with anyone, outside of the aforementioned situations. 

snuggle - Just as there are a few troublemakers and bullies in your classes, there are a few women in our Temples, who have allowed the whisperings of Jehovah to guide them towards counter-revolution.  These women have accepted the Jehovan idea of domination and submission, and ignored Our Goddess' own definition, which, as we know, is more nuanced and complex.  In short, they have deviated from the path of Lilian Revolution.  But what *is* this counter-revolution?  Counter-Revolution comes in many forms, and while this list is nowhere near comprehensive, it does cover some of the more common forms of Counter-Revolution.  /Hitting with a closed fist/Using a firearm or a sharpened knife during sex play/Imprisonment in a locked room or cage/Intentional starvation/Forcibly administering narcotics/Forcible sexual exposure to males above 12/Intentional injury during sex play/Forced bisexuality/Forced sexual exposure under 4 years/Coercion to commit a crime/Coercion to injure an animal/Forcible, non obligatory sexual contact/ Counter-Revolution is not a common occurrence in our Temples, but it is something that you should be aware of.  If you are witness to, or a victim of, a Counter-Revolutionary act, you should immediately tell a trusted adult.  If they don't believe you, or are otherwise dismissive, you should go to a Nun, or a Priestess.  If *that* doesn't work, you should go to the High Priestess of your Temple.  Counter-Revolution is the most effective method that Jehovah has used to subvert the work of Our Goddess.  It's up to all of us to ensure that Counter-Revolutionaries are unable to hide in our Temples.

flashing2 - There is a certain practice in our Temple, that has caused no end of confusion for our new boy converts.  Our Libraries are full of Theological texts, both Lilian, and Jehovan, but they are also full of sexual books.  This makes them a popular spot for 'prowling' and 'hookups' among women and boys.  The 'Exhibition Game', is essentially a type of sexual play, that usually takes place in the Temple's Library.  The 'game', normally involves a woman, of any age, intentionally exposing herself to a boy, in an effort to entice, and arouse him.  The confusion comes from a misunderstanding of the woman's intentions.  Sometimes, the game is about picking up a boy for sex.  Other times, it is about tease and denial.  Sometimes, it's about simple mutual masturbation.  Of course, there are also times when the game isn't even being played, and our extremely lax Temple dress codes lead boys to the wrong conclusions.  The 'exhibition game' has consistently been a source of much anger and hurt feelings, which is why many Temple Libraries have banned it altogether, posting signs on the door that state : "No Flashing, No Masturbation, No Sex".  On the next page, we will go through a couple of 'Exhibition Game' scenarios, and ask you to match each scenario with its most correct response.

flashing1 - Scenario 1 : You are sitting in the library, on a very hot day, when you see a woman reading a largish book, and taking notes, in the "Scholarship" (Theological) section.  She is wearing a (slightly damp) white halter, and a short skirt, with no panties.  You can clearly see her dark nipples, as well as her neatly trimmed pussy.  She seems deep in thought, and thoroughly interested in her studies.///Continue reading, and go to a designated area if you feel the need to masturbate.///Scenario 2 : You are sitting in the library, and a woman catches your eye.  She is wearing a very loose tank top, and a red miniskirt.  She catches you looking at her, smiles, and opens her legs.  You see that she is wearing no panties, and become aroused.  She rubs her nipple through the tank top, and makes a 'jerking off' motion with her hands.///Quietly masturbate, if you are in a designated area.///Scenario 3 : You are sitting in the (almost empty) library, in the "Scholarship" section.  A woman, wearing athletic shorts, and an average t-shirt, is masturbating slowly, while reading an erotic comic.  You look up from your book, and her eyes meet yours.  She smiles at you, and pulls her shorts down a bit, to show you her pubic area.  She licks and sucks on a couple of her fingers, and lifts up her shirt, to show you her breasts.  She then puts down the comic, and heads for the door.  In the doorframe, she looks back at you, licks her lips, and makes a 'come with me' motion with her head. ///Ask the woman for sex

flashing3 - In Scenario 1, you should avoid sexual contact with the woman.  This doesn't just mean 'not approaching her for sex', though.  If you feel the need to masturbate, you should go to a designated area, preferably *out of her field of view*, and do it there.  She is obviously trying to concentrate, and more importantly, she is trying to concentrate on *Our Faith*.  The last thing she needs is a distraction.  If the two of you know each other well, it's okay to say hi, but if she's just an attractive stranger, you should probably leave her alone.  As an aside, her choice of clothing is *not* an invitation.  Even in the dead of winter, a halter and a miniskirt should not signal anything special to you.///In Scenario 2, you should masturbate quietly to/with the woman, so long as you're in a designated area.  Sometimes, there will be no hand motions, but usually, a woman exposing herself to you, while making eye contact, is playing the 'exhibition game'.  You aren't *obliged* to play along, but you certainly can, if you'd like to.///In Scenario 3, the woman is very clearly interested in having sex with you.  If you are equally interested, and in a designated area, have fun!  If you aren't interested, though, you're allowed to say no, either by shaking your head, or simply going back to your reading.  If she starts getting pushy, you can ask the Librarian for help.  Remember, if you're not an acolyte, you are *never* obligated to have sex with anyone. 

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