Monday, June 1, 2015

Lilian Intro Cell/CIrcle Block Retrospective

So I wanted to at least get one more block out the door, for the Intro, and here it is.  This will probably be the last thing that I put out for the Lilian Intro, unless I do an "it's okay to be gay" page.


The first page picture comes from the same CG set that I used for the "High Priestess" block, which, by the way, was actually quite popular, if pageviews are to be trusted.  I kind of wish it showed some characters that aren't the Nun(?) and Warrior(?), but whatever, it's fine, I think.
The text is largely just block intro.  There's a bit of storyline about the Cells and Circles, and what they actually are, but beyond that, it's mostly just intros and restatements, and such.  Not much, in the way of content, really, and not much to talk about, either.  It's just an intro.

Look at that fucking smile.  The second page picture features the boy with his two "mothers", while they play with him.  It's actually flipped, and I did that to give myself more space for the text.  Honestly, I wish that these two characters weren't so prominent in the set.  I guess it's better than using the High Priestess character again, but still.  Props to the artist for making that back twist not look horrific.
The text here starts out by introducing the general idea of the page, being, the 2moms fantasy, and then lists off a few narrative type ideas in that fantasy.  The text then moves onto the interesting content.
Personally, I think that the idea of a lesbian couple, maybe one whose relationship is a bit on the rocks, purchasing a boy from Social Services, as what amounts to a marital aid, is fucking horrifying.  It's villainy on a level that is as visceral as it is (hopefully) rare.  There's a decent chance that the boy would be little more than a walking dildo to the Lilian couple. 
So, of course, the writers need to allay that (totally justified) concern, in the mind of the boys.  Notice how the 'proof' that the mothers adore the boy, are all sexual.  Now, that was done because this a sex story, but still, it says quite a bit, doesn't it?  Most mothers don't need to fuck their sons in order to love them.  Really, all you need to do is care.
But that's enough parenting lessons.  I think you guys get what I was trying to go for on this page.  Onto the next one.

The third page picture features the blue haired lady as the "girlfriend" of the mother.  There were actually a lot of different pictures that I could have used, and I almost used just a standard "missionary" pic, but in the end, I decided to use a pic with a bit of a 'fetish' focus, to match the direction that the text was going in.
The text here actually goes in a couple of different directions, which is what it is, I guess.  They kind of tie into one another, though.  The text starts out discussing how the reader isn't required to fuck anyone, but it also says that it's okay, and even recommended, to have lots of sexual partners.  The page mentions that Lilith prefers polyamoury, but it also gives a bit of an explanation as to why, which is nice, I think.  I think this page also gives a bit of storyline about life in the Cells and Circles, which are essentially pedophilic swinger groups, with more women than boys.

The fourth page picture was actually quite difficult to find.  There are a number of pictures featuring this character, but in most of them, she's got these weird ass faces going on.   I picked this one for 2 reasons.  Reason one is that her face doesn't look overly stupid.  Reason 2 is that she looks younger when you can't see her totally developed breasts.  The boy's young, and she's supposed to be his sister/future-mistress, so I figured younger was probably better in this case.
The text here heavily implies that the boys with sisters have basically been chosen specifically to serve those sisters.  So, to put it another way, the Lilians are pulling kids out of social services, and grooming them for slavery.  I know I don't need to spell it out any more, but.... What demographic do you see in social services the most? 
So anyway, there's not much to say about this page.  It gets some story out, and does it in a way that works, I think.  There's really no sex in any of these, but whatever.  I kind of wish that I'd had space to expand on the "special bond" between sisters and brothers, but I feel like I more or less got the basic concept across.


So there's the Cell/Circle block.  There was almost no actual sex in this, which kind of sucks, but whatever.  As always, I'm not rewriting it.  
I think this is going to be it for the Lilian Intro.  As I said, I might do an "it's okay to be gay" page or two, but beyond that, I'm done with this pamphlet.  I'm just straight up out of ideas for it.  So next time, expect an outro, and either a couple of intros for the magazines (sisters specials) or some 'it's okay to be gay' stuff.

After I wrap this pamphlet up, I'm planning on moving onto the Mommy Bubble 80's pamphlet.  I actually fucked up the numbers the last time I discussed this pamphlet.  Basically, the existing Mommy Bubble pamphlet, with Jenni/Rinko, is the 90's pamphlet, and is a response to the problems created by the Mommy Bubble 80's pamphlet, which I'll be writing next, and probably naming, "The Sensual Mother's Handbook". 

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