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Lilian Intro Outro and OK2bGay block Retrospective

So, anyone who's been trying to go through my old links has noticed something.  Mr. Pomf has left the building, and so, I need a new filehost.  It sucks, but I understand his reasons.  I think what I might do, now, is upload my stuff to exhentai, and then link to them there.  Of course, this fucks over anyone who doesn't have an exhentai account, but until I can think of something better, that's just what I'll have to do. 

This block was kind of fun to write.  There's a lot of content in the gay block, and I originally didn't want it to be more than 1 page.  That didn't happen, but I feel like I split up the pages reasonably well.  Anyway, onto the retrospective!


The first page picture is one of the very, very, few that I could find that featured malexmale bisexual pairings.  Bisexual meaning, there is a woman involved.  I actually only found 3 pictures like this, which is why all of the pictures that I used suck.  This one is the best of the 3, by the way.  Why is bisexual /ss/ so rare?  There's tons of shota yaoi, and tons of /ss/, but very little of this.  Anyway, fucking elf ears.  I didn't want to use this, because of the elf-ears, but my other options really sucked ass. 
The text here starts by sort of setting a scene, for the benefit of the reader (you).  It sort of explains that the boys are put in this 'special class' for a couple of hours, to learn about being a gay Lilian.  I should have put something in to make it clear that they would be returning to their normal classes after the "gay class" was over, but I didn't think of that until I wrote it, here. 
I canonize here, that some of the boys have their first time with the High Priestess, and others have their first time with their (foster) mothers.  I'll have to adjust the order of all of these pages when I go to final print, just to make them all make sense. 
So I haven't been keeping track of all the different allusions to the Gospel that I've made.  Hopefully chapter 36 isn't already taken. 
I managed to work in a couple of fantasies into this page, which is always nice, but I think most of this page is story content.

The second page picture, to be honest, sucks balls.  I really don't like it very much.  The boys were originally pale, by the way, with tanlines.  You guys know I'll toss a darker skinned boy (or woman) in whenever I get the chance, though.  I just like having some diversity in these, since it's supposed to be a global organization, that pulls its male recruits from disadvantaged areas.  Anyway, the boy on the bottom is fucking crying, and so is the boy on top.  The "woman", may or may not be a woman, depending on how you interpret the cumsquirt near her crotch.  Theoretically, it could be bottom boy's load, or lube for a strapon.  Yeah, this picture sucks.  I like the art style, and I like the girl, but the crying, man.  Why do they always have to be crying?
The text here is in 2 blocks.  There's a minor grammatical error when I'm describing the things that a gay Lilian boy can do with his mother, but wutevz.  The first block is just more fantasies.  I may have repeated myself a bit, here, but again, wutevs.
The second block is where most of the story is.  First, in my headcanon, I have this idea that inside Lilian Temple compounds, there would be a sort of CCTV system, that would play nothing but Lilian material.  So there would be, like, a lesbian channel, and a kids only channel, and a regular channel, and then maybe a purely religious channel.  I think that's a neato idea. 
Anyway, the text here canonizes (or recanonizes) the idea that men are not allowed to fuck the kids, only women.  I think it's interesting to play with the idea of Lilian women wanting to give their slaves a "treat" by having them be dominated by Lilian kids.  They could totally justify this, especially with the girls, by saying that it's 'training them to dominate'.  It's interesting to think about, especially when you consider how that would be perceived by the Regional Temples.  I think it could be a lot of fun to play with the idea of "rogue cells", within the Lilian storyline. 

The outro picture is different from the intro picture, simply because I felt like making it different.  I actually found a nudie pic, that I was going to use, and even did some minor editing, so the woman was smiling, instead of crying (of course), but I didn't even end up using it, because it kind of looked trashy.  The apron really makes her character seem more maternal, and the full breasts and invitingly pink nipples help with that, as well.  I did some saturation work on the pic to make her nipples pinker, by the way.  I just wish I'd been able to cut the background out better. 
The outro text is pretty much the standard shit, at least at first.  Lilith loves you, I love you, be proud of your accomplishments, blah blah blah.
But then I get to the Love of Our Goddess part.  Now, I wrote the idea for that story at some point, last week.  I originally was toying with the idea of taking pictures from the book "Habibi", which, by the way, is real fuckin neato, but in the end, I decided against it.  There were two reasons for this. 1) It's a lot of content to sort through 2) Text bubbles 3) I don't want to make too many real religious materials for this project
I might eventually go back and make something using Habibi, and turn it into a Love of Our Goddess, if I get really bored, and really run out of shit to write, and really stop caring about the possibility of people taking this stuff seriously.  I might just reread Habibi, and take a few notes, to see whether I could do it.  I fucking love that book. 
Anyway, Love of Our Goddess.  I decided that the story would essentially be an Islamic fairy tale turned on its head, because why not, right?  The idea, which I may or may not have explained correctly, goes like this. 
A dude lives in Iraq, or Jordan, or something, during the early middle ages.  He is a Lilian, and professes Lilian beliefs.  His neighbours don't dig it, and exile him from the village.  He goes into the desert, and wanders around, surviving for a while.  The villagers, on their trade runs (or whatever) come by every day, asking him to renounce his Lilian faith.  He refuses.  Eventually, he dehydrates, and starts to die a desert death.  All the while, Lilith is trying to come to his rescue, but Jehovah is putting up blocks, to keep her away.  He uses various creatures from Islamic stories, to do this.  So by the time Lilith gets to her exiled servant, he's basically dead, from dehydration.  She knows that there's nothing she can do for him, so she takes him on her breast, to comfort him in his last moments.  Then, of course, she takes him to her domain. 

I love this story, and I kind of wish that I could get an artist to illustrate it.  I feel like it would be a great (Lilian) children's story, because it portrays the Lilian as a martyr, the Jehovans as oppressors, and Lilith as a maternal protectress, while still acknowledging that she can't necessarily fix people's problems for them.  The focus is on his faith, but also his martyrdom, and his ascension into Lilith's domain.  If it were illustrated, and turned into a full thing, there would be a bunch of scenes of the two of them in heaven, having fun, at the end.  I feel like this story may be a ripoff of something in the Old Testament, or maybe something in the Quran.  But wutevs.  I enjoyed writing it, and I feel like it adds some interesting elements to the overarching storyline.  I just wish that I had decent art for it.  I might look through Habibi again, to see if I can't find anything to use. 


So that's it for the Lilian Intro pamphlet.  After I organize it into a final print, I'll post a direct download for you guys.  I'll also start working on getting my work together, and posting it up on exhentai.

Next up, if I don't decide to embark on the "LoveofGoddess/Habibi" idea, is the 80's era Mommy Bubble pamphlet, which will be called "The Sensual Mother's Guidebook".  I'm planning on starting with the intro, because I've learned that that's really the best place to start.  I've prewritten a little bit for it, and when I finish prewriting it, I'll post that up.  That will most likely be my next blog post.  

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