Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Mommy Bubble 80's Bubbling page Retrospective

Yes, it's just one page, this time.  I did that for 2 reasons.

1) straight up laziness, which, by the way, is also why I haven't been updating
2) this page is actually quite important, very unique, and should probably be taken on its own


At any rate, here we go.  The picture for this page is one that I wanted to use, but didn't really know how to use it, or where I should put it.   I decided to use it here, because I imagine that it would inspire very positive feelings in the mothers who are reading the pamphlet, and that's basically what the authors would want.  What mother doesn't want her son to love her?  I imagine a Lilian mother would have even stronger and more extreme desires for her son's love, so I think this picture is probably the best choice.  Plus, it downsized well. 

The first thing that I want to get out of the way, when it comes to the text, is the obvious issue with this entire idea.  The "Lilian Revolution" is rationalized in a lot of ways, but one of the big ideas, is that Jehovah, as the "arrogant father", has absolutely zero claim on us, his creations.  So despite the fact that he created us, we don't actually have to follow his rules, or give a shit about him, as a being.
The message in this text is basically the opposite.  The text here says that the mother has total control over her son, simply because she created him.  Now, presumably, this only applies to Lilian mothers, but still!  It's a pretty big contradiction, theologically.  You could say that it's different, because Jehovah did not personally craft each and every human being from clay, and then breathe life into them, but he still, at least, created the entire universe, and the "blueprints" for each human being.  The mother, by contrast, just didn't get an abortion.  It's like if you had more respect for someone who mods a game, or even just plays it well, than you have for the developers of the game. 
Of course, who do we have more respect for?  The developer of a game, or the speedrunner?  Who do we identify with more?  Why have I still not gone back to college to study theology?  Or at least to finish my horticulture degree, and take some theology classes as electives?

Deep questions, with no real answers.  But it's interesting to think about.  What's the difference, really, between a mother ordering her son around, and Jehovah, ordering mankind around?  You can say that the mother is only ordering around a few people, but Jehovah created the universe.  It is his child.  I guess it just comes down to the results.  A Lilian mother ordering her child to lick her out for 10 hours does much less damage than Jehovah ordering the Hebrews to wipe out the Amalekite tribe.  But then, Lilith, in this story, is essentially calling for the end of large men.  There's only really one way to do that, and it ain't pretty. 

But let's move on.  I like the way that this was written.  Hopefully, I did it in a way that is interesting, easy to read, and gets the points across.  It didn't end up as "culty" as I had originally planned, although it starts to get there at the end.  I decided, overall, to show, instead of tell.  I was originally going to go through the different methods of cult recruitment, but I've essentially almost gone through all of them, already.  I just need to do the whole "seal the deal" thing.  Again, no need to tell, when you can show. 
I like what I did with the word "passion", and I feel like that flows really well, and segues quite nicely.  Once again, comma overload, but whatever, that's how I write.  I think you're all used to it by now.  It took me a while to figure out the word "filial".  I don't think that I've ever actually used it in real life.  I actually had to look up the latin word for "son", and then follow that line of thinking.  Thank you 6th grade latin, I guess. 

The whole "mother and son sticking together for life" thing is essentially what the Mommy Bubble is, and it's something that I wanted to get right out in the open, on this page.  That whole "3 steps of bubblization" process actually went through a couple of different rewrites, before ending up where it is now.  It was originally framed more sexually, but I redid it to have more of a "servitude/revolutionary" focus.  I like how I segued into the "boy has no other lovers" paragraphs, I think it flows nicely.  There is a lot of repetition of phrases here, but I feel like that adds to its cultishness.  I'm not so sure about the phrase "fruit of her womb", but whatever, it's in there.  I like the way that I explain what the Mommy Bubble is supposed to do, in a way that (hopefully) is somewhat positive seeming.  It kind of references certain extreme Christian ideas, where the father is essentially supposed to represent God himself, and everyone's just supposed to do whatever he says.  Aren't the Mormons like that?  I'm not sure.  Anyway, I feel like I expressed that idea well.  Hopefully I was able to make the word "fanaticism" sound better than it usually does. 

Overall, I like this page.  It was hard to write, and it's very dense, but I feel like it encapsulates the entire mommy bubble idea, and does it in less than 2500 characters.  This page is very much focused on rhetoric, and not sex, because I needed a page, like I often do, to tell, instead of show.  Normally, I'm able to weave these ideas into a narrative, or a guide, and sexualize them.  This, however, is a lot of theological content, that just has be spoken.  So that's why there's basically no sex. 


So next up, most likely, are the "porn" pages.  I might put in one page where the mother goes back to a normal relationship with the son, basically stringing him along, with no sex, until he agrees to not fuck other women, and then, they'll watch a "pro bubble" art film, and then, finally, I'll get to the sex. 

You've all been very patient by the way, which is awesome. 

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