Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Post Pubescent Slavery Intro and CliStim block

This is the intro to the Post Pubescent Slavery pamphlet, and the Clitoral Stimulation block. 


Ludicrous Licks
Ridiculous Rubs


intro - As Lilian clergy, holding slaves is not only our privilege, but our duty.  Unlike laywomen, who are encouraged to hold a slave or two, Nuns and Priestesses are *required* to choose at least one slave, not of their immediate family, from our temples.  Whether the short-term, 'Temple-Slave' of a young nun, or the long term, 'Bonded-Slave' of a wise priestess, ownership and stewardship are extremely serious responsibilities.  In this pamphlet, we will be discussing the sex lives of post-pubescent slaves.  As Lilians, we devote an immense amount of time and energy into making the sex lives of our *boys*, extremely varied, and pleasurable.  We don't spend too much time, however, discussing the sexualities of our older slaves.  This is unsurprising, as many of us are far more interested in, and attracted to, the boys, but a *true* Lilian cares more about Her Goddess' wishes, than her own desires.  Our Goddess is relatively clear on the topic of slave sexuality.  In the very first chapter of her gospel, she tells us to, "Cherish your slaves deeply, and give them all the love and adoration that they deserve".  There have been a couple of different interpretations of this passage.  There are some who believe that the phrase, "cherish your slaves deeply", is referring to sex, as in, coitus.  Cherish them deeply *inside* of you.  Others believe that it refers to simply loving them, citing the next phrase, "give them all the love and adoration that they deserve", as the context of this passage.  It's difficult to pick one side, or the other, and I won't attempt to do this, here.  I will simply say, that Our Goddess instructs us to love our slaves, and sexual activity, is the purest affirmation of love, that we have access to.  In this pamphlet, we will be exploring the sex lives of two different mistresses, with their shared, teenage, slave.  Qamar, their slave, was picked up off the street, and performed well in both spatial awareness, and cognitive modeling exams.  He is quite enamored with Our Goddess, and a true believer in her revolution.  We used our contacts to keep him out of the draft list, and put him under the tutelage of two employees of mine, Carina, a Swedish lab worker, and Yuna, a Japanese housing manager.  The two of them represent very different styles of stewardship, but his performance suggests that both of them are quite competent owners.  In the next few pages, we will compare and contrast their methods of controlling his sexuality. 

44 - Putting in a full day of lab work is exhausting, even *with* my cute, and skilled assistants.  Qamar is both cute, and skilled, but more importantly, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, he is my slave.  This means that I'm able to make use of him in the lab, as a worker, but it *also* means that I'm able to use him for sex!  Anyone who is familiar with the research of the Circe Institute knows how sexual it is, and unsurprisingly, I'm quite horny, when lunchtime rolls around.  After having our meals, I'll often invite my dear slave to feast on my dripping pussy.  I'll usually just bend over the desk, and let him get to work, licking, sucking, and drinking my juices like fine wine.  If he's done good work that day, I'll even let him stroke himself off while he does it, his hand, slick with my juices, gliding up and down his shaft, as we both enjoy our little break.  Sometimes, if I'm having a really tough time with the paperwork, I'll call him over, and get him under the desk.  I'll spread my legs for him, and hike up my skirt, enjoying the feel of his wet tongue on my hot sex, gently lapping at me, making the more tedious aspects of my job, just that little bit more bearable. 

61 - A lot of the buildings in this city are packed to the brim with Lilians, but ours, to be honest, isn't.  It's a singles dorm, and these ladies are generally quite clean, so aside from the odd bird's nest, or cigarette butt, there isn't a whole lot to *do*.  It's nice for Qamar, because it means that he can spend his Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, relaxing, for the most part, with me!  We can't *really* party when we're on the clock, but we can most definitely fuck.  One thing that I like to do, when Qamar and I are bored, is to play, "don't fuck me".  It's a bit of a discipline game, for him.  We'll strip naked, and get on the bed, in any position that gives him nice access to my clit.  Then, he'll just *rub*.  Rubadub dub, but *don't* put it in!  He'll take his cock in hand, as I lay back, and slide his head, wet with pre-cum, all over my clit.  We both get *so* turned on from this game, that we'll end up gushing, our juices and sweat making us glisten in the sunlight, and the longer we do this, the easier it gets for him to make a "mistake", and "accidentally" slip his cock in.  Usually, it happens when he goes down, to gather up some more 'lubricant'.  I doubt that he does it on purpose, since he always gets all panicky and starts apologizing, but it's *so* cute when it happens!

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