Monday, July 13, 2015

Mommy Bubble 80's Cherrypop 1 Retrospective

See, I told you guys I'd get to the sex.  This is the first part of the cherrypop block, which will probably take a couple of installments to actually finish.  I'm really looking forward to writing it, though.  There's tons of great content, here.


The first picture is just a straight up copy/paste, no assembly required.  I like it a lot, although I kind of wish that I'd kept a few of the kissing scenes, to inject into it.  Oh well. 
The narrative text is what's most prominent here.  I decided to focus more on the narrative, than the guide, and I'll probably continue that strategy, for a while.  I feel like the cherrypop scene should be more about the mother and son's actual story, and less about guide content. 
I managed to get to the actual story pretty quickly.  I didn't really need too much buildup.  I recently, as in, today, read a little booklet about how to write erotic fiction, which featured a very useful thesaurus for erotic terms and phrases.  Hopefully it helped.  Anyway, this narrative was mostly about getting the boy's acceptance of the bubble out of the way, so that we can continue with the erotic story.  I feel like I did a decent job with that.
The guide text is mostly just the same old fluff, about how it's totally great to keep your son from dating other women.  It's a bit more selfish, than the other explanations, but hopefully that doesn't detract from the attractiveness of the overall storyline.

The second picture is an amalgamation of 3 or 4 different pictures, I mostly just picked the ones that I thought worked best, with the narrative.  I like the way it came out, although I kind of wish that I'd had more resolution to work with.  It's a bit of a mixed bag, working in 640x400. 
The narrative focuses quite a bit on the concept of nursing, which I imagine would be very poignant, for a mother and son couple.  She goes back to that idea of maternal ownership, and how it turns her on.  I think it's interesting, to play with that idea, although I didn't get too much out of it, here.  It'll probably make many more appearances, later, but I'll try not to over-do it. 
The guide text continues the theme of maternal ownership being super-duper hot, which is really what the mommy bubble, as a concept, is all about.  I like the phrase, "fall into each other's arms".


So, very short retrospective, this time.  I wrote a shit-ton this morning, prewriting my next few pamphlets.  It was a ton of work, and actually, really tiring, both mentally, and emotionally.

While I was at work, I actually decided what to do for the chapter 88 pamphlet pictures.  I'm going to use the rest of the "brown skinned mama" pictures, from the chapter 58 pamphlet.  There are a lot of non-sexual pictures there, and I feel like they would do really well, to provide a foil to the text.  Basically, the idea is that the pictures are showing what's going to happen to the prisoner after he gets killed by the Lilians.  He goes to Lilith's domain, and has a great time. 
I'm thinking that it would be like a type of, "hey, you're doing the right thing", for the priestesses reading the pamphlet, and planning the (s)execution. 

But I'm saving that pamphlet for last.  Next up, is most likely going to be the first pages of the Post-Pubescent Slavery pamphlet, and then either the first few Chapter 58 ritual pages, or more Mommy Bubble cherrypop pages.

By the way, let me know if you think that the Chapter 88 pamphlet is a really bad idea.  I'm kind of on the fence about it, myself. 

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