Friday, June 19, 2015

Mommy Bubble 80's Skin Block 2 Retrospective

All things considered, these were relatively easy to write.  Putting the pictures together was actually one of the most difficult parts of this. 


The first page picture is pulled from a couple of different pages.  The "base" image features the mom cleaning, while the son does chores with a bone.  On the right, there's the two of them masturbating with each other's undies.  I'll almost definitely be using that portion of the image, but not right now.  The picture of the mom, on the right, in this picture, comes from a page that features the mom wearing various skimpy outfits.  I was originally planning to use a picture of the mother giggling(?) at the boy's tissue filled trashcan, but I ultimately ran out of space.  It would have cluttered things, anyway. 
Hopefully that vacuum cleaner is 80's era tech.
The narrative text is mostly just a lead-up to the next page, and the "masturbation block" as a whole.  It's essentially a way for me to use the many, many, masturbation pictures in the set. 
The guide text is a bit more substantive.  It discusses the idea that showering a boy with sex isn't actually a good thing, which I approached, in the Nun Pamphlet, but didn't really go too much into.  It also talks about how throwing porn at the boys probably isn't very good, either.  This is all leading up, a bit, to the guide content on the next page.  Interestingly, she suggests giving the boys a copy of the gospel, and then flashing them a lot.  This adds a bit to the idea that the Gospel is, in parts, just an erofic. 

The second page picture uses the rest of the pictures from the skimpy outfit page, along with the best (most explicit) picture from a page about the mother running around in a towel.
The narrative wastes no time, jumping straight to the sexual content, and following the picture.  I wish I'd been able to expand a bit, when it came to the milk dripping, but oh well.   I guess it'll have to be a fantasy that you guys expand in your minds.  The narrative moves onto a bath-towel based exhibition fantasy, which is quite nice to think about, before letting the son get in on the action, as well.  Overall, I think the narrative is a lot of fun, and invokes positive, lighthearted, feelings. 
The guide content is where things start to look a little wrong (heh).  Basically, the priestess starts out nicely enough, reiterating the idea that showering the boys in porn probably isn't good, but then she gets a little creepy.  You start to see the beginnings of the "Mommy Bubble Doctrine" forming, here.  The over-protectiveness, the idea that every other woman is an unworthy harlot, and the desire to keep the boy "close to home". 
I don't intend to overdo it with this sort of content, but it's definitely going to be in here.  This is what the Mommy Bubble 80's pamphlet is all about. 


Yes, it's only 2 pages this time, it's easier to do these in smaller bunches, especially when it comes to these specialized blocks.  The next one might be 2, it might be 3, it might be more.  The masturbation, mutual masturbation, and undie exchange blocks are all going to end up blending together, because they're all kind of the same ideas.  We'll see how it goes.

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