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Mommy Bubble 80's Prewriting

This is the prewriting for the "Mommy Bubble 80's" pamphlet.  It's planned to be 13-14 separate blocks, of mostly 4 pictures.  That's between 50 and 60 individual pages.  I'll be using the cleans of these two sets:

[pink-noise (Mizuiro Megane)] Mama Shot-ime - Christmas Hen [Digital]
[pink-noise (Mizuiro Megane)] Mama Shot-ime - At Home Hen [Digital]

If you'd like to follow along, or just download the cleans of this set, there is a link below.  The files I'm discussing are in "goodpixpw".  They're all organized into folders, though, so it might be slightly more complex.  Or less.  I don't know.  It's easier for me, if they're in folders.


 The sensual mothering guide starts out with the kissing pics (164_053-166_055) and discusses the love that exists between a mother and her child.  It states that a child is essentially the property of the mother, and that she is supposed to have total control over him.  This control isn't so much a dictatorial "you must do this and this", it's more of a "mother knows best" sort of thing. 
There is a current of "he shouldn't ever have to leave home" thought.  There is also a focus on the love, at least at first.  Like a "no matter what else is going on, the love should come first" idea. 

The guide moves on to masturbation, with the idea that a good sex life starts with a good masturbation life.  The idea is that there should be a good amount of communication between the mother and child about what is pleasurable, and that masturbation is how each person learns what is pleasurable.  So, the guide says that the mother and child should masturbate alone, and together.  154_043 and possibly 120_009 would be used here.
The masturbation discussion evolves into a discussion of 'underwear exchange', simply because I have the pictures for it, and it's kind of a fun fantasy.  135_024-150_039 are good pix for this.  The underwear exchange block will probably end up being pretty long, and will discuss the idea of the mother and son mutually expressing their love for one another through using each other's undies for masturbation.  This can either be an addition to their regular sex life, or a 'leadup' to it. 

The guide is essentially going to be for converted women, bringing their boy children into the Temple. 

161_050 and 44-45 are essentially about pornography.  The idea here is that watching porn together is a good thing, for a couple of reasons.  First, it teaches the boy how to have sex, and second, it gets both partners in the mood.  There will be an emphasis on picking "Lilian" videos, but it won't be a requirement. 

35 is the tits page.  I'm thinking that I'll discuss lactation here, giving some handwave explanation about how it's easy to induce lactation, and then moving on to discuss how nursing is super awesome, and wonderful, and how it's a "beautifully intimate pleasure exchange between mother and son", or whatever.  There will be some discussion of nursing for young children, but the bulk of the focus should be on later nursing.  171_060-167_56 is another good page for this.

34 is the toy page.  Unfortunately, there's only one of these. This page floats the idea that, before committing to "full sex" with the son, the mother should bring out some toys, and let the boy play with them, and her.  There should be a current of 'fun and exploration', here.  The point is essentially to convince the mother that she is in a unique place to teach the boy how best to please her, so that she'll have a perfect partner, both sexually, and emotionally.  His job is to serve her needs. 

28-30 are probably going to be separate blocks, with 29 being split up into 2 pages.  These will essentially be "before sex" and "after sex" bathtime pages, which discuss how to best handle bathing.  Of course, how to best handle it, is to sexualize the shit out of it, right?  

41 will be the 'nudism' page, essentially talking about how there's no real reason to wear clothes at home, and that being naked around your son is natural and beautiful.  Of course, they would also push the idea that being naked allows the mother to make sure that the son is developing in a healthy way. 

210_099 makes for a good "first time" page.  The idea here is that, if the mother does all of the things that she's supposed to do beforehand, she'll be in a great position to finally have sex with her son.  By this point, he knows, generally, what to do, and presumably, he's on board with the whole idea.  There should be some discussion of the set and setting.  Probably on a weekend, and probably in the master (mistress?) bedroom. 

006-008 work as "sleep in the same bed" pics.  These pages would be all about how it's totally cool and awesome to sleep in the same bed as the boy, and how his mornings, ideally, should start with sex, or at least masturbation. 

004 and 220_109 are great intro/outro pages. 

052 is a good pregnancy page.  It will discuss the benefits of getting pregnant by your son, and it will discuss whether or not that's such a good idea.  I'm not sure which direction I should go with this.  There *are* genetic issues that would come with incest babies. 

012-016 can be the school pages.  The idea is that the boy will probably be going to public school, so the mother doesn't want him to be getting horny during his classes.  So she sucks him off before he leaves.  While they're apart, they both masturbate when they need to, but then when he comes home, the two of them relieve themselves. 

