Friday, July 31, 2015

Post Pubescent Slavery ThighJob/TitJob Retrospective

Yes, the schedule is falling apart.  Not really.  Anyway, I had a bit of trouble figuring out how exactly I was going to do these.  Maybe a bit of writer's block.   So sorry about that.  I kind of like the way these came out, although I feel like I could have done slightly better.  They came out a little samey, in ways. 


The first page picture had a different version, where Yuna/Misato wasn't moving her tits around as much, but I decided to use this one, even though the other one had a better facial expression for Yuna/Misato.  I prefer action shots, whenever possible. 
The text here starts off by reminding the reader that Yuna is from Japan, and, once again, brings out her playful side, as well as suggesting that she isn't averse to adult male attention.  There's a bit of story here, about the LRI, which is good.  In the real world, Iraq under Saddam was a bit more secular than other nations, so there would have been at least a few women running around in skimpy clothing, but honestly, not too many.  It wasn't like Lebanon. 
Anyway, I had a bit of difficulty finding words for "breast" that weren't "tit" and "breast".  I think I did an okay job.  Yuna's playfulness helped a lot with that.  I think that the sexual narrative is decent.  I did my best to be varied, and I think I hit all the major points of titjobs.  I wish I'd been able to give his cum a mention, because I wanted him to lick the cum from between her tits, and then have her motorboat him, just as a joke, but I didn't have enough space.  ;-;

The second page picture ended up a bit smaller than I wanted, but that's often the case with landscape resolution pictures.  There was this one, and one where she wasn't teasing his nips, so obviously, I went with this one.
The text was really difficult to write on this page, because I don't even know what this sex act is called.  I'm pretty sure thighjobs are something different, and calfjobs don't really exist.  I did my best, though. 
I actually really like what I did with the "LRI story" section of the page, I feel like it gives a lot of interesting detail, both about Carina, as a character, and the Daughters, as an organization. 
The sexual narrative was, as I said, difficult to write.  I don't really know anything about this sex act, and I don't actually do any research before I write these, either.  Anyway, I focused a bit more on the buildup, than the actual act, and I more or less just described what was going on in the picture, which is a huge faux-pas, when it comes to writing captions, but oh well.  I at least got to put some characterization on Carina, with the "beautifully submissive" stuff, and I also got to show Qamar licking his cum off Carina's thighs, which is kinda hot. 


So, next week, if I'm around, which I might be, or I might not be, I'll probably be getting back to the Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule.  I'll be doing Mommy Bubble 80's for M/F, and PostPub for W.   It'll be porn discussion on Monday, blowjobs, rimjobs, and penetrative sex discussion (from Medea Circe) on Wednesday, and then probably positions on Friday. 

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