Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mommy Bubble 80's Toy/Mutual block

So they still haven't fucked, but they're getting closer.  I think it'll be a couple blocks from now.  I'll probably give them a porno scene, and a "halfway through the block explanation" scene, where it's just the priestess, and then get to the oral, and then get to the fucking. 
Again, the most difficult part of writing these, was figuring out how I wanted the narrative to progress. 


The first page picture comes from later in the set, and I think it actually comes from the second set.  I'm doing some of these out of order, just because I want there to be more of a linear progression, instead of just a drunken fuck on Christmas Eve.  I wish there were more toy pics, but whatever.  I also wish that the boy were wearing a white button-up.  We don't always get what we want. 
The narrative sort of lampshades the fact that this is a bit of a slow roll, and that they're moving the story like molasses.  This is another "buildup" scene, without a whole lot of sexual narrative.  There is some fantasy here, but it's not particularly specific.  I feel like the picture does a decent enough job getting the actual sex story across. 
The guide content mostly focuses on toys as being a bit of a stopgap for inexperienced boys.  I considered having a little line about how you could send the boys off for acolyte training, but I'm not totally sure whether that system is actually developed, yet.  This is the 80's we're talking about.  The guide content ends with a bit of a fantasy, which is nice, and an allusion to anal play.  I'm not planning on going too far into anal play, since there's no picture for it, but I wanted to at least make some reference to it. 

The second page picture come right after the darker voyeurism pic, with the boy fapping to his mom schlicking, but it includes the dildo, and it's the only "mutual masturbation" style pic that I have.  I think it works well.  Nice bush on the mom, too.
The narrative here is pretty much 100% sex.  There's not a whole lot of waffling around, building up a story, or anything, here.  It's a straightforward sex scene.  I feel like "diamond stiff" is a term that could have been expressed in a different way.  "Rock hard" probably would have been better.  I feel like the fantasy flows reasonably well, and is pretty nice, overall.  I like what I did with the narrative.
The guide content is mostly just a throwaway, or rather, an intro to the longform guide that I'll be making the next page into.  It's basically just Heather (the priestess with the purple text) gushing about how awesome Emma and Gabriel Ellen and Gregory are.  Yes, I forgot their names. 


So next up, Heather is going to introduce the ideas that will essentially become the "Mommy Bubble".  It's going to get really culty, at least for that page.  I'll basically be copying out of the cult leader's handbook for this.  The mother has already led the son on, love bombed him, dangled the pleasure right out of his reach, and now she's going to more or less force him to eschew relationships with women other than her.  So she'll be "bubbling" him.  The next page won't show that as a narrative, it'll just be Heather explaining how to do it.  I'm not planning on overdoing it with the cultishness, but I definitely want it to be there.  This pamphlet is supposed to be an explanation of how the Mommy Bubble came into being. 

In a more practical sense, the next release will most likely be the "Bubbling" page, and some oral sex, and possibly some titsucking, if time allows.  I'm still planning on doing a "slow roll".  There could very easily be a return of the Art Films, with the mother showing the boy a movie about how evil other women are, and how he should never, ever, leave home, which will lead into the sex.  We'll see, but that's probably what I'll end up writing and releasing.  Bubbling page, and then Art Film. 

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