Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mommy Bubble 80's Undie-Exchange block Retrospective

This block was actually quite difficult to write, not so much because of the content itself, but because I wasn't sure how exactly to arrange the narrative.  I decided to put undie exchange before mutual masturbation, and then have the undie exchange lead in to the voyeurism, which leads in to mutual masturbation, which leads in to the oral sex.  So at this point, they're still not actually touching each other, they're just beating off to each other.


The first page picture actually comes from 3 different pages.  I'm getting a bit better at taking these pages, and working them into each other, to suit my narrative.  Pinknoise's method of arranging the pages, makes this very simple to do.  I wanted to get the message across that they were masturbating together, to each other, but in separate rooms.  This is essentially done to provide a contrast to the next block, where they're masturbating together, in the same room, or as close to it, as I can get them.
The narrative text, as usual, is a setup for the next page.  It introduces the concept of "undie exchange", which I call "pants exchange", because they're technically south africans, which is commonwealth, hence, "pants".  I haven't been doing commonwealth spelling, though, which I just now realized.  Oh well.  Yeah, mostly just setup, here.  The fantasies come later.
The guide content starts out with pheromones, which may or may not exist in humans.  I've just decided that they do.  I considered using "youger boy" and "pubescent boy" instead of giving the exact ages, but I feel like the reader is reminded of the villainy of the Lilians, when I use the exact ages.  The guide then shifts to a bit of fantasy, which implies mutual nudity, on the part of both the mother and son, before tossing an ad in.  Gotta get paid, right?

The second page picture, again, comes from 3 different pages, but the middle picture, with the son and mother on top of each other, comes from a sex page.  I decided to use it, because I didn't have anything for the two of them having a partially clothed makeout session, and I didn't want to reuse the pictures from the kissing block.  I wish we had gotten a bit more naked mom in this, but wutevs.  It is what it is.
The narrative text continues to make great use of the term "pants", but makes no use of the term "knickers".  I just don't think it's sexy enough.  No other reason.
So, rereading this, I guess they actually are touching each other, just not in a way that is particularly extreme, compared to the other Lilians.  I might go through and retroactively change "panties" to "knickers", at some point.  Not sure.  The fantasy in this narrative is one that places the boy in something of a dominant position, but it's still a nice little fantasy.
The guide text doesn't really go into the idea of "you don't need to do anything, just your undies are sexy", but I feel like it kind of touches on it.  The guide content spends a lot of time discussing the idea of "energy through desire", which is tied into the "revolutionary orgasm" concept.  So if you don't get "revolutionary orgasm", you probably won't get this, either.  I didn't really have enough space to really explain it fully, so I might have to give it some characters in the mutual masturbation block.  The last part more or less just pays lip service to the son's mild dominance, framing it as "sexual precociousness".  It frames it in a positive manner, which is somewhat off model for the Lilians, but not too bad.  I imagine that many of these women would want to believe that the boys are as into the sex as they are.  Quite a bit of the "pedosphere" is devoted to the concept of "the kids want it too!!!1!!11"

Also, the Lilians distribute nude photobooks of themselves to boys on playgrounds, now.  Fun. 


So first off, yes, pomf is fucked, and yes, my links are all fucked as well.  I'm getting some time off from work next week, so I'll be fixing the links then.  Until then, you'll just have to head down to 7chan (or 8chan) and do a ctrl-f.

Next up,  I'll (probably) be doing voyeurism, and then mutual masturbation.  After that might come toys, and then oral sex.  Then, it'll be the cherry pop pages.  Those will be difficult, and I might tie them into the porno block.  Not totally sure, yet.  At any rate, expect more releases, since I'll be off work all next week, and the week after that.  I might go traveling, but I also might not.  I won't be spending my off time totally shitfaced, though, so chances are, I'll be doing releases.

Or touring eastern europe.  We'll see. 

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