18-22 can be the dinner pages.  It will discuss cooking dinner.  The emphasis will be on getting the boy involved in the cooking process, to prepare him for eventual slavery in the Temple(?).  Afterwards, of course, the two can play together, sexually, while they eat.  Also, while the cooking is going on, they can fuck, to pass the time.  219_108 should also be a part of this. 

153_042 can be about voyeurism play. 

202_091-212_101 can be used as "position" pages.  There can be a callback to the position pamphlet, and an emphasis on changing it up, and keeping things fresh in the love-life.  42 can be used for this as well. 

174_063-183_072 are all oral sex pics, so I can talk about oral sex.  Maybe a teaching focus, maybe a recreation focus, not totally sure right now.  Maybe a focus on explaining to him that full sex doesn't always have to be the goal, and that oral is nice when there's a difficulty, like ED, or something.  Maybe a couple of blurbs about how every man experiences limpdick sometime, but he's always got a tongue. 

40, 214_103, and 215_104 can be cuddling pics.  The focus here is on nonsexual affection, and making sure that love is shared in a nonsexual way, so that the relationship isn't totally and only sexual.  Like, maternalism.  190_079 is a good one for this.

187_076, 198_087, and 201_090 are good basic sex pics.  I guess here, I'll just talk about the standard sex life stuff.  Not really sure.  Probably just "whatever needs to be said, and hasn't been said already"

49 might be an intro or an outro page, not sure.  It's pretty generic

In total, this is going to be 13-14 separate blocks.  Some of the more unique fetishes will get lumped together a bit, like voyeurism and toys.  I'll have to decide later on the exact order that these will go in, but I'm thinking chronological, with some of the "before sex" stuff being in the front, while the "keeping it fresh" stuff is in the back.  


So that's what I've got so far.  If you guys look through the pages, and see something that just jumps out at you, feel free to make a request, either here, or on the chans.   I'll start working on this pamphlet probably today, or tomorrow, depending on whether I find something else to do this morning.  I'll probably be starting with the intro, and then trying to go in chronological order, kind of like what I did with the Timid Boys pamphlet.  

I'm not sure whether I'll be incorporating any sort of narrative into the Mommy Bubble 80's pamphlet.  If I do, it will probably be a sort of "mirror/foil" to the Mommy Bubble 90's pamphlet.  So it'll start in the intro, with the mother/author introducing herself as a convert, with an older son, who lives pretty far away from an established Temple, and doesn't have a lot of contact with the overall "system".  She gets the magazines, and buys the pamphlets, but that's about it.
The pamphlet essentially follows the story of her and her son, being Lilian together, away from the Temples, and the cells.  
So it's guide content, but it's also a narrative.  First, she talks about what's going on in the picture, so that's the narrative, and then she discusses why it's done, and how it's the best thing ever, as far as Lilith is concerned.  There's also the possibility of having the woman in the pics do a narrative, and then, maybe in a different color, having some High Priestess do a commentary on her narrative, explaining it in the Lilian context.  That makes a decent amount of sense, I think.  So I guess the text will have 2 different colors.  

Now, all that remains to prewrite is the exact ordering of the blocks.  Now, this is difficult, because certain blocks, like the "bathtime" block actually feature pics from different phases of the relationship.  The "dinnertime" block does this, as well.  One of the biggest issues, really, is that there is so much content here, it's really incredibly difficult to pick and choose which pictures to use, and which ones to leave out.  I can't use all of them, because that would be over 100 pictures, and it would basically just be a rewrite at that point.  I guess, theoretically, I don't have to do it all right now, either, but it's probably better to do it now, than to make it up as I go, and step on my own toes, along the way.   

So, now that I've got my coffee, let's make some attempt to prewrite this.  

First things first is the intro, that's straightforward, it'll be the intro.  Introduce the characters, introduce the pamphlet.  

Then, we'll get to the nitty gritty.  We'll start the story with the mother being a Lilian, and the son being a "soft Lilian".  He agrees with the overall concepts, but he hasn't really been exposed to sex, yet.  So I'm thinking that the mother will start by showing a little skin around her son, because I have a couple of pictures for that.  She doesn't get fully naked with him, yet, but she shows some skin.  

Once that little block is over, I'll move onto the bathtime block.  This block will actually be in 2 parts, because some of it is 'foreplay', and other parts are 'full sex'.  For now, we'll be discussing the foreplay bits.  The story picks up after mom decides to start wearing racier stuff around her son, gauging his reaction to this.  If his reaction is good, she'll invite him into the bath with her.  She'll most likely say that it's about saving water, since the Lilians are so up on nature conservationism, and everything.  

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