Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mommy Bubble 80's Undie-Exchange block

This is the "undie exchange" block of the Mommy Bubble 80's pamphlet.  It continues the narrative and guide, as the mother and son move further towards sexual contact with each other. 


Discovering Pants
Enjoying Pants


 134/135/146 - One of the games that we played together, before I took our relationship to the next level, was "pants-exchange".  It's actually quite straightforward.  We set aside a special hamper, just for pants //underwear//, and whenever we masturbated, we would go to the hamper, and sniff them, enjoying each other's unique scent.  Sometimes, we'd even lick them!  Soon, we both noticed that the hotter we got each other, the stronger our scents would become.  This, of course, led to more flashing, less clothes, and more fun! /// Before we continue, I think a short science lesson is in order.  Undie-Exchange, as we call it in the states, works largely on pheromones.  As these pheromones change during puberty, the scent changes, and so does the effect.  So sniffing a 6 year old's undies, while exciting, won't give you quite the "ravenous kick of lust" that sniffing a 10 year old's undies will.  It's still quite fun, though!  There are many ways to do undie-exchange.  You can keep a separate hamper, like the Brauers, or you can do the exchange in person.  Right before you strip for a bath, or bed, you can trade undies with your baby, and go to your rooms, with the treasure of one another's scent.  On a somewhat related note, the Eugene Temple has a mail order perfume catalog, which, with a sample of your scent, can give recommendations for a perfume that will make your panties smell *perfect*!

150/136 - The two of us were having a great time playing with each other's pants, and enticing one another.  It really improved our relationship!  We were more playful with each other, more "touchy", and *far* more confident, in our dealings.  Our makeout sessions featured more petting and fondling, and less clothing.  He'd sometimes get home, after a hot, long day, and go straight for me, stripping to just his pants, and crawling on top of me, as I reclined on the couch.  He'd kiss me deeply, his hands squeezing at my tits, as his stiff cock rubbed against my panties, instantly drenching them.  After exchanging a few pleasantries, he'd ask to trade pants, and we'd both retire to our rooms, and savored the delicious scents, as we imagined what the other was doing! /// The greatest benefit of undie-exchange, is the confidence that it instills.  Ladies who send their pictures into our magazine, often experience a boost in overall mood, and sexuality.  Being masturbated to is an experience like no other.  It is empowering, and liberating.  You *know* that you're desired, and some have even suggested, that a measure of a boy's spiritual energy is passed *through* the object of his desires, before moving to its final destination, which is Our Goddess.  This confidence boost isn't just confined to ladies, however.  Boys, knowing that they are desired, will often be more willing to take the lead, and more sexually precocious, overall. 

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