Monday, July 13, 2015

Prewriting for Future Plots

I've been reviewing my Omnibus, and trying to figure out where to go from here.

I'm going to be taking a break from the Mommy Bubble 80's pamphlet for a little while, to focus on a couple of other pamphlets.  I imagine you guys are used to this by now, I do it pretty much every time I'm trying to make a big pamphlet.  It's kind of tough to just go straight with one single idea.  It'll be my usual 'take a break from writing thing' pattern, though, where I'm releasing updates for different stories every time I release.  So monday is x, wednesday is y, and friday is z.  Anyway, there are 3 pamphlets that I'm thinking about.  2 are about ritual, and one is about post-pubescent slavery.


Let's start at post-pubescent slavery first.  I already know that I'll be using "[Spiral Brain] Shin-chan no Mecha Shiko! Summer | Shin-chan's Crazy Jerk-off! Summer", which is essentially about Ritsuko and Misato, who may or may not be getting new names, dominating Shinji.  I'm thinking that it'll be almost completely a guide, called, "Fostering a Healthy Sex Life with Your Slave".  It'll start out by discussing the Gospel's viewpoint on how slaves should be treated.
Basically, in the first chapter of the Gospel, I've decided that Lilith says something to the tune of, "Cherish your slaves deeply, and give them all the love and adoration that they deserve."  I've written some ambiguity into that quote, of course.  Otherwise, it wouldn't be fun.  So what does "cherish your slave deeply" mean?  Love him deep in your heart, or take him deep in your pussy?  How much love and adoration does each slave actually deserve?  Is it dependent on his behavior?

There are 35 pages that I've got to work with (I'm using the cleans), but a few of them aren't particularly useful, and a few others are just coming pictures.  I'm thinking that I'll try to divide the overall pamphlet into "nonpenetrative" and "penetrative" sex acts, with a little "High Priestess monologue" in the middle, which is basically the standard pattern for these pamphlets.

I've got a lot of unique and fun sex acts to talk about, which is nice.  Let's start with Ritsuko.  There are 2 foot fetish pages, along with a thigh fetish page, which could be paired with a thighfuck/blowjob page, but I might not do that, because it would feel like I was repeating myself.  I might use the 'repeat' pages for a single "what if you don't want to have penetrative sex at all" page, but they're of different resolutions, so maybe not.  We'll see.
Anyway, we've got those 2 foot fetish pages, then the thigh fetish page, then a blowjob pic, and a cunnilingus pic, then it's a coitus pic.  That's it for Ritsuko.  So that's probably 6 pages, with 4 being nonpen, and 2 being pen.

For Misato, we start out with 2 handjob pics, then a paizuri pic, then what can either be a blowjob pic, or an analingus pic, then a cunnilingus pic, and/or a non penetrative rubbing pic, and/or a fucking pic, then just regular sex.  So depending on how I play it with Misato, we've got between 6 and 9 pics, with at least 6 possible nonpen, and 3 pen.  I'm not sure which ones I'll use for Misato, because a lot of the pics can go a couple of different ways.  If I decide to divide it up by penetration and non-penetration, I'll probably use all of the pictures.  If I divide it up by mistress, giving each of them their own personalities, I'll probably make Misato the less penetrative one.  Maybe, not sure.

The last few will probably be on different pages, and they'll be the "what if you just don't fuck with penetration" pages.  They'll feature nonpen from the mistresses, and pen from the nonmistresses.

As far as "voice" goes, I'm thinking now, that I might give the characters Lilian names, and just have them narrate the whole thing, splitting their monologues between narrative, and guide content.  So they'll discuss what's going on in the scene, mostly just as a short introduction, and then discuss why they're doing what they're doing, and why it's the best idea ever.  I'm thinking that Ritsuko will be more stern, while Misato will be more fun.  The overarching story is that the pamphlet is being produced by Medea Circe, and Ritsuko and Misato are her lab assistants.  The boy is just some street kid who tested well, so the Lilians decided to help him dodge the draft.

I think that's about all the prewriting that I'll need for now.  Onto the next pamphlet.


The second pamphlet that I'll be doing will be much less defined, here.  I don't actually have a set for it, and I'm not sure whether I'll actually be able to find one.  This is more of a concept, and I might end up taking this pamphlet in a more experimental direction.
This pamphlet is sort of a combo of a tafsir, like the Chapter 17 and 58 pamphlets, and a Ritual guide, kind of like the position pamphlet.  It's not really something that I've done before, but it's something that I really want to try, because I feel like there's a lot of potential for some really interesting discussion.

I'm calling it the Chapter 88 pamphlet, and my prewriting (and probably the pamphlet overall) will be largely divided into 2 parts.  The first part is working out what Chapter 88 actually is, and the second part is working out the ritual.

Chapter 88 isn't really written yet, but I've got a little bit of an idea.  Basically, it's going to be a number of haikus, ostensibly comforting a male Lilian on his deathbed.  What it's really about, however, is convincing a "problem" male Lilian to drink a bunch of poison, and kill himself.  The entire chapter is based around a ritual, where Lilian priestesses more or less murder someone, with poison.  Of course, it's all done in the most flowery, friendly, loving, way possible.  Here's what I've got for the haikus.  Yes, they're repetitive.

