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Mennonite Molestation Madness Prewriting Black/Blue

This is the rest of the prewrite for Mennonite Molestation Madness.  I'm pretty confident that when I go to write this, I'll at least have some idea of how the story is going to progress.  The hard part, though, is getting the girltalk right.  I've never really done dialogue for this project, and I haven't written much dialogue outside of this project, either. 
Anyway, here's the picset, if you'd like to follow along. 


2-1-2 : Alright, now for Black's chapter.  We start with another dilemma, whether to show the two girls opening their legs, and looking at the 'camera', or giggling to each other, while drinking something in a can. 
Well, let's do the easy part first.  What's in the cans?  I could just have it be regular soda, or beer, but that's boring.  It would be far more fun to have it be some kind of Lilian drink with drugs in it.  The immediate issue, there, is that it's in a can.  Bottling can be done at home, but can canning? 
Well, I just looked online, and the answer is unequivocally, no.  You cannot run a canning plant at home.  Well, they aren't holding bottles, *but*, part of the Lilian program is that each Regional Temple has to have a business attached to it.  Who's to say that one of those Temples doesn't run a Dr Shasta plant, somewhere?  Well, the cans are certainly a way to add a bit of storyline, so let's just say that they're a type of aphrodisiac laced soda.  And oh ho ho, Mennonites don't drink soda, so there's an easy way for the girls to get Black to be "bad" with them, without dumping a box of cheap wine down his throat. 
Next, what's the deal with the guys, and how are these two going to be able to fuck a 100% child, in broad daylight, on the "beachfront" of Salt Lake City?  Well, those 2 guys in the background are *secretly* union thugs, who have cleared the "beach" for our girls' benefit.  Also, it's noon on a weekday, and our little Mennonite is skipping homeschool, cause he's *bad*. 
So, easy part over, which picture do I use?  Well, I don't really have a reason, storywise, to have them talking shop here, so I think I'll use the open leg picture, and have them essentially be beckoning to black, to have him come over and join them for a drink.  Segue into the next pic.

2-2-1 : What a great shot, right?  This picture doesn't really have any variants, so I'm lucky(?) there.  For this picture, they'll essentially be discussing the drink itself, so it'll just be meaningless story fluff, or as we in the industry call it, "flavor text".  They'll explain the drink, where it comes from, what it does. 
I'm thinking that it'll be an immediate sedative and empathenogen, a euphoriant, obviously, and maybe the sedation will give way to a stimulant effect, over time.  Is there a drug that does that?  Kratom's kind of like that, I think, but it might be more like, you get stimulated with a small dose, and laid out with a big dose.  Well, whatever.  *This* drug does that. 
Let's just say that it comes from the