Thursday, May 28, 2015

Temple Intro² and Grimoire Outro

These are the intros for the Temple Intro, and the Grimoire Outro.  They're basically just walls of text, so enjoy.


Temple Intro Intro
Grimoire Outro


intro - Welcome to your first day in the Lilian Transition Program!  If you're here, it means that you've been hand-picked, for placement in a loving, *stable*, environment. That's right, no more group homes, no more social workers, and no more foster parents!  Very, very, soon, you'll be meeting your new mother, and when you do, you'll find that, unlike the other adults in your life, she is kind, loving, and values you, as a human being. 
Your assigned social worker should have given you a book called, 'The Love of Our Goddess'.  Did you like the pictures in it?  Most boys do.  Hopefully, you *read* the captions, too, but if you didn't, don't worry, your new mother will be reading it with you.  For now, though, we need to teach you about our organization.  You see, this program isn't like the ones that you're used to.  Here, we make sure that boys feel loved, and cherished, in the deepest, most fundamental ways.
In the next few days, you'll be learning a great number of skills, to help you to integrate successfully, into your new life.  I ask that you be patient, and respectful.
In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful and natural environment, that surrounds you!  Enjoy the cabin, that we have provided for you and your new mother!  Most of all, enjoy the special, healing, love, that will soon cradle, and comfort you.  From this day on, you are truly, a Child of Lilith.  

outro - Hopefully, you've worked out which of our Officers you want to summon first.  It's important to keep in mind, *before* you call these ladies down, that they are actually entering *your* body.  That's how it works.  This means, obviously, that the sexual acts between the Officer and the boy, are going to *appear* to be, between *you* and the boy.  You can try to explain this to him, but chances are, he either won't understand, or won't believe you, especially if you matched wrong, and the boy ended up being hurt.  If this happens, you shouldn't panic, and you shouldn't think fatalistically.  Our Officers do understand that accidents happen, and that sometimes, boys will *think* that they want something, right up until they get it.  If you change your mind about the summoning, you can ask the Officer to leave, but generally, they don't like that.  If you make a mistake in judgment, often, the Officer will leave of her own accord, but if she doesn't, and you can see trouble on the horizon, ask her, as politely as you can, to dial it back a bit, and if she doesn't, ask her, firmly, to leave.  Don't worry, she will.  After she's gone, you should focus your effort on the boy.  First, *back off*!  Let him come to you, if he wants to, but don't be in a hurry to scoop him up and show him love.  In his mind, *you're* the problem!  If he looks like he's going to run off, and there's nobody around in a position to stop him, you should definitely keep him close, but otherwise, stay away, at least until you can calm him down.  After you've apologized, you should test the waters, by touching his hand, and if he responds well, you should move on to holding his hand, and then hugging, and then forehead kisses.  All the while, you should be telling him how special he is, and how much you love him, and how strong, and brave, he is.  Things like that.  Tell him that you made a mistake, that he was just so beautiful, you got carried away.  You may want to rehearse some of these lines beforehand, so they sound more genuine.  The goal here, is for his to say something along the lines of, "it's okay, you just scared me a little", to which you can respond with something like, "I'm sorry, I won't do anything like that again".  He might get stiff again, after all that crying into your bosom, and if he does, you should probably spoil him like crazy.  If you can turn the negative experience into a positive one, you might get a rental submissive somewhere down the line.  If you can't, though, you could be looking at an angry mother, at best, and police intervention, at worst. 

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