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Lilian Intro Cell/Circle Block

These are the Cell/Circle pages from the Lilian intro.  They cover different aspects of the Cell/Circle boy's sex life.


Cell/Circle Intro
2 Moms


143_p013 - For some of you, there won't be much contact with the Regional Temple, on a day to day, basis.  After this little camp, you'll be going back to your neighborhood, or your suburb, and your interaction with this Temple, outside of our Holy Days, will be minimal, at best.  Cell and Circle life is different from Temple, or even Coven life, in many ways.  Obviously, you'll be going to regular, public, school, and the resources of the Temple, will be lessened.  But, the biggest difference, is that in Cells and Circles, you are often the only boy around, or at least, the only one who can be trusted to keep quiet.  In situations like that, it's easy to feel overwhelmed.  But you don't have to!  Even in a cell environment, with no other boys to help you, you can still have an easy, fun, and *relaxed*, sex life.  Again, remember that you don't have to have sex with *anyone* outside your mother, but even if you want to be the 'cell boy', you don't have to feel pressured to perform all the time.  In the next few pages, we will discuss how to best handle the cell environment.

119_n003 - Many of you, when you go home with your mother, won't be going home to just her.  You'll be going home to her, her girlfriend(s), and possibly a sister or two.  There's a good chance that your most common sexual sexual scenario, at least for a while, will involve 2 women.  Your mother, and one of her girlfriends.  Sometimes they'll team up to please you.  One will stroke you off, slowly pumping your cock, with the other rolling your balls around in her hand.  One might take your cock in her mouth, while the other laps at your nipples.  They might decide to play with your ass, with one gently fingering you, while the other holds your head in her lap, stroking your hair, and gently cooing encouragement.  Sometimes they'll simply want to make love, while you watch, and masturbate.  These situations, though immensely pleasurable, can sometimes make you feel like a prop.  Like just another plastic plaything from the toybox.  This could not be further from the truth.  Your mother and her girlfriends *adore* you.  They enjoy making you feel good, and they love bringing you to the heights of pleasurable release, again and again.  You should accept their love, and take it as a blessing from Our Goddess. 

036_d010 - Sometimes, one of your mother's girlfriends will want to have sex with you without your mother around.  As she is neither your mother, nor your designated mistress, you are *not* obliged to sleep with her.  But, if you want to, and your mother doesn't object, there's nothing wrong with it.  Our Goddess has stated her distaste for monogamy many times, in her gospel.  It's good to have a larger number of sex partners!  All ladies (and boys) are different, they all enjoy different acts.  For example, your mother might despise anal sex, but one of her friends could love it!  Some women like to be ejaculated on, while other see it as degrading.  It would be a mistake to do something that your mother doesn't like, and you shouldn't badger her about it, either.  If you want to, say, try out inter-mammary sex, but your mother doesn't want to, ask one of her friends!  You'll remember, from an earlier lesson, that younger girls are often more adventurous in bed, so if you start to get antsy, don' go trying to coerce your mother into anything.  Just ask around, and there's a good chance that you'll find someone who's been *dying* to try out that new position, or sex act. 

165_q022 - Most cells are made up of traditional Lilian families, that is, one or two mothers, with a daughter or a son.  You're meeting your 'primary' mother here, but when you go to your permanent home, you might find a very full house.  It's not uncommon to be adopted into a household with a girl your age, or maybe a little bit older (or younger).  It is *very* important that you do your best to get along with your sister(s).  Someday, your mother will join Our Goddess in her domain, and your sisters will become your only family.  If you haven't found a designated mistress when that happens, your sisters will take on that role.  It might even happen before then!  Either way, your job, as a brother, is to please your sisters, just as you would a mother, or a lover.  In fact, it's quite common, when there is a sister in the home, for her and the brother (that's you) to become one another's main "love partner".  This is a beautiful thing.  Two young comrades of the Lilian Revolution, helping each other, making love, and serving Our Goddess, together.  The two of you should become quite close, and maybe someday, she'll invite you to be her permanent servant!  

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