Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Mommy Bubble 80's Bubbling page

This is the "Bubbling" page for the Mommy Bubble 80's pamphlet.  It describes the Mommy Bubble in glowing terms, and serves to explain where the Mommy Bubble issue came from.


Fantastic Fluff


215 - A son belongs to his mother.  This, we know.  But a mother also belongs to her son.  Our Goddess has prescribed a beautiful way of life, for her children.  A life free of Jehovan influence, and a life that can be described in one word : Passionate /// The Lilian Lifestyle is one of passion.  Passionate love, passionate struggle, and passionate faith.  When we pray to our Goddess, or read her words, we truly believe, and we *actively* struggle, often through our lovemaking, to bring her revolutionary ideals off the page, and into our homes.  The greatest expression of these passions lies in the maternal/filial relationship.  In our faith, the mother and son are a unit.  She chooses the father carefully, weighing one trait against another, to create the best possible combination.  She trains and molds him, according to her unique needs, into a perfect servant.  She then becomes his beloved and cherished mistress, leading him through the journey of life, as his revolutionary commander, as well as his adoring lover.  A boy's mother, as his ultimate creatrix, is different from other Lilians.  She is his first owner, and his first lover.  His most intense passion is reserved for her.  His greatest obedience is reserved for her.  In some instances, his *entire sexuality* is reserved for her.  But isn't that blasphemy?  Doesn't Our Goddess despise monogamy, in all forms?  Normally, she does, but the maternal relationship is far from normal.  There is no other relationship, Lilian or otherwise, where one party has *created* the other.  This is the domain of the mother, and the mother, alone.  Such a unique role, and a unique status, affords unique privileges.  The mother has "veto power" over all aspects of her son's life, *including* his sex life.  If the mother wants him to sleep with her alone, he, as the *fruit of her womb*, must obey.  This arrangement, unique to our faith, is one that truly glorifies the revolutionary aims of Our Goddess, by forming, in each Lilian household, a Temple in miniature.  The mother becomes the true representation of Our Goddess, and the son becomes her most ardent supporter.  Beautiful in his fanaticism, and zealous infatuation, he becomes the very ideal of a Lilian Revolutionary Priest.

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