Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mommy Bubble 80's Cherrypop 4 Retrospective

Christ, that was a lot of work.  It wouldn't have been too much, but I wanted to get things just right, and I wanted to do it all in one shot, since I'd already missed the monday release.  I'm actually really glad that I'm in a theological book club, because it gives me lots of ideas for these pamphlets and blocks.  The entire "fulfillment of the covenant" idea comes directly from the last few chapters that my book club has read.  Anyway, onto the retrospective.  I'll try to keep this short, since I'm already kind of wiped.


The first page pictures actually come from the "Mama/Boy Time" set, that I used in the Chapter 58 pamphlet.  It's all pinknoise, but it's definitely a different set.  I did something along these lines for the last page of the Chapter 58 set.  I love using pinknoise's art.  Production of this page was more difficult than you'd think.  Hell, production of all of these pictures, was difficult.  Even just figuring out which elements from the pictures to use, was difficult.  I experimented with making the two of them dark skinned, but I ultimately decided against it, because I didn't want this character to represent Lilith. 
This page is purely guide content, with no narrative, whatsoever.  I needed somewhere to explain the 'covenant' idea, since the entire coital block would end up being organized along those lines.  I think I did an okay job explaining it.  The concept itself might be stupid, because I literally came up with it this morning.  Hopefully, the color choices helped to explain the ideas better.  In retrospect, I probably should have spent more time on this concept, but whatever. 

The second page pictures were the only ones where the boy is "about" to penetrate, so that's why I chose them.  That was what I needed.  Not much to say about these.  I wish there was a bit more boob. 
I didn't really mean to push the whole "pussy is home" thing, because I feel like I kind of overdo it with that concept, but I ended up continuing to overdo it, here.  Oh well.  I'm a bit proud of myself, that I was able to extend "putting it in" to 700 characters.  The "little lost lamb" bit was rewritten a couple of times, hopefully it doesn't come off looking too bad. 
The guide content basically discusses the actions, in the context of the covenant.  I honestly, really like the way that this was done.  It almost looks like a real theological text.  Hopefully nobody ever decides to take it as one.  More "home" stuff, which is what it is. 

The third page pictures are really, really, nice.  I like them, almost as much as the ones on the next page.  I just wish I could use a better resolution, to display them.  These self imposed limits do suck, sometimes, but I feel like they also make me a better writer, so whatever. 
The narrative on this page, unlike the last, is very much a narrative, which is good.  It takes a bit of a backseat to the guide content, but I feel like it expands on the pictures enough, to do the job.  I'm still not sure about the term, "nexus of pleasure", though.
The guide content feels a bit more prominent on this page, although, honestly, it doesn't really say too much.  It does the job, though, discussing pleasure exchange, and linking the narrative to the the theme of the covenant. 

The fourth page picture is one that I really like.  Maybe I'm just a big sap, but I think it's nice when the artists have the two characters actually love each other, and smile, and kiss, like a normal fucking couple
Anyway, the narrative gives a bit of lead up, both to the kiss, and to the boy's ejaculation.  I actually don't describe the kiss, itself, much in this narrative.  I kind of wish that I had, but then I think, "well, the picture's already there". 
The guide content follows the pattern, and does a decent enough job with it.  A bit more theology on this page, talking about Lilith herself, but nothing too crazy. 

The fifth, and final, page picture is actually almost standard.  The only thing I added was the boy's face.  I took out some japanese text, and was going to either replace it with the mom's dripping, gaping, cunt, or the boy's o-face.  I decided on the o-face, because the pussy just seemed too lewd.  I'm going for more of a "luvluvluv" atmosphere, here. 
First, off, let me draw attention to the phrase, "when it came to where he wanted to come".  I didn't even notice that, until now.  Anyway, this page's narrative kind of has to kowtow to the picture, a bit, explaining why she didn't just keep her leglock going, while the boy came inside her.  I feel like I did it okay, although I definitely ended up spending some time on that one concept.  The part where he comes, though, at the end, is surprisingly lewd.  Not sure if that's a bit shocking, or out of character for the narrator, but whatever.  I would imagine that if she's ever going to get freaknasty with her language, it's when she's talking about cum. 
The guide content follows the exact same pattern as most of my "ejaculatory" pages.  Not much to say here, although I do like that I was able to give a quick, subtle, shoutout to the grimoire.  I managed to work the covenant in, so I guess the guide did its job, and really, one little extra fantasy isn't too bad. 


Yay, I'm done!  I'm not sure whether I'll be doing releases tomorrow and friday, or just on thursday.  I'll see how I feel tomorrow, I guess.  Whatever I do, next up is the "Post Pubescent Slavery" Thighfuck/Titfuck block, and after that, it'll be the "Mommy Bubble 80's" Porno block. 

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