Friday, July 17, 2015

Mommy Bubble 80's Cherrypop 2 retrospective

Yay, I'm sticking to the schedule, this time!  It really is a lot easier to do these in 2 page blocks, than in 3 or 4 page blocks.  Anyway, onto the retrospective.


The first page picture comes from 2 or 3 different pictures, which is a pattern that I like, since it allows me to present more pics, overall, and tailor them for what I want to say in the text.  The bottom picture actually comes from the cumming page, but I took out the "x-ray" element, where he's coming in her mouth, simply because I'm not a huge fan of x-ray stuff.  I really like the top picture, since she's giving sort of a coy smile, there.  The boy looks very timid, as well, which works well with the narrative. 
The narrative text was originally like, one or two really bad run-on sentences, which I ended up attempting to split into something that was at least somewhat grammatically correct.  Much of the narrative, here, is focused on the mother hearkening back to the boy's younger years, and how she probably blew him when he was a baby.  I wanted to throw that in, simply because a lot of the fempeds talk about doing that.  I feel like it kind of villainizes her slightly, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, and at any rate, it's still realistic, so whatever.  I like the bit about, "half remembered fever dreams".  I feel like that was a good way of putting it. More internal narrative, here.  That was done, mostly, because there's only so much that needs to be said, externally.  There's a picture.  I don't really need to describe what's happening in the picture, so much. 
The guide content, again, takes a bit of a backseat to the narrative.  It's largely just a rehash, in less violent terms, of the 'blowjobs are femdom' argument, from the Chapter 58 pamphlet.  It also gives a bit of foreshadowing for the next block, which will be focused on cunnilingus.

The second page picture was difficult to make, since it consists of 2 'main picture' pictures.  Meaning, the pictures are the main focus of the page, meaning, they're big.  I actually had to edit a lot of the boy out, which I feel is fine, since most of you probably aren't that interested in seeing a naked boy, anyway.  At the very least, we get the mom swallowing, which is what I needed, for the narrative.
The narrative starts out with a bit of story, before moving into a somewhat blatant product placement ad for the Temple's dildos.  The main point of this page's narrative, was to get the 'external' sex narrative.  By that, I mean, actual sex.  I feel like I did a decent job with that.  I wish that there were a better term for 'perineum' than 'taint'.   Taint makes me think of botulism, not sex.  I finally managed to get the word, 'honey' into the narrative. 
The guide content is interesting, I think, it, again, provides a lot of foreshadowing, and also manages to provide a saccharine sweet view of the Lilians.  Is fellatio really the "deepest expression of love that a mother can give to her son"?  Probably not, but it says a lot about the Lilians, if they really believe that.


So really, a lot of this block ended up being foreshadowing, but whatever, the pics were good, and I got a lot of story content in.
Next up is either the handjob, or footjob block of the PostPub pamphlet.  Since it's the weekend, I might do both in one shot, but then, I also might not.  The next Mommy Bubble block should drop on wednesday, then it's back to PostPub, probably either the hand/foot page that I didn't do, or the Thigh/Tit Job page.  

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