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Mennonite Molestation Madness Prewriting Basics/Blonde

This is the prewriting that I've gotten so far, for the Mennonite Molestation Madness pamphlet.   If you want to follow along, the pictures discussed in this section of prewriting are here.  I'll be doing the other 2 boys later this week. 


Alright, first things first, what have we got here?  Let's handle the naming of the actual files, first.  First digit is the boy.  Second digit is the scene.  Third digit is the scene variation.  We've got 129 pictures in total, split across 3 boys. 
Boy 1 has 9 scenes
Boy 2 has 6 scenes
Boy 3 has 5 scenes
Each scene has an average of 3 or 4 variations, with most of the difference being motion lines, or clothing.  I'll probably be using the ones without the motion lines, since I just don't like the way that motion lines come out, usually.  I think they're tacky. 
One of the things that I need to address, is the issue of resolution.  These are all 1093x614, which is very widescreen.  I'm going to have a bit of a time fitting these.  So the first thing that I need to do, really, is work out how I'm going to do that.  After some testing, I've determined that I can cram around 1500 characters into the space afforded by 490x275, but there won't be any line breaks, and I'm running -3 on line spaces.  It'll probably have to be 445x250, or 463x260. 
I need to keep in mind that the top block can handle twice what the side block can.  So we're talking 66% top block, and 33% side block.  That's if I'm not cropping.  So if I'm going to be doing short form girltalk that requires a lot of line breaks, it would be better to do that in the top block, and leave the bottom block for a monologue from either their high priestess, or the boy, or the boy's mother, or somebody. 
I'm thinking that the girltalk element will be done in a conversational style, where the girls kind of reminisce and maybe crack a few jokes (this might be difficult, as I am dubiously funny) and then one of them tells the overall story from their shared perspective, and the other one maybe focuses on an aspect of the story from her specific perspective.  We'll see how well that works out.

There are 2 main characters, the girls.  I'll be calling them Pink and Blue, for now.  I'll give them names, at some point.  Pink is the long haired one, and Blue is the short haired one.  Pink is more dominant and sexual, while Blue is more romantic, and maternal.  Neither of them are particularly submissive, but I think Blue will be a bit nicer, overall.  The two of them will have different color text, pink and blue, respectively, while the background will most likely be purple, but we'll see what makes the text pop.  Additionally, there might be random commentary from their High Priestess, which will pretty much have to be yellow, from the color wheel.  It could be green, or orange, though. 
As for their names, I'm toying with Honey for Pink, and Platinum for Blue.  Salt Lake City does have strip clubs, so these could be stripper names, and their backstories could then, be that they met as strippers, and joined the Lilians after Honey got into them through her shroom/pot/X dealer.  Yeah.  Cool story, bro.
Theoretically, I could also go with "Rose" for Pink, and "Skye" for Blue.  Not as much fun as Honey and Platinum, but less strippery. 

The 3 Boys I'll be calling Blonde, Black, and Blue.  I might change those names for the pamphlet, I might not.  I probably will.  Blonde will be an Orthodox Mennonite, with many mothers, a true believer, but a bit freaknasty, since he's around so many women.  Black will be a very loose Mennonite, who doesn't really believe in it, and his parents aren't particularly present in his life, because they're *very* into the church.  Blue will be a regular Mennonite, but he's a bit more clever, and he can see the writing on the wall, for the Mennonites in SLC. 
The girls will seduce Blonde with pleasure, and the dream of having his own harem.  The girls will seduce Black with the promise of a lot of fun and relaxation with the Lilians, and while the sex will be there, the focus will be on fun.  The girls won't really have to seduce Blue much, he's basically ready to defect, so their 'seduction' will be more along the lines of training, and making sure that he's ready to be a Lilian. 
Blonde will be more liked by Blue, because he's a freak, and she thinks that's cute.  Black will be more liked by Pink, because she's the funner of the two, and he seems like a more fun-loving type.  Blue won't be particularly liked by either of them, because he's not really that into the whole Lilian thing, so much as he is an opportunist, looking for an easy way out of the Mennonites.

