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Mommy Bubble 80's Prewriting 2

Blogger doesn't autosave when you're editing posts, so the finalized prewrite is going to be its own post.  It's probably better this way, anyway.  


First things first is the intro, that's straightforward, it'll be the intro.  Introduce the characters, introduce the pamphlet.  

Then, we'll get to the nitty gritty.  We'll start the story with the mother being a Lilian, and the son being a "soft Lilian".  He agrees with the overall concepts, but he hasn't really been exposed to sex, yet.  So I'm thinking that the mother will start by showing a little skin around her son, because I have a couple of pictures for that.  She doesn't get fully naked with him, yet, but she shows some skin.  

Once that little block is over, I'll move onto the bathtime block.  This block will actually be in 2 parts, because some of it is 'foreplay', and other parts are 'full sex'.  For now, we'll be discussing the foreplay bits.  The story picks up after mom decides to start wearing racier stuff around her son, gauging his reaction to this.  If his reaction is good, she'll invite him into the bath with her.  
She'll most likely say that it's about saving water, since the Lilians are so up on nature conservationism, and everything.  So she gets him in the bath, and they feel each other up, and maybe she teaches him to masturbate, and all that jazz.  You know, the /ss/ bathtime fantasy.  This will be the 3rd time I've covered it.  There's another bathtime pic, but we'll save that one for the "keeping it fresh" blocks, near the end of the pamphlet. 

After the bathtime block, the boy has seen his mother naked, and she's taught him how to masturbate.  So now it's time for the mutual masturbation block.  This block will be tied in with the undie exchange block, but it'll probably get its own release.  The masturbation block will essentially be about how masturbation is totally healthy, and positive.  The idea will be that you can't properly explain what you want to your partner, if you don't learn what you want, through copious masturbation.  
I'm going to see if there are any good mutual masturbation pics.  I think there might be, but I'm not totally sure.  The story focuses a lot on their individual masturbation, and voyeurism.  Then they fuck, and fuck, and fuck some more.  

Onto the undie exchange.  I'm not sure if this should be right after the masturbation, or right after the porn.  I'm thinking right after the masturbation, though.  The undie exchange is something that I haven't really covered yet, and it's something that I'm really looking forward to writing, because it's fun and unique.  
Anyway, the undie exchange is more or less straightforward.  The mother and son start sharing their underwear with each other, and using them as masturbation aids.  This is essentially billed as a fun way to bring the two of them together, without putting too much pressure on either of them.  The son isn't pressured to perform too early, and the mother isn't pressured to teach the son too much, too quick.  They're each able to feel desired and attractive, simply by being who they are.  All they're doing is wearing the undies, but those pieces of clothing are actually extremely erotic, for the partner.  

After the undie exchange block, we've got the tits/snuggling block.  These are actually 2 separate blocks right now, but I think I might end up combining them somewhat.  
First, the narrative will start by having the mother talk about how she really loved nursing the boy, and how she's missed that special time that they shared, together.  She'll go on to discuss how she and her boy are enjoying some recreational nursing time, but I'll save the lactation for later in the pamphlet.  Right now, the focus will be on how much he loves sitting with her, sucking her breasts.  I'll see if there's a nursing handjob pic that I can use, but I don't think that there is one.  
Maybe I'll have a little narrative about how the boy dry humps her while he sucks, and it feels soooooo good.  I'll close it off with a little bit about how he likes to snuggle up next to her tits while they sleep.  
The other pics from the snuggling block will probably come in at the end, maybe alongside the "sleeping together" block, and discuss the benefits of sharing a bed, and having sex in the morning.  

After the tits/snuggling block, but before the cherrypop block, I'll cover porn.  The narrative will essentially focus on how the mother watches pornography with the son, to teach him about sex.  There will be some parts about mutual masturbation, and possibly, I'll tie this into the oral sex block, or at least use some of the oral sex scenes.  The guide will suggest using Lilian pornography if possible.  

At some point in all this, I need to put the kissing block in.  This block is something that I actually forgot about until now.  This narrative will probably be pretty early on in the pamphlet, and it'll probably be where I go into some of the history of the mother and boy.  Basically, explain their characters, a bit.  It'll probably end up being right after the intro, but before the "showing some skin" scenes.  These pics feature the two of them fully and conservatively clothed, so it's a good fit.   The guide content will be pretty sparse here, but I'll probably have the HP say that love should come before sex.

