Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mennonite Molestation Intro and Character Sheet

This is the Intro and Character Sheet for the Mennonite Molestation Madness pamphlet.  It explains who the 2 girls are, and gives a short rundown of the situation in SLC. 


Salt Lake Sexposition
Stripper Sexposition


intro - Hey there!  My name's Barbara Hardy, and I'm the General Secretary of the Salt Lake City Textile Worker's Union.  So why am I writing the introduction to this obviously pornographic pamphlet?  Well, as some of you are aware, Salt Lake City doesn't *actually* have a Regional Temple, but the Textile Worker's Union Hall is large enough to serve as one, and over the years, we've managed to purge the union completely of non-lilians.  Our slaves crank out fine upholstered furniture, while their mothers and sisters arrange shipping and sale to showrooms around the world!  We've actually managed to bring our SSI reliance down to only 30 percent!  But you aren't here to read about sufficiency models, *you* want to hear about how we've managed to double our number of acolytes, seemingly overnight.  Well I'll tell you, ready?  *Mennonites*.  Really!  Here in SLC, we've got a ton of Mormons, but we also have (or *had*) a large contingent of Mennonites.  Now, Mennonites are just as horny as everyone else, but they don't believe in birth control, so naturally, they have a *ton* of kids.  The local Mormons don't like competition, so when they took over the Social Security office, they started cutting mothers off.  The Mennonites have never had a proper sufficiency model, so losing their welfare has made them particularly vulnerable to actions by CPS, which *we've* been running since the early 90's.  You'd be *amazed* at how many little regulations there are, preventing people from 'living the simple life'.  We'd gotten most of the "low hanging fruit" of Mennonite welfare recipients and sustenance farmers, but we still had a pretty large group of Mennonite families with salaried husbands, to deal with.  Those, would require a gentler, or at least, more *finessed* touch, so I ordered my best Nuns to go out into the field, find the Mennonite boys in question, and get them to *desire* the joy and pleasure of a Lilian household.  In this pamphlet, you'll be hearing from two of those Nuns, a couple of dancers turned Lilians, who work as a team, managing labor issues among our slaves.  They're names are *Skye* and *Rose*, but they're more *commonly* known by their nicknames, *Platinum* and *Honey*.

tatie_kairi-900 - Rosa Martinez, or "Honey", as she's known in the local "gentlemen's club", is one of my most trusted Union officials.  Don't let her youth and carefree looks fool you, she is quite literally a ball-buster, when it comes to Union issues, and she's never afraid to put a man in his place!  When she isn't partying with the acolytes, or recruiting new ones, she's teaching History in the Union Hall's schoolhouse annex.  She's easily the more dominant of the two, and her students are always the quietest, and best behaved.  She prefers fun loving boys, who don't take themselves too seriously, but are willing to submit to her fully, when the time comes. 

tatie_maki-908 - Skye Novac, called "Platinum" on the dance circuit, is the second half of "team lockout".  She's a bit younger than Honey, and a lot gentler.  She'll often play "good cop" to Honey's "bad cop" during labor negotiations, using tenderness and warmth to *gently* remind our slaves that's it's not the *pay* that matters, but the *benefits*!  At the schoolhouse, she teaches Sex Ed, and from what I've heard, she's quite beloved, by her students.  She prefers shy boys, and loves to bring out their *feminine* side.  

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