Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mommy Bubble 80's Intro Block

This is the beginning of the Mommy Bubble pamphlet.  It introduces the pamphlet, and the characters.


Pamphlet Intro


 001 - Hey there!  My name's Ellen Brauer, and this is my son, Gregory.  Don't feel out of the loop, if you don't recognize us.  We live pretty far away from any official Temples, or even Covens.  The closest Regional Temple to us, is in Cape Town, and even that's a 10 hour flight, or a half week's drive.  We don't have too many neighbors, either, and since I'm a illustrator for children's books, there isn't much reason to go too far from home.  My son and I live alone.  His father, my ex husband, got me pregnant, and then immediately ran off to go and be a "man among men".  He never came back.  I think he felt emasculated by the fact that I made more money than he did.  I went to Walvis Bay to spend the last couple months of my pregnancy, and while I was sipping some ginger tea, at a seaside cafe, I met Heather.  Heather was a beautiful Oregonian woman, who was working as a volunteer pediatrician, in one of the aid camps.  She taught me all about the Lilian revolution, and actually served as my midwife!  She offered to help my son and I get visas for the USA, but I politely declined.  ///  I always smile when I get a letter with that special, red and blue border.  I have quite a few friends in Africa, but Ellen is, by far, the one that I've been most worried about, over the years.  Personally, I believe that her continued safety is the work of Our Goddess.  After the 3rd or 4th "freak rainstorm" washing out an impending raid, I started asking some of the Bantu mothers that I'd resettled in Portland.  Apparently, they've been donating their sons' cherries to Mujaji, who, in turn, has been keeping Ellen safe.  Those rituals really do work, people!  At any rate, I'm very pleased to bring you Ellen and Gregory's story.  They are a shining example of the beautiful love that exists between a mother and her son.

166_055 - My son and I have always been very close.  I decided to raise him as a Lilian, of course, but I kept him chaste, for his early years.  This, of course, didn't mean that there was no love between us!  The kisses flowed freely, but for my baby's first 8 years, or so, that's about as far as we went.  Because we're outside of the regular Temple "system", I can't exactly homeschool him, like many of the other Lilian mothers.  It wouldn't be fair to try and make him keep a secret like that, so I decided to keep our love *non*sexual, for a while. /// Living far away from other Lilians can be very difficult, but it's certainly possible.  The main issue, of course, is that, away from an established Temple, you don't have the legal and educational resources of the Sisterhood.  For this reason, many of our more rural sisters have to make the difficult choice to abstain from sex with their sons, until they're ready to understand the "gravity" of the act, and why they shouldn't go telling all of their friends about the fun that they're having with mommy.  It's tough, but it's certainly possible.

165_054 - I remember the first time that I gave my son an "adult kiss".  He'd just turned 10, and had started to get more interested in The Gospel.  He was asking all sorts of questions!  I remember, one night, he called me into his room.  He had been reading some of the later chapters, and was a bit confused about why there was such a focus on tongues, and "head licking".  His innocence was just darling, but I couldn't leave him in the dark!  I started with our regular, "chaste" kisses, before holding him closer, and giving him a little taste of just how good a tongue can feel!  He took to this new way of kissing with gusto, and soon, our tongues were dancing with each other, as we held each other close.  We licked, sucked, and nibbled, and my breast heaved, as I tingled with anticipation, knowing that soon, his tongue would be dancing somewhere even more sensitive! /// Seducing a boy, slowly taking his innocence, and bringing his passions to a head, is one of the most enjoyable experiences for a Lilian.  Too many of our sisters choose to move quickly, going from dating, to kissing, to sex, all in a week, or even a day!  This isn't wrong, per say, but it's nowhere near as fun as extending the pleasure, and moving, step by step, towards physical consummation.  This "slow roll", has another advantage, however.  Extending the seduction, makes for a deeper connection, and a longer lasting romance.  There's no such thing as "pump and dump" with *these* boys! 

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