Friday, June 19, 2015

Mommy Bubble 80's Skin block 2

This is the second "showing skin" block of the Mommy Bubble 80's pamphlet.  It covers the narrative between the birthday bath, and the mutual masturbation, where the mother is flashing her son, so he can run off to masturbate. 


Skimpy Slut
Skimpy Son


 039/147/151 - After our bathtime fun, I decided to back off a little.  We still kissed like crazy, and sometimes I'd even let him feel me up, but I wanted to step back, let him process things, and give him some space.  He needed to learn the intricacies of his own body, and create his own fantasies.  Of course, every fantasy requires some *seed material*, and I'm quite happy to fill that role!  I made sure to wear some shorter skirts, and lower cut blouses, and to bend over in ways that I knew would get my baby excited.  I was pleased to see that my efforts weren't in vain, although we *did* go through a lot of tissues! /// Some mothers like to move quickly with their sons, but this might not be the best idea.  These early sexual experiences are quite formative!  If you get your son used to non-stop sex, whenever he wants it, he'll have a difficult time controlling himself in the future, when women *can't* just pick him up, and hold him at arm's length.  For this reason, a mother should probably let her baby have some quality time with his hands, practicing what he's learned, and learning how to relieve himself.  Some mothers like to give their sons lots of pornography for this purpose, but I've found that a copy of _The Gospel_, along with some *light* inspiration from you, is more than sufficient for this purpose.  Just make sure to keep him in tissues and lotion!

130/151 - Some of our *funnest* experiences were in this "enticement" period.  I'd walk around in a towel, just out of the bath, and stop to get some milk.  Of course, I'd let a little bit dribble down my chin, and onto my ample bust, and I think my baby got the picture, because he'd often scurry off to his room, soon after.  Sometimes, I'd let the towel slip a bit, to show him some skin, or sit across from him, with my legs *just so*!  It was too much fun, watching his little eyes dart back and forth, between my face, and my nether regions, trying his best to be polite, and hide the obvious bulge.  Eventually, he started to turn the tables on me, sitting and playing his games, in nothing but briefs, and a sleeveless-tee.  Then, it was *me* who had to scurry off! /// Playing little exhibitionism games with your son can be a *wonderful* way to explore each other's sexuality, in the earlier stages of the relationship.  There's no need to go crazy with this, if you haven't been pumping your boy full of porn.  Just a little flash of bust or bush is enough to set most boys off.  It's far better to have your boy fantasizing about *you*, than some porno starlet, or even a girl from his school.  Soon, your baby will be *very* horny, all the time.  It's far safer for him to be having sex with you, than some slut at his school.  Putting yourself into his earliest fantasies is the best way of keeping him "close to home". 

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