Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Lilian Intro Outro and OK2bGay block

This is the "Okay to be gay" block, which was sort of requested, and the Lilian Outro block.  They cover the Lilian view of bisexuality, and wrap up the overall pamphlet.

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It's okay to be gay! ^-^
But it's not okay to fuck men ಠ_ಠ
Lilian Intro Outro


 bisex1 - Right now, you're probably a bit confused, and maybe a little concerned.  Where are all the other students?  Why were you given a new version of the workbook?  Well, the answer is, you're special.  Not special as in, "special education", or "special olympics".  Special as in, "special, because Our Goddess has devoted an entire chapter to boys like you" special.  Take a look at the picture on the left.  Do you like it?  Which boy would you like to trade places with?  Maybe you'd like to trade places with the woman!  While you were with your mother, or your High Priestess, one of them noticed that you're a little different.  You like boys.  Now, in the Jehovan world, this would be a huge problem, and you'd probably be getting beaten right now.  But we Lilians are different.  Within these walls, all children of Our Goddess are accepted, and loved.  Your unique preferences are a *good* thing, and Our Goddess says as much, in her Gospel.  She loves bisexual boys, and she loves more feminine boys.  Most of our Temple members do, as well.  Some love to watch 2 boys share their love, while others prefer to take a more active role, offering a breast, or even a tongue, to one of the participants.  So don't worry.  This new development doesn't change our love for you, or our acceptance, of you.  It's just... different!

bisex2 - There are a few issues, unique to the bisexual Lilian's experience, that we should discuss.  First, it's a good idea to at least *try* to have some sexual relations with your mother.  Even if it's difficult for you to get physically aroused by her body, it's still important that you share your love with her.  You may find that suckling her breasts, or licking various parts of her body, are a lot of fun.  Strap-on play might also be an option.  If nothing else works, it's totally fine to just let her watch you and your boyfriend, and perhaps join in, as well.  The second, and most important thing, though, is about your partners.  In this workbook, and in the library, and on the TV in your cabin, you have seen women and boys, having sex.  You have seen boys and boys having sex.  You have seen girls and boys having sex.  You have not seen men, and there is a very good reason for this.  Men are not the same as women, in the eyes of Our Goddess.  While a woman can be trusted to share her love with a child, responsibly, a man cannot.  Now, you might, in your heart, desire a relationship with a man.  Some Lilians, in your Cell or Circle, might want you to have sex with men, saying that "it's okay, if you're the dominant one".  This is wrong, and it is an anathema to Our Goddess.  You should *never*, as a boy, be having sex with a grown man.  Not when he's tied up, not when he has long hair and breasts, not when your mother or a Lilian is around, *not ever*!  It is counterrevolutionary, and anti-Lilian.

outro - Let me be the first to congratulate you on your graduation from the program.  You've learned quite a bit, in this last week.  You've loved, and been loved, you've sacrificed your chastity, either to your mother, or your High Priestess, and a few of you have discovered a uniquely beautiful, and *unexpected* side of your sexuality.  No matter what's happened here, one thing should be obvious to you.  Our Goddess, Lilith, is in love with you.  Your mother, clearly, is in love with you.  The Temple, as a whole, *loves you*!  After this camp, you'll be going home with your new mother.  In the coming months, you will face many new challenges.  Some, you will overcome quickly, while others will take more time.  The important thing, is to keep faith in Our Goddess.  Remember the story of the Lilian in _The Love of Our Goddess_.  He was cast out of his village, as a heretic, and sent to wander in the desert.  He was challenged, every day, to renounce his faith, and return from exile.  It would have been *so* easy for him to give up!  But each morning, when members of his tribe came to him, and demanded that he throw away His Goddess, he refused.  In the end, his adoration for Lilith, cost him his earthly life, but as he perished in that hot desert, who was it that came to nurture him in his last moments?  Who fought through the winged buraq, the army of djinn, and the squadron of ababil, just to reach her beloved slave?  Who, knowing the futility, nursed the dying Lilian from her breast, simply to give him a bit of comfort in his final earthly moments?  Who, in the end, took her Lilian's hand, and led him to paradise, where he is nurtured and loved, to this very day?  I think we all know the answer to this question.  Our Goddess did all of these things, and she'd do them again, in a heartbeat.  So when things get tough out there, and they will, remember _The Love of Our Goddess_, and remember the love of Our Temple. 

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