Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mommy Bubble 80's skin/bathtime block

This is the "skin/bath" block of the Mommy Bubble 80's pamphlet.  It handles the first "showing some skin" pictures, and the first bathtime pictures.


Flab and Fab
Birthday Boy
Bathtime Boobs
From wash to wank


037/38 - I've always felt a bit self-conscious about my body.  I've got a large bust, but I've also got a bit of a tummy.  I know we aren't supposed to be too concerned with Jehovan ideas of beauty, but it's still a bit tough.  One thing that's always helped me, though, is my son.  He won't lie to me about my size, but he also won't lie about how much he loves cuddling with his soft and supple mommy!  /// Most mothers see a change in their figure, after they give birth.  This is natural, and totally healthy.  A small child, after all, *wants* something comfortable to lay his head against, squeeze in his tiny hands, and nuzzle into.  His mother is obviously the ideal candidate.  The Jehovans would have you believe that a new mother should spend her time at the gym, making herself both emotionally, and physically, unavailable to her child.  They believe that the mother should work herself, literally, to the bone, in order to fit her Jehovan Patriarch's idea of what she should be.  Our Goddess says that this is wrong, and the pleasure of the baby *always* comes first. 

219_108 - I've often enjoyed dressing up for my baby, but until his tenth birthday, I'd never gotten the "physical response" out of him.  We had a regular, "friends" celebration, but later, we had a more private observance.  He's been obsessed with Asia, lately, so I made him a special, Japanese, dinner.  I decided to wear an open-bust sweater, with no bra, just to give him a nice view, while he ate.  What I wasn't expecting, though, was the view that *I* would be getting! Every time I looked down, I could see an adorable tent in his shorts, twitching, and flexing, begging for a release.  ///  Playing dress-up for your son is always tons of fun!  He may not know too much about fashion, but he knows what he likes, and that's more than enough.  If you've got a "soft" or even non-lilian girlfriend, it can be a lot of fun to take your baby with you, when you shop for lingerie.  You can let him watch you, as you change, or just call him in when you're "dressed", to get his advice.  This can help him to feel more connected to your love life, without actually being *present* in the bedroom.

028 - After our romantic little birthday dinner, I decided to have a bath.  Now, normally, my baby and I bathe separately, him first, and then me.  But tonight was different, tonight, I *knew* he wanted me.  We hadn't bathed together in a few years, at that point, so he was a little surprised when I suggested it.  When we stripped down, I was pleased to see that my sweet baby was still hard as a rock, an it took all of my self control to restrain myself.  I *really* wanted to take him right there, kissing one head, before moving to the next, and feeling his hot seed blast against my throat.  But that would come later.  For now, we just relaxed together in the tub, enjoying the warmth of the water, and each other.  /// Bathtime has always been the best time for Lilian mothers to start their "serious" romance, with older boys.  There are two reasons for this.  First, it's easy to explain away, as a conservation measure.  Second, an older boy bathing with his mother, is cause for mockery, and *not* concern.  The mild trauma of being called a "mamma's boy", can prevent future indiscretions.  It can also, unfortunately, draw him away from your loving embrace, so if you see your boy becoming a bit distant after a bathtime session, make sure to talk with him about the importance of secrecy, in our faith. 

029 - We soaked for a little while, me on top of my little lover, while he stroked and groped at my body, enjoying my curves, while I enjoyed his stiff boyhood.  Eventually, we got out of the water, to wash each other.  That was when the fun *really* started.  He washed my whole body, but, of course, devoted most of his time to his favorite tits, as his cock slid up and down my soft back, twitching, and getting more stimulated by the second.  I decided to give the poor boy a break, sitting him down, and lathering up his legs and thighs, before finally giving him what we *both* wanted, my soft hand, on his hard cock!  He exploded almost immediately, coming like a firehose.  He'd gotten so worked up, I *know* he needed that release.  /// Normally, the bathing process will turn a boy on like crazy, but he may not know what to do about it. The mother will usually have to teach her son how to masturbate, and bathtime is probably the best time for that.  The two of you are alone, and nude, with lots of nice lotions and oils around.  It's often best to start out with a bit of a massage, something to relax him a bit.  Move down from his chest, or up from his legs, before, gently, giving him his "happy ending"!  Take your baby in hand, and make sure that he learns this very important skill, from someone who knows exactly what she's doing!  

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