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Mommy Bubble 80's Intro Block Retrospective

So I'm sure at least a few of you are wondering why I made the characters in this pamphlet white Namibians.  Well, I'm actually kind of wondering that, myself.  They didn't start out as white Namibians, they just... became white Namibians.

When I start actually writing a narrative, the first thing I do is pick names.  I do this by going to and clicking the random button until something good comes out.  The problem with this method, though, is that the website doesn't actually have an "American names" option.  They have an "English" option, that I discovered about 30 seconds ago, but even that spits out some really weird shit.
Because these characters had brown hair, I just decided that they were Germans, so I picked the German option.  When I got their names, I looked through the last page of the magazines, which is where I've put the list of different Regional Temples.  I needed these people to be isolated, so I decided to put them in Africa.  There's only 2 Regional Temples, there.  Because they were already Germans, I decided that they would be Namibians.  Well, at that point, I didn't realize that Namibia was part of South Africa in the 80's, and being attacked/liberated/whatever by SWAPO.  I did the math, and figured out that it would be easy to get rid of the dad, by sending him off to be a mercenary in Rhodesia.  But then I thought, wait a second, Rhodesia wasn't the only bush war in that area, was it?

So I googled "Namibia in the 80's".

Now, looking back, I was only 550 characters into the Intro, at this point, and I'd made exactly two references to Africa.  I could have put them in Germany, or Russia, or Eastern Europe, and it would have been a minimal amount of rewriting.  It's weird how you can get locked into an idea, like that.  So they became white Namibians.
But then, I had to work out how the fuck they were still alive, as a chubby white woman, and her equally white, nerdy looking son, alone on a fucking ranch, in the middle of the Namibian fucking bush war.

Well obviously, Lilith is protecting them.  But that doesn't tell us anything, and it's a bit confusing, considering that I've already canonized the idea that Lilith doesn't actually do things like that.  So I needed something else.
I looked up "African Goddesses", and found that, unfortunately, there aren't many, and the ones that there are, are in, like, Nigeria, and the Congo, and shit.  Africa is big.  Looking for "African Goddesses", and expecting to find the goddesses for the exact tribe that I need, was dumb.   Really dumb.  But I found something that would work, kind of, in "Mujaji".  Now, Mujaji is the rain goddess for a very specific tribe, located in Northeastern South Africa.  How they ended up in a Namibian aid camp, is something that I guess you're just not supposed to think about.  Hey, they're all niggers anyway, right?  Africa is one country, with one language, and it's about as big as... Canada. 

Well anyway, at least I didn't use a Nigerian goddess for Namibia.  Theoretically, the Lovedus in question could have travelled to an aid camp that was rumored to be handing out visas to any woman with a cute kid, and the cult of that particular goddess could realistically have traveled further than northeast South Africa.  Right?  Right?

Clearly I know absolutely nothing about Africa, aside from what I've picked up on /pol/ and /k/, which is of limited use, even in the best of times.  I probably should have put my characters somewhere else, but whatever.  It was fun learning about Namibian history, and I feel like the bits about Mujaji, even if they're mildly nonsensical, add a fun bit of flair to the storyline. 

Also, the Lilians import women and their children from 3rd world warzones now.  Fun, huh?


I'm just going to say that whole thing was my intro retrospective.  So onto the other pages. 

The second page picture, really, should probably have been used on the next page, and that picture, should probably be here.  At any rate, I like the pic.  I'm not really sure whether what I did with the transparency is a good idea, or not.  I could have gone with the regular, white backgrounds, but because I'm using different colored text to differentiate between the mother and the priestess, I wanted to use a colored background.  I just felt like it would look weird, otherwise.  Of course, the transparency might end up causing issues later, so we'll see whether I can keep doing it for the entire pamphlet. 
The pic itself is nice, though, as I said.  I particularly like the one where he's sitting on her lap, with her hand on his ass.  They're all nice little pics, though.  I'm not sure how much I like this 'multiple pictures per page' thing, but I guess it's what I've got, so it's what I have to go with.
The text is largely an extension of the intro.  I needed to establish why she hadn't fucked her son at 6-8, like everyone else, and I decided to just say that she didn't want to make him keep the secret.  That's somewhat realistic, I think.  Kids can't keep secrets worth a quarter of a shit, and she can't really afford to be alienated from her neighbours. 
The guide content of the text is largely just a restatement and explanation of what the mother said in the narrative.  I'm thinking that will probably be the general pattern for these.  It's a bit difficult, because I only really get 500-600 characters for the mother's narrative, and then 400-500 characters for the Priestess' guide, but it at least adds some variety in these, so I'm not making the same pamphlet, over and over. 

The third page picture, really, isn't so bad.  It matches the text content, and that's really all you can ask of these.  Nice picture, at any rate. 
The narrative text first establishes the boy's age, which is good.  Really, he looks more 12 or 13, but let's just pretend that he's 10.  I go on to establish that he's actually pretty innocent, even by Jehovan standards.  So his mother hasn't been giving him any dirty magazines to read, and he hasn't been sneaking too many peeks, either.  The last paragraph was actually added on the fly, while I was editing the picture, because I was concerned that "showed him just how good a tongue can feel" could be interpreted as her giving him a blowjob.  I like the way that it turned out, though. 
The guide text expands the narrative, again.  It doesn't really establish too much, and I need to start thinking about what I'm going to do with these guide texts.  I feel like I'm not using them effectively.  Maybe I am.  Not sure. 


So next up is the "showing some skin" block.  It should be relatively simple to do, I'm thinking either 3 or 4 pages, with about 1000 characters each, for a total of 3000 characters.  Not difficult at all. 

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