Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mommy Bubble 80's Cherrypop 4

This is the Coital block of the Cherrypop scene, for the Mommy Bubble 80's pamphlet.  It covers fucking, basically.


Coital Concepts
Coital Caution
Classic Coitus
Coital Kisses
Coital Creampie


(M/BTime) 50/71/83/69 - We've spoken of a covenant before, that exists between the Lilian mother and son.  This covenant mirrors the one that exists between Lilith and her Daughters, that is, the promise of protection against Jehovan tyranny from her end, in exchange for revolutionary action, from ours.  The covenant between mother and son, is the promise of eternal love and adoration, from the mother, in exchange for fealty, obedience, and of course, pleasure exchange, from the son.  The sexual union of the mother and son is a *fulfillment* of this covenant, and this fulfillment can be broken down into 4 basic parts.  The entry of the son, into his mother's womb, is a fulfillment of the *fealty and obedience* element of the covenant.  The initial movements, are a fulfillment of the *pleasure exchange*.  Kissing and caressing, during the sexual union, is a fulfillment of the eternal love adoration.  Finally, the ejaculation of the son, either inside, or onto, his mother, both seals the covenant, and fulfills the mother's end of the *pleasure exchange*.  In the next few pages, we will explore these concepts in more detail.

185/188 - *Finally*, it was time.  My breast heaved, and my spread legs trembled with anticipation, as my little one, the fruit of my womb, knelt before me, offering his sweet boyhood, to his one and only lover.  I remember gazing into his eyes, full of wonder, excitement, and love, as he pressed himself against my entrance, where he'd emerged from, all those years ago.  He hesitated for a second, but I smiled warmly, and urged my baby to come home, where he belonged.  The two of us gasped, together, when he finally slid inside me.  My twitching, dripping, cunt, gripped my lover inside, embracing his length, and welcoming him home, like a little lost lamb, finally finding its way back to the flock. /// The son's entry fulfills his requirement, to obey, and give fealty to, his mother.  Obviously, the mother *wants* to have sex with him, and he, being a good Lilian boy, obeys.  He may, or may not, consider his mother to be the *most* attractive woman in the world.  He may, or may not, be particularly interested in sex, at that exact moment.  Whatever his desires, however, the son is more than happy to let go of his personal feelings, and *serve*.  He understands that he was created, and *is* sustained, by his mother.  He understands his place, in the Lilian faith.  He enters his mother, taking and giving pleasure, as he slides himself, deeply, into his first home.

195/200/201 - I was a little scared that he'd shoot off inside me immediately after coming home, but he managed to hold on, for a little bit.  I moaned as he started to move inside me, his cock plunging in and out of my wet cunt, somewhat slowly, but certainly with enough gusto, to bring me pleasure.  I was actually quite proud of his control!  He leaned down over me, to massage and caress my full breasts, and started to suck, even as he pounded my pussy!  I wrapped my arms around him, holding him to my chest, and stroking his soft hair, as he continued his beautiful assault on my nexus of pleasure.  His thrusts got deeper, and quicker, as I got wetter, and wetter, my orgasms paving the way for his increased passion. /// Initial movements, whatever their length, and however they manifest themselves, are a boy's fulfillment of his duty, as a pleasure slave.  He may not be *perfect*, and he often isn't, many boys actually ejaculate within seconds of their entry, but that's not *really* the important part.  The important thing, is that he's trying.  He's *trying* to please his mother, he's *trying* to please his goddeess, and of course, we shouldn't forget, he's very much trying to please *himself*.  Pleasure exchange is a two way street, and while we often focus on the lady's pleasure, we should also consider the boy's enjoyment, as well.  A mother should allow her son to play, during the union, suckling her breasts, getting all *grabby*, and, as we will discuss on the next page, kissing him.

202/208 - I haven't been with *too* many boys, but I know what an impending orgasm looks like.  My little one had done a incredible job, holding himself back, but at a certain point, those little signs started to show up.  The heavier breathing, the quicker, deeper, *needier*, thrusting, and of course, the *cutest* little moans that I've ever heard!  As much as I was eagerly awaiting the feeling of my beloved son's hot seed spurting against the inside of my sacred womb, I most definitely wanted to get at least a few kisses in, before it happened.  He was a bit busy, concentrating on *not* coming, so I decided to take things into my own hands.  I sat up a bit, wrapped myself around him, as completely as I could, and locked lips, enjoying the dual pleasures of his tongue in my mouth, and his cock in my cunt. /// Kissing and caressing your little love, during the sexual union, is probably one of the most important things that you can do, as a mother.  A Lilian mother is the *chief representative* of Her Goddess, Lilith, on this earth.  The special bond of love that exists between mother and son, is a parallel to the love that exists between Lilith, and her revolutionaries.  This love should be expressed during the fulfillment of the covenant, and the best way to do this, is with a kiss, a caress, or even just a bit of sweet talk.

198/207 - I had decided, beforehand, that I wouldn't try to 'force' him, when it came to where he wanted to come.  If it was inside me, great!  If it was somewhere else, well, that's okay, too.  I certainly *hoped* that he'd want to fill mommy up with his spunk, though, and he didn't disappoint.  When I could tell that he was *really* about to come, I broke off our kiss, untangled our limbs, and closed my eyes, reciting, quietly, the _Devotion Of the seed to Our Goddess_.  Personally, I think that my baby, pious as he is, was a bit turned on by this, because almost immediately after I finished, he rammed his cock in, as deep as it would go, moaning my name, as his pulsating rod pumped hot cum deep inside me.  /// The orgasm is the culmination of any sexual act, but the image of a boy, filling his mother with seed, is easily one of the most beautiful elements of the Lilian faith.  Obviously, this action is also the climax of the maternal/filial covenant's fulfillment, as it completes the pleasure exchange, from the mother's side.  It's not *particularly* important, outside of certain specific rituals, to control *where* the boy ejaculates.  Inside you, is the most obvious, and meaningful, place, but if that isn't possible, there are other options.  Our Goddess loves it on her face, so many mothers, when they sense that their lovers are getting close, will have them pull out, straddle the mother's chest, and call out to Lilith, as mommy strokes them to fulfillment.

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