So it's pretty much time for the cherrypop scene.  The narrative will take place on the bed, and it will be as idealized as humanly possible.  The 'returning home' stuff will probably make an appearance.  This page might end up being mostly guide content, about how to approach the boy's first time.  I'll most likely be pulling some of the generic pictures into this block, and linking this block up with the oral sex block.

After the cherrypop scene, we can dial it back a bit, and do a lifestyle thing.  The nudism block (of probably like 1 picture) is good here.  The narrative will essentially be that the two of them started running around naked, less out of a concrete decision that they made, and more out of a laziness.  After they'd fuck, they'd still want to do things, but there was no real need to get dressed, in order to do them.  This is probably where I'll put some of the nude snuggling stuff, as well.  

This is as good a spot as any for the positions block.  The focus of the narrative, here, is that after the initial sex, there was an explosion of interest in sexual positions, and different techniques.  So the mother obliges the boy, and fucks him in a bunch of different ways.  The guide content mentions the necessity to start with more female dominant stuff, before moving onto the rest of the positions.  The position pamphlet will be called back, and mentioned.  

The dinnertime block goes well here, as a bit of a "lifestyle" thing.  The narrative is essentially just a linear vignette, about how the mother and son like to cook together, and in the 'simmering time', the two of them fuck each other's brains out.  The other pics in this set will represent the "showing skin", and "mixing it up" blocks.  

The school/work block will discuss, mostly, how the two of them live, it's a lifestyle block, mostly.  The narrative will discuss how the mother and son both miss each other during their regular "working hours", so they take a little bit of time off, to masturbate.  They always trade oral sex, before leaving each other, for the day.  Maybe she just sucks him off, before he leaves.  Not sure yet.  At any rate, they always fuck when they're together again.  

After the school/work block, is the beginning of the "mixing it up/keeping it fresh" block.  This block will largely be pulling less used stuff from other blocks, and I've tried to earmark certain pics, when I came across them, earlier in the prewrite.  I know that there's one pic in the bathtime block, that will be about taking baths together, and fucking in the tub.  There will be one from the dinnertime block, about footjobs at the dinner table.  
The voyeurism pic will make its appearance here, and the narrative will essentially be about how the two of them will masturbate, and enjoy the other watching them.  I might use a pic from earlier in the set, where the mother is holding some cakes.  The voyeurism thing will be mostly a fantasy thing.  This is also where the toy page will go, and the narrative will be about how she's teaching him to use toys on her, possibly after an unfortunate introduction to "mr. floppy".  Maybe.  

The same bed block, if I haven't already used it anywhere, can go here.  The narrative will mention that it's winter, to explain why they're wearing clothes.  Maybe I'll just get rid of the nudism block, or say something like "we don't always go around in the nude". It'll basically just be about them fucking in the mornings.  pretty straightforward. 

The lactation pages can go anywhere really, as can the same bed block, but let's prewrite them here.  This narrative will be about how she started taking lactation inducement pills, for the boy's birthday.  It'll be about how much fun they're having with lactation, and how he loves suckling her while they relax together, and watch TV, or something.  

And so, we get to the dreaded preggo page.  I'm still not totally sure which direction I want to go with this, but the reality is clear.  Incest makes retard babies.  I could simply ignore that fact, but I'd be sacrificing realism.  While I'm willing to do that for STD's, I'm not really willing to do that for pregnancy, especially since I've already canonized the idea that unwanted pregnancies do occur, in the Temple.  
I'm thinking that if I put this page in, which is very tentative, I'll have the story essentially be that the woman has been taking her pills, but because she and her son decided to have a child, she goes off the pills.  Of course, having a child with your own mother is a mistake, so they pick an acolyte to do it, instead.  So technically, the baby is actually the boy's little brother.  Of course, the fact that the boy has to not fuck the mother for a little while, so that she can get pregnant with not his baby, will have to be mentioned.  Maybe this would be a good time for some blowjob pics.  We'll see whether I put this one in, or not.  There's actually a great titfuck page that I can use here. 

After the preggo page, will be the outro.  It'll probably be half narrative closeout, and half guide closeout.  I'll paint an idealistic picture of the mother and son's continued relationship, and then the HP will come in, and basically say that there's no need for boys to get girlfriends, as long as they have their mothers.  This will set the stage for the 90's era Mommy Bubble pamphlet. 

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