Friday, July 17, 2015

Mommy Bubble 80's Cherrypop 2

This is the second installment of the Cherrypop block, for the Mommy Bubble 80's pamphlet.  It covers fellatio.


Fellatio 1
Fellatio 2


 173/175 - I'd waited a very long time for this moment.  My baby's sweet shaft was a delicacy that I hadn't tasted in over a half decade.  After spending a couple of minutes basking in the bliss of my mammary orgasm, my little lover still nibbling at my breasts, I started to lightly stroke him through his sweatpants, before kissing his sweet forehead, laying him on his back, and gently, sensuously, stroking his turgid boyhood, as I kissed my way up his smooth, soft, thighs.  Finally, I took him between my lips, my tongue lapping from his tip, to his base, as he threw his head back, moaning, and enjoying a sensation that had only been felt in half-remembered fever dreams, inspired by his earliest memories.  For my part, I was simply enjoying coming back here, and wondering, if only for a second, why I'd stopped in the first place.  Just as my son's sweet, warm, mouth, had thoroughly enjoyed its return to my breast, I very much enjoyed my return, to the intimacy of kissing my baby's most sensitive place. /// Fellatio is an act that is sometimes thought of, especially in the Jehovan world, as 'male dominant'.  Well, there are certainly ways that it could be *made* male dominant, but on its own, it is nothing more than an extremely beautiful and intimate kiss, between a mother and her son.  What could be more Lilian than that?  Well, the answer is, "cunnilingus", but we'll get to that!  For now, let's just enjoy the image of a doting mother, kissing and tonguing her baby's stiffness.

174/176 - Up until that moment, I hadn't actually given anyone a blowjob, in years.  It had been at least 5, since I'd last kissed my son, there, and I'd only been able to get to the Regional Temple in Cape Town once every year, for Samhain.   I'd kept myself in practice, however, with my favorite toys, the "boy sized" dildos, that the Temples sell.  I'd rehearsed this moment *many* times, beforehand.  Gently rolling back his foreskin, kissing his head, before taking it in, flicking my well trained tongue across it, and moving down, taking him as deeply as he'll go, before bringing my head back up, and doing it all over again.  Every so often, I'd back off a bit, and roll his balls in my hands, playing at his perineum with my fingertips, and taking his smooth sack into my mouth.  I tried my best to extend his pleasure, but, well, he *is* a baby, so unsurprisingly, he was soon shooting his hot seed into the back of my throat, and of course, I savored it, like honey! /// Some ladies have asked me, "which should come first, fellatio or cunnilingus?"  The answer, really, is, "whichever you prefer", but I do personally believe that fellatio should come first.  A boy needs to know that he is loved, and cherished.  He needs to understand pleasure, and pleasure exchange.  Yes, he needs to be dominated, but *always*, our domination should be loving, and caring.  Fellatio is one of the deepest expressions of love that a mother can give to her son, and this is why I believe that it should come first. 

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