Monday, August 31, 2015

Fun Swapping

This is a generic special, featuring the two women from the "son swapping" manga, essentially doing exactly what they do in the manga, but from a Lilian perspective.


Swap Meet
Swap Beat
Swap Treat


L:What is it that they say?  Son Swapping is Fun Swapping?
S:I think that's the one.  You know, it really is true.  I think the boys try harder, when they're with a friend's mother.
L:Do they?  I thought your Tatsuro was always like that!
S:No, no, he's just trying to impress you.  Does Kousuke usually go after your clit while he fucks you?
L:He did that?  Well now, I know why the sheets got so damp!
S:Well, we should probably explain what we're on about.  I'm Miyuki, and this is my friend Yukina.  We'd read about "son swapping" in an issue of Bounty, so we decided one evening, to find out what it was all about.
L:It looked like fun, and our little ones, unsurprisingly, were totally on board with getting new partners.  I just wasn't expecting them to be so much more *into* it!
S:Well, it's not *that* surprising, is it?  They're with a new partner, but it's not like at the Temples.  First off, mommy's watching, and second, there's a friend to "compete" with.  It's kind of like a game, for them, racing to see who can make the other mommy come quickest!

S:You know, you *say* you're all surprised about how into the sex the boys were, but what about you?  Do you *always* wear sexy lingerie like that for your son?  And that perfume!
L:You're one to talk, Miyuki!  How often do you wrap your hot panties around your son's cock and stroke him off, while you watch another couple fucking?  I think it's like Our Goddess says, monogamy is an anathema, and variety is what keeps Lilians together!
S:Well, you know, *usually*, we don't have a sexy slut like you to watch!  It was so hot, seeing my little Tatsuro glancing over at mommy for approval, while he slid in and out of her best friend!
L:I noticed Kousuke glancing over quite a bit, as well.  You know, maybe they're not *really* trying to impress the other mother.  Maybe it's *us* that they're trying to impress.  I mean, a son wants his mother to be proud of him, right?
S:Well, I know *I* was proud of my baby, watching you writhe and moan under him!  It was like he was using everything that I'd ever taught him, to please somebody who *wouldn't* give him the benefit of the doubt.  Like seeing your baby ace a test, except the test is in sex ed!

S:Well, as fun as son swapping was, I think the best part was when we got our babies back.  As much as I love the refreshing enthusiasm of your Kousuke, the gentle need of my Tatsuro really is a comfort.  I'm sure that mommy's stroking hand, and tender breast, was quite reassuring to him, as well.  I don't know about your Tatsuro, but Kousuke largely tends to stick to me, sexually.  I think this experience was good of him to get out of his shell a bit, and see how much fun Lilian polyamory can be.
L:Kousuke likes to hang around the Temple, looking for quick fucks, but I've been a bit lacking, in that regard.  I started to notice myself getting a bit clingier with him, which was *not* healthy.  You know, Jenni Vertanen talks a lot about the "Mommy Bubble", but I think it's important to remember that there's a "Son Bubble", as well.  I think we can both agree, though, that Son Swapping helps with both!

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