Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mommy Bubble 80's Cherrypop 3

This is the 3rd cherrypop block of the Mommy Bubble 80's pamphlet.  It covers fingering and pussy licking. 


Dental Discovery
Digital Discovery
Delightful Discovery


179/180/181 - My baby had gotten to look at my pussy, sniff it, and play with my hair a little bit, but I'd never let him touch, directly.  Well, tonight was the night.  I got my panties down, and told my sweet little lover that he could finally do as he pleased, with my body.  Well, he wasted no time getting his lips on it, kissing each of my lips, softly, and lapping at my honeypot, like a little kitten!  He was having a great time, although, to be honest, he wasn't really that great at eating me, yet.  I decided to give him a little bit of "quality time" with my pussy, enjoying the unique scent and taste, before trying to teach him anything.  I just laid back, relaxed, and let him have his fun, running his fingers through my bush, stroking my soft thighs, and, of course, exploring his first and most comfortable home.  ///  The joyful return of a son, to his mother's sacred womb, is truly a beautiful thing.  I've always felt that a boy should first kiss, and then caress, his mother's sex, *before* penetrating, and taking pleasure from it.  There's certainly something to be said, for paying one's respects!  A boy should be allowed to take his time here, giving this very special place, all the love and reverence that it deserves, on a spiritual level, before being taught, or even expected, to start giving pleasure in a physical sense. 

182/181 - After a little bit of playtime, I decided to get serious with my little one.  He had to learn, after all, that pleasing mommy is his highest, and most important, purpose.  I started with fingering, sitting up, for a moment, and taking my lover's hand in mine.  I led him around my most sensitive places, teaching him how to touch me, by touching myself.  I then kissed him deeply, and laid back, to let him practice what he'd learned.  He took to the lessons well, finding my G-spot with ease, and grasping the concepts of 'finger while licking' *very* quickly.  I could already tell that he was going to be *amazing* in the sack, and as I laid there, basking in the pleasure of having my baby lick and fingerfuck me, I was *very* happy that I'd have him all to myself! /// Some mothers prefer to teach their son about female anatomy beforehand, with a book, but I've never liked that approach.  It just feels too cold, and impersonal.  When I'm training a boy, I'll first let him poke and grope inside me, getting his bearings, before, just like Ellen, taking his hand, and pressing it against my erogenous zones, explaining which is which, on the fly.  The sensual thrill of giving a boy *literal* hands-on training, is one that is often quite mutual.  A boy will *never* forget this experience, or the information that was provided.

183 - It didn't take long, before my baby had me writhing and moaning, for the second time, that night.  My mind went blank, and I vaguely remember wrapping my soft thighs around his head, trapping him for a second, before the orgasm overtook me, my hips bucking, as I spread myself as wide as I could.  My baby, ever the little trooper, took it all in stride, staying with me, latched to my cunt, like a suckling babe, and pounding my G-spot, with his deft digits.  When it was all over, I had to actually *tell* him to stop.  I guess he didn't realize what my orgasms looked like, yet.  I pulled him up to me, for a deep kiss, and the taste of my juices, combined with his wet fingers teasing at my nipples, damn near drove me over the edge, again!  I was *definitely* ready for his cock, and I was *dying* to feel him explode inside my womb. /// When your baby manages to finish you off with his sweet mouth, a reward is most certainly in order!  Obviously, his cock in your pussy is one such prize, but you shouldn't skimp on the *verbal* accolades, either.  After giving him a deep, sensual, kiss, you should heap on the praise.  Tell him what a good boy he is, and how *smart* he is, for learning to please you, so quickly.  Tell him that you love him, obviously, but also mention how special the connection between the two of you actually is.  Remember, you *created* him, just for this purpose, and he's *finally* fulfilling his covenant to you!  Make sure he understands the importance of this moment. 

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