Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mommy Bubble 80's Cherrypop 3 Retrospective

These were pretty easy to write.  Hopefully they came out well.  I'm actually surprised that I've kept the cherrypop scene going this long.  We're at 7 cherrypop pictures, right now, and we'll probably be at 10 or 12, when the cherrypop scene finally wraps up.  Usually, my cherrypop scenes are very quick.


The first page picture is another amalgamation of 2 or 3 different pages, and I feel like it worked reasonably well.  At least mom's naked, now, even if she does the exact same face and hand thing in every picture.  The pic is functional.
The narrative text  for this page is mostly an introduction, but it does provide some sexual content.  My decision to write 3 pages this time, really allowed me to take my time with the narrative. 
The guide content is much more interesting, on this page.  There's a lot of dogma and religious posturing, which suggests that maternal/filial relationships are extremely important, to the Lilians.  Not that we didn't already know that, but it's always good to reiterate, as long as you aren't repeating yourself annoyingly. 

The second page picture is from 2 pages, and, honestly, I don't really like how this came out, really.  I feel like I could have used better pictures.  Oh well.  It's not bad enough to redo, in my mind. 
The narrative starts out with a very interesting line.  Pleasing mommy is his highest, and most important purpose, now?  I guess that's what the mommy bubble is all about, but damn.  Laying it out like that.  The fantasy described here, honestly, wasn't explained that well, which is probably why I tried to explain it again in the guide portion.  It's a nice fantasy, though.  If any of you didn't get it, she's basically placing her hand over his hand, and then fingering herself, with his fingers.
The guide content more or less just reiterates what the narrative content said, along with heaping praise on Ellen.  I like that I was able to use the phrase 'hands-on training', here. 

The third page picture is just one page, and was just 'plug and play'.  It's a nice picture, though.  I like that you get kind of a full frontal of the mom.  She looks very nice in this pic.
The narrative here does double (or triple) duty.  It concludes the cunnilingus narrative, while also setting up (slightly) the coital narrative.  Each of the 3 paragraphs performs one of those duties.  The first paragraph concludes the cunnilingus narrative, as in, finishing the story, and making Ellen come.  The next paragraph starts the segue and leadup to the coital block, and the last line makes it obvious what's coming up. 
The guide essentially serves to round out the narrative, here.  I don't like putting dialogue in these, but this guide block allowed me to essentially have Ellen coo sweet nothings to Gregory (was that his name?), and, by extension, the reader.  I feel like it concludes this block well.  The covenant bit is a particularly interesting addition, I think.  If nothing else, it reminds the reader that the Lilians are an NRM. 


So, next up, on friday, is Carina's footjob block, from the Post Pubescent Slavery pamphlet.  After that, on monday, it'll be the cherrypop coital block, for the Mommy Bubble 80's pamphlet, then paizuri/thighjob for PostPub on wednesday, then probably a cherrypop cuddling block, to round out the cherrypop element of this pamphlet, next friday. 

Or I'll disappear for 2 months, and post nothing, we'll see. 

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