Friday, July 31, 2015

Post Pubescent Slavery ThighJob/TitJob

This is the TitJob/ThighJob block of the Post Pubescent Slavery pamphlet.  It covers ThighJobs and TitJobs. 


Brilliant Boobs
Thoughtful Thighs


54 - I love having big tits.  Yes, running with them sucks, but how much do I *really* have to run, anyway?  The men in Japan didn't really know how to appreciate a woman with a nice pair of tits, but here, it's different.  The men here, or at least, whats left of them, after the draft, lived much of their lives in a very repressed, *very* Patriarchal system.  They just didn't get a lot of boob back then.  I *love* wearing low cut blouses, and bending over, to show them what they've been missing all these years.  It's so cute, watching them squirm in their seats, trying to hide those embarrassing bulges!  Qamar isn't *quite* as innocent, when it comes to seeing a pair of tits, but he's probably just as interested.  When he's been a pretty good boy for the day, I'll give him a special treat, namely, my big tits around his stiff cock!  I'll lay him down, naked, of course, and start by dangling my hangers over his face, teasing his sensitive lips with them, and maybe slapping him around with them a bit, too, for fun.  I'll move down, rubbing my soft tits over his body, like a sponge, while I kiss his neck, chest, and tummy, stroking his cock, all the way.  When I get to his turgid shaft, I'll gently give the head a kiss, before sitting up, and wrapping his manhood, slick with precum, between my supple breasts.  His moans and not so subtle thrusting drives me forward, as I play with him, squeezing and teasing his head with my stiff nipples, pleasing his shaft with my rhythmic embrace, and finally, pumping him up and down, until he explodes all over my chest!

37 - While I *do* enjoy my time with the Temple boys, and Qamar, of course, I'm actually a lesbian, most of the time.  My job, however, does require me to seduce a man or two, from time to time.  Unlike the boys, who, quite frankly, *don't* know how to appreciate much, aside from a big pair of tits, and a wet pussy, men tend to have more discerning tastes.  One of the things that they *love*, is legs.  I keep myself if good shape, because I *know* that a quick peek at my toned calves, and firm thighs, is often enough to get them on the *right* side of history.  If I've done my job well, these men will be groveling at my feet, within an hour, and *begging* to fuck me.  Well, obviously, if I let them do that, it would ruin the illusion, but one thing that I *can* let them do, is fuck the legs that they love so much.  It's fun, dominant, and somewhat surprisingly, it feels quite nice for both of us.  Sometimes, if I'm in a lazy mood with Qamar, I'll just stay seated and comfortable, and have him disrobe, and come over to me.  I'll wrap one stockinged leg around him, stroking at *his* feet with mine, before lifting my other leg, so that he can enjoy the feeling of my hose, on his stiffening rod.  I'll make him a little impromptu pussy between my calf and thigh, and let him please himself for a little while, between them.  Sometimes, I'll reach up, and squeeze his nipples, or lean in, and nibble at them, as he needfully thrusts, beautifully submissive, and totally controlled.  When I'm ready, I'll give him a little squeeze, trapping his sensitive head in "pantyhose hell", so that he can shoot his hot spunk into this little crevice.  Then, as his seed drips down my warm thighs, I'll have him lick me clean!

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