Thursday, July 9, 2015

Mommy Bubble 80's Advanced Bubbling block

This is the Advanced Bubbling block, for the Mommy Bubble 80's pamphlet.  It covers some of the more cultish aspects of the Mommy Bubbling process. 


Dangerous Denial
Frustrated Faps
Cultish Convo


 124/137 - Following our "night of lust", I decided, once again, to back off again, and let my baby "suffer" a little.  It was difficult, but it had to be done.  I stopped the flashing, went back to "conservative" clothing, and slapped his hands away, when he got too 'grabby'.  When he tried to strip in front of me, I told him to go to his room, and when he wanted to spy on me masturbating, I told him to close the door.  I *didn't*, however, stop kissing him, or quit any of the other nonsexual affection that we'd shared, normally.  We still cuddled on the couch while watching TV, we still left one another with a tender kiss, in the mornings, and he was obviously still rooting through my clothes hamper.  But we weren't *progressing*, sexually.  There was one last thing that I needed from my baby, before I would give myself to him, fully. /// When the relationship has become unquestioningly sexual, you should back off for a bit, sexually.  This is *extremely* temporary, but it's important that you complete this step.  Before you have sex with your son for the first time, you need to lay down some ground rules.  These don't need to be carved into stone tablets, and embedded in your headboard, or tattooed on each of your asscheeks, but they *should* be written down, somewhere.  The exact nature of the ruleset is up to you, but it should be *very* clear, that these rules *must* be agreed to, and followed, before the sexual relationship progresses.

14/218 - My "sudden abstinence" was difficult, for both of us!  It was *far* more difficult than I had anticipated.  Because my baby was used to sneaking peeks, and had gotten *quite* stealthy about it, I had to limit my own masturbation, to when he wasn't home.  This made it difficult to work, and I would often find myself idly drawing my children's book characters in explicit pairings, which, unfortunately, are of limited use, to my publishing company.  I can only imagine what my baby was going through, at school.  It was at its worst, when he'd get home.  I *so* wanted to just tear off our clothes, and rut like bunnies in heat, but I knew I had to stay strong. /// Maternal Dominion is a core concept of our faith.  The mother *must* be strong enough to put aside her lusts, and lay down the law.  It's important that your baby understand what's at stake.  If he denies you, and decides that he'll make his own rules, that's it.  You can't trust him, sexually.  This doesn't mean that you can't love him, but you *really* can't be sharing yourself with him, if he's not willing to obey you.  There's a word for when the male in the house makes his own rules.  It's Patriarchy, and Jehovism.  As Lilians, we cannot allow our beloved sons to be seduced by the whisperings of Jehovah, and his brainwashed slaves.  We must, as Our Goddess commands, take control of our children, and guide them to their truest home, beneath the Protective Mantle of Lilith. 

123/125 - After about a week of this, I decided to talk to my baby about it.  One day, when he came home from school, we had a little chat, while I was cooking dinner.  I told him that I knew he was peeking on me, and that he was stealing (yes, stealing, I'd done away with the pants hamper) my underthings, and that I didn't appreciate it.  He was obviously a bit blindsided, and he started to get emotional.  I had to keep my eyes on the cooking, in order to maintain my composure.  I told him that we needed to set some ground rules, and that I didn't want him peeking in or taking my pants, until he'd agreed to them.  By that point, though, I only had one rule planned out.  I *definitely* didn't want him seeing other women. /// For mothers that live far away from a Temple, there is a very special danger that comes from having a sexually active son.  In short, he might start to wander, and to lust after other women.  As we know, you, as a mother, *never* need to "justify" your desire for a more closely guarded relationship with your son.  That said, there *are* many justifications.  The simplest one, is quite obvious.  Jehovans.  If your baby is running all around town chasing skirts, *someone* will notice.  More sexual partners means more opportunities for him to "spill the beans".  If that happens, the two of you would lose one another, *forever*!  It is *very* important, especially if you're away from a Temple, to closely regulate your son's sex life, and keep him as close as possible.

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