1-1-4 : So, we're at the first dilemma.  I most definitely want this to be set in the late 90's, for two reasons.  Reason 1 is probably enough, the Lilian Revolution takes place in/around 2000.  At the very least, 9/11 never happens in this world, because everyone who isn't Lilian is dead, from the megapox that gets released in the Lilian ending of Taisen.  So there aren't any smartphones. 
Now, I'd *love* to use 1-1-4 as a type of exposition page, so that I can explain who these girls are, and what the situation is, before I start the sexual narrative, but I have to do something with their cellphones.  I can do what I did for Hooker Exploration, and turn them into PDA's, though.
So I'm thinking that these girls, despite their ridiculous appearance, are actually admin bosses of the local textiles union, which, by the way, is the cover for the Lilian Temple.  The Temple slaves work at a textile plant, and the union hall doubles as a Temple.  That's mostly just in there to shine some light on what the Temples actually are. 
So in 1-1-4, the girls will be sitting on the bus, laughing about some union drama, maybe the slaves are trying to organize a sort of unofficial union, or something along those lines, where they actually get paid for what they do, and the two girls are laughing, saying that they'll just withhold sex from the slaves, until they get what they want.  It'll close off with them noticing that there's a particularly orthodox mennonite boy sitting across from them, looking up their skirts, the whole time. 

1-2-4-A : This is where I start to run into some minor changes to the set, itself.  I have the actual CGs of the girls, so theoretically, I could cut and paste whatever faces I want onto them.  I want to use the faces from 1-2-5-B, but I want to use the bodies from 1-2-4-A.  Hopefully that will be possible, but if it isn't, I'll be using the straight picture from 1-2-4-B.
Here, the girls notice that Blonde (boy 1) is checking up their skirts, and they decide to confront him.  It should be noted, here, that they're on a bus line.  In the original, they're on a train, but that doesn't really work, because Salt Lake City got its first light rail in 1999, and lord knows those things are really popular when they first open.  So it wouldn't work.  It has to be a bus.  Historical fiction, everyone! 
Anyway, the girls go to confront Blonde on the bus, and basically show him 'what he wanted to see' up close and personal.  This page will be focused on moving the story forward with Blonde, and introducing his character.  The girls will mention that he's some sect of the Mennonites that are ultra-strict, and there's a lot of crossover with the breakaway Mormons, who practice polygamy.  So multiple moms.  The Mormons running the show hate these guys *more* than they hate the regular Mennonites, kind of like how Trotskyites hate Stalinists, who in turn hate Anarchists, and they all hate Social Dems.  Meanwhile, the Nazis don't give a shit, as long as you're white. 
So they show their panties to Blonde, and tease him a little bit, and he gets a bone.  So they sit down next to him, and start the next page.

1-3-1 : Another dilemma.  Do I want the girls to be naked on this page?  Well, they're getting naked on the bus either way, so now or later isn't particularly important, but let's see. 
So, how do they rationalize getting naked on a city bus?  Well first off, they're union bosses, and the bus driver is union, too.  So they know the driver.  But second, nobody ever uses the buses in SLC, except for Mennonites, because they're the only poor people.  Maybe they sent all the homeless to Boulder, who knows?  Whatever the case, there's nobody getting on that bus. 
Probably I'll just use the "union yes" idea.  So the real dilemma, do they get naked?  Well, I kind of want Blonde to be looking at Pink in this picture, but the only ones where he's doing that natively have the girls (and him) fully clothed.   Well, fully clothed for the beach, at least.  The naked pics have him looking down, and holding his wang.  So I'm thinking that this kid's a Mennonite, so he's not going to know how to beat off.  He'll be trying to hide his erection from the girls, so I'm thinking a combo of 1-3-1's female faces, and 1-3-2's male face is a good set.
So in this page, they tease Blonde some more, basically going into his mothers, and asking him if he ever gets a bone while thinking or looking at them.  He'll admit that he sometimes watches one of his prettier moms while she's in the shower, or something.  Blue will be asking him about his favorite mom, while Pink will be asking him whether he jerks off to her.  He won't know how to jerk off, so the girls volunteer to show him.  On the next page.

1-4-3a : So I've got 3 choices here.  Pink's always going to be cradling his sack, but Blue's got 3 different positions here.  In the first one, she's stroking with a full hand, in the second, she's making an 'O' with her fingers, and in the third, she's not stroking at all.  There's also one where she's just touching his tip.  Well, I want her stroking him, because I like her bangles, and I want her involved in this scene.  I'm thinking that I want her to be stroking him with a full hand, because they're supposed to be teaching him how to fap, and that's how you fap. 
You can't see Blue's face, in this one, but you can see Blonde's and Pink's.  I'm thinking that Blonde will have his worried/"O" face, and Pink will have her 'giggling at the wang' face. 
The story here will be quite straightforward.  The girls will lose their tops, and teach Blonde how to fap.  There'll be a bit less teasing, and more maternalism, on Blue's part, she'll focus on the teaching, but I'm thinking that Pink will still be a little abrasive, but only in the sense that she's weaving a bit of a fantasy for him, dirty talking him about fucking or beating off to one of his moms.  They get him off, and the three of them get off, at the Union Hall.