They all start with, "come home to me, love", and end with, "there's nothing to fear".  That's the repetitive part.  The middle bit, is what varies.  So far, I've got, /I will be your mistress now/drink from mommy and relax/just close those sweet little eyes/it won't hurt you, I promise/we'll be together again/I will hold you for all time/
So yeah, I'm not sure how poignant those actually are, since I came up with them at like 3 or 4 o clock this morning, but I think that in the context of the actual ritual, where they're being said, and then the ritual is taking place, it'll be a lot scarier.  Most of them will probably end up getting rewritten.

I'm thinking that the writing of the pamphlet will use a ridiculous amount of euphemisms.  So instead of calling the condemned man what he is, they'll call him, "the pilgrim" or "the traveler", and instead of saying that he's being killed, they'll say that he's "going home".  They'll frame it like they're doing him a favor, by killing him.  Of course, he'll have to sign a suicide note, which will be framed as his "final revolutionary action", and a form of absolution for his "crimes against Lilith", which would probably be rape, or something.

So anyway, the chapter itself would consist of these haikus, and the pamphlet would be structured with each haiku getting its own page, and each haiku advancing the ritual.  So we start off with one that's essentially about "redemption", and the ritual text would be about getting him to sign the suicide note.  The next one would be about "letting go", which would be where they tie him up, or wrap him up, or whatever.  Then there would be one about drinking something, where they give him the poison that's going to kill him.  Then there would be one about closing his eyes, where they start snuggling him, both to keep him calm, and to keep him from running away.  The rest would probably just be calming stuff, where they read him different passages from the gospel, to lull him to sleep, and reassure him that everything's going to be okay.

The pamphlet would be written for High Priestesses, and would include some vague concepts of how the actual execution is... executed, but nothing too specific.  Honestly, I don't know enough about poisons to make it realistic.  But I'm thinking that it would definitely be a drink, and that it would definitely be opioid in nature.  The specific taste would be catered to the victim, so if he likes vanilla, it would be vanilla flavored.  If he likes fruit, it would be berry flavored.  I'm thinking that, just for fun, the death smoothie could be delivered in wakamezake style.  Call it "final contrition" or something.
So, there's two priestesses, a big one, to control the prisoner, and administer the death smoothie, and another, a smaller one, most likely, whose job is simply to be as hypnotically saccharine sweet, as humanly possible.  One of them pours the smoothie between her thighs, and possibly cleavage, while the other one gets the prisoner to drink it.  I imagine that this would be done as gently as possible, with lots of head stroking, and soft cooing.  Presumably, if the prisoner wants to nurse, or lick the executioner out, he'd be allowed to.  I probably won't go into the concept of prisoner retaliation.  We'll just assume it doesn't happen.  Anyway, they'd probably give him a handjob at some point, most likely while reciting something from the Gospel.  Maybe there would be sex, maybe not.  I'm not sure.  There would definitely be a lot of snuggling.

The idea is essentially that the man dies in the arms of a priestess, who represents the Temple, overall.  This is supposed to show the mercy and forgiving nature of Lilith.  She acknowledges that what her male servant has done, must be punished, but the punishment doesn't have to be horrible, and the concept is more, "we're sending you to paradise, to save you from the shame of being banished from the Temple", than it is "we're sending you to hell, because you're a bad person, and we hate you".  Of course, the practice is the exact same.  He's still getting killed.  I think it's an interesting concept to play with, even if it is very dark. 

I want the mental images in this overall scene to be as sexual and affectionate as possible, to offset, as much as I can, the reality of what's actually going on, here.  I feel like that's the only way this pamphlet would work.  It's already going to be the darkest thing that I've written for this project, so anything that I can do to lighten the mood, is something that I'd need to do.  I'm not sure whether I'll actually be doing the Chapter 88 pamphlet, but I really want to.  I feel like it would add a metric fuckton of complexity to the story, which is very much a good thing. 
I'm honestly not sure what sort of pictures I'd even be using for this, I don't think that I can use /ss/, because a) the implication is way too dark, and b) do I really believe that the daughters can get away with murdering children?  But if it's some grown ass man, it's not /ss/ anymore.  I might just have it be pictures of women only, or I might do something completely different, altogether.  Part of what makes this pamphlet interesting, is the challenge that it presents. 

Also, sexecution, lol.


So, moving on, the third pamphlet that I'm thinking about, is a standard ritual pamphlet, largely based on the last page in the Chapter 58 pamphlet, and most likely using the pictures that I used for that pamphlet.  It'll be quite straightforward, and might actually end up being tacked onto the end of the Chapter 58 pamphlet.
Basically, it'll go through the different pictures, and make them out to be different rituals,  explaining, in either narrative, or guide format, how they are completed, and then discussing their deeper religious meaning.  It will probably be a lot more fun to write and read, than the sexecution pamphlet.  Very much a palate cleanser.  It'll most likely be between 8 and 12 individual pages, with 4 to 6 blocks.

I'm thinking that there will be at least one "masturbation/ejaculation" ritual, where the boys more or less just get themselves off, and come all over the priestess.  I've got 2 pics for that.  I've got 2 pics for a lesbian ritual.  There's a loli, but whatever.  I've got 2 pics for a "licking" ritual, and 3 to 4 for a "gangfuck/triplepen" ritual.  I've also got at least 2 for blowjob rituals, and 4 or so for individual sex rituals.  So there's plenty of content to work with, and its all very lighthearted, varied, and fun.

Also, it's simple to write. 

The pics that I'm using for this come from, "[pink-noise (Mizuiro Megane)] Seijo-sama Dai Funto (Queen's Blade)"

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