Thursday, May 28, 2015

Temple Intro² and Grimoire Outro Retrospective

Yes, I know, walls of text, so much fun.  You really do need intros and outros, though.  Outros not so much, but intros are definitely a requirement.


The Temple Intro intro ended up being much smaller than my usual intros, so I could use a normal sized pic, instead of the usual thumbnail/byline type deal.  I really like this picture.  I wish that I could use it more often.  Also, I think it's interesting that most of the HPs are depicted wearing "mom clothes".  This is because they're milves, of course, but it kind of makes me wonder.  Would they still be wearing aprons and shit if they took over the world?  Would their "leadership picture" be of them in the kitchen?  Or sitting on a throne, holding a baby, like those Theotokos paintings?  On one hand, I doubt it, but on the other hand, it would kind of make sense for a maternalistic group like that to go with maternalistic images for their propaganda.  The "mantle of mary" and "life offering to the virgin mary" stuff comes to mind.
Well, at any rate, onto the text.  This was more or less supposed to be as cultish as possible, while still keeping a veneer of officiality.  It's supposed to expand the storyline, a bit, by implying that many of the 'new recruits' are just being pulled out of social services.  So the Lilians place people in social services, or just recruit social workers, and then use them to snatch up some of the cuter and more submissive boys from the system.
If I ever go into the future with this story, I fully intend to have this concept greatly influence the demographic makeup of the "new world".  I mean, if you're pulling from social services, and most of the kids in the system are ethnic minorities, and they're having kids with all these white pedo ladies, you're going to end up with a Brazil-style multi-ethnic society, in the end.  Octaroons, and Quadroons, and stuff like that.  It's interesting to think about.
So anyway, the implication here, is that these kids go from temporary foster care, to a sort of 'camp', off in the Colorado mountains, where they can't run away, to be indoctrinated into the Lilian mindset.  I don't plan on making a "The Love of Our Goddess", but I think it would be interesting.  It would probably have to be SFW, although I imagine that it would be at least a little bit suggestive, in parts.  Maybe it would even be a coloring book, or something, although, the day that I make a coloring book, is the day that I have taken this project too far.

The grimoire outro pic was just one that I had lying around, and wanted to use.  It's not really that well formatted, but it looks nice.  I wish the top of her head hadn't been cut off.
The wall of text here is going to be difficult to discuss.
The first thing that I wanted to do, here, was to make sure that the concept of possession was actually explained.  I'm not sure whether I really laid that out during the earlier pages.  It was alluded to, but it wasn't specifically said.  The rest of the page is basically just an "if everything goes to shit" guide.  Not much sexual content, really, although I feel like I was able to capture some relatively minor villainy.
From the 4th paragraph on, the page is basically, "Lilian Rape Tactics".  The ideas mostly came from a book called Pornland, which describes a scene where Max Hardcore calms down a woman that he's just finished... well, I don't want to say "brutalized", but if you're familiar with Max Hardcore, you know what he does.  Anyway, she describes him calming down the woman by grabbing her, holding her somewhat roughly, and telling her how special and beautiful she is.  I took that idea, and expanded on it.   I also used some of the "how rapists keep women from reporting them" stuff that the feminists hand out.  Especially the "apologize until it becomes annoying" part, and the "so beautiful you lost control" part.  Just adding to the villainy.  The part about spoiling him afterwards and getting a rental sub came from literature on abusive relationships. 

So yeah, a lot of villainy in these.  They're from separate pamphlets, though, so it's not as overbearing as it might seem, here.


So there's the last of the intros and outros for now.  Well, not really, I still need a Temple Intro outro.  I also need to work out exactly what else I'm going to do, if anything, with the Temple Intro.  There's so much shit that I've already covered, and I don't want to rehash things.  For example, I was thinking that I would do some pages on having sex with multiple women, but I already did that in the Acolyte Pamphlet.  I did 'archetypes' there, too.
I could do a 4 page deal, where I take an 'average' Cell, and go through each of the women in the cell, separately, but that's archetypes, and I've already done most of those.  Maybe do common idiosyncrasies, and how to deal with them.  Maybe a "pleasing 2 moms" sort of thing.  I'm really not sure.  I guess I'm running out of things to discuss, with this project.

Well, I'll think about it.  If I can't think of anything else to do with the Lilian Intro, I'll just do the outro, and send it to print.  Metaphorical print.  I'm not actually printing these.

I think next up is the Mommy Bubble 80's pamphlet, which uses the Pink Noise art, and pushes the shit out of incest.  That's a lot of content, so it'll be a big project.  Beyond that, I'm not totally sure. 

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