1-5-1 : Well, they can't tie up the buses forever, so they get off at the Union Hall, inside the city.  They take Blonde to one of the sex rooms in the back, and give him a workout.
I most definitely want Blonde to be doing his closed eye "O" face, but I also want Blue to be licking Blonde's ass, so I'll have to do a bit of work on these faces.  So 1-5-2 face, transposed to 1-5-1. 
So they take him back to the Union Hall, strip him naked, and get to work.  He's come once, so he's probably more or less on board with this whole thing.  They're focusing on overwhelming him with pleasure, and seducing him by using his lust for his mothers, and his desire for a harem of his own. 
The big idea of this page is to explain where they are, and what the seduction plan is.  Basically, keep the story moving forward.  Pink might comment on Blue's boy-ass fetish, and possibly a foot fetish, as well, since Blue has a tendency to hold onto Blonde's feet, a bit.  Mostly, though, the focus will be on moving the story forward.

1-6-4 : I think here, I want them to have the smug faces, and "O" face, but I'm not sure if I want Blonde to have his hands on their pussies, just yet.  On one hand, I imagine the readers will be getting to see plenty of the girls' pussies, but on the other hand, the readers haven't seen them *yet*.  That's kind of a problem.  Blonde's touching Pink's pussy in the next page, and probably squeezing Blue's tits, so there's that. 
Well, let's work out what we want this picture to be, first.  I'm thinking that Blue wants to give Blonde a footjob, because she has a foot fetish, and Pink goes along with it, because, hey, why not?  While they're doing it, they seduce him, saying that having two girls is better than one, and he'll have all the pussy he wants, with the Lilians. 
Overall, this is a bit of a filler page, but I'm thinking that the focus will be on Blonde's desire for a harem of his own.  I'm not sure how Pink and Blue will feel about that, they probably wouldn't be super enthused about the idea of a boy getting everything that he wants, but so they might make some comments on how his future mother will have to 'break' him.

1-7-3 : Okay, so there's only one real choice in this page, do I want Pink to be jerking Blonde off with her hand, or with her panties?  I'm thinking panties, and she (or Blue) can encourage him to steal his mothers' panties and sniff them, or something. 
The main feature of this picture, or at least, what jumps out at me the most, is Blue's finger up Blonde's ass.  Since the last page was pretty storyline focused, so I'm thinking that this one will be more focused on the actual sex acts, to kind of segue into the *very* sexual nature of the next couple pages.   Maybe the angle here, is that Blue is essentially teaching Blonde how to finger Pink, by fingering him. 

1-8-2 : This one was easy to pick.  There's basically no choices, I'm just picking between different faces for Pink.  I'll settle on head thrown back, open mouth. 
Okay, immediate problem, Blue isn't here.  So where is she?  She wouldn't be taking the picture, because that's not how these work.  She's not sitting and getting herself off, because that would be in the picture.  So I'm thinking that she gets pulled away to deal with some BS at the Temple, since they're right there, and they're both Nuns.  Duty calls, sort of thing. 
Anyway, that's taken care of, so we get to the sex.  I want to focus more on the sex on this page, kind of like the last page.  This is because the next page is going to be the last page of Blonde's set, and I need that to be more focused on wrapping up the story.  That said, I could use this one as the last page, and use the next page as the sex page. 

1-9-4 : I've decided this page will actually be the sex discussion page, and 1-8-2 will be the end page.  Blue won't be in 1-8-2 because she's taking a shower, because she squirted all over herself, and then Blonde came all over her.  So on this page, I'll discuss the sex. 
Blue will insist on taking his virginity, because she's a romantic, and kind of likes him.  Pink will wonder why, because he's just a pervert, but Blue finds that sort of thing cute.  Probably, it'll be kind of like the juxtaposition of his initial innocence, with his newfound freaknastitude.  So we'll go through Blue having sex with Blonde, and Pink just sitting and watching.  The focus will probably be on Blue, what she's feeling, why she's feeling it, and what she likes about Blonde.

The next page, 1-8-2, will be the outro for Blonde's set.  It'll more or less be a wrapup of the story, a little bit about Pink fucking Blonde, but mostly, resolving his story, and moving forward.  He'll bring his entire family (sans dad) into the Lilian Temple, so his mothers, sisters, and possibly a brother, but it'll be mostly women.  Pink and Blue will lament a little bit about how all those women are "just more competition", but since there's no possible way that Blonde will be able to please them all, they'll probably end up pouring their cash into the Acolyte program. 

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