Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mommy Bubble 80's Toy/Mutual block

This is the toy and mutual masturbation block of the Mommy Bubble 80's pamphlet.  It covers playing with toys, and mutual masturbation. 


Playing with toys
Playing with boys


034 - At some point, I think you have to say, "enough is enough".  My baby and I had been skirting around for weeks, flashing each other, watching each other masturbate, and peeking in the shower, among other things.  We both knew what we wanted, and we both knew that Our Goddess supported it.  We just had to *say* it.  One friday night, around bedtime, I stripped off all my clothes, emptied my toybox onto the bed, and called my baby in.  He was a little surprised, but also excited.  He wasn't sure what to do at first, but when I told him that he could touch me, he was off, like a rocket, grabbing and squeezing, kissing, and caressing.  His stiffness was poking against me, through his trousers, lustful and needy, but I decided to play a long game that night.  I went through each of my toys with him, one by one, explaining what they were, and how they worked.  I let him get a good, close look at my pussy, but I wouldn't let him touch yet, although, cheeky as he was, he *did* manage to steal a quick kiss! /// Teaching your little one about toys is a very important step in his sexual development.  All boys have limits.  There's only so many times he can fuck you in one night, before his cock simply says, "no more".  When this happens, the most obvious thing to do, is to switch to toys.  A plastic cock isn't *quite* as good as a flesh and blood one, but when it's your beloved son wielding it, you *can* have a lot of fun. 

154 - Looking at my body, and watching me play with my toys, got my baby quite fired up.  He'd been rubbing himself gently, all through my lesson, and when it was time to demonstrate some of the toys, he was diamond stiff, and shivering with anticipation!  I opened myself up for him to watch, before grabbing my favorite dildo, and plunging it deeply inside my dripping cunt.  My little lover couldn't take it anymore, and stripped as much as he needed to, taking himself in hand, with a fervor that was almost worshipful.  He drank me in, staring intently, as I fucked myself, moaning his name, and crying out in pleasure.  My recollection of that night is a little hazy, but I do remember us moaning together, our climaxes building to a shared crescendo, and I *definitely* remember his orgasm, cute moans escaping his lips, as his hot seed erupted from his strained cock, splashing and squirting all over my belly, tits, neck, and even my face!  He was *so* worked up!  It was a night to remember, and we capped it off with a good snuggle, still a bit damp from our sweat and juices, but happy, wrapped around one another, as we drifted off to dreamland. /// What a wonderful night!  I'm sure you, dear reader, are wondering why this little tryst didn't end in him coming *inside* his sweet mommy, and we'll cover that, later.  Right now, though, let's just reflect on the beauty of this scene.  A mother and son, bringing themselves off separately, but still unified, in their love for one another, and for Lilith.  It truly is a reflection of Our Goddess' revolutionary intent.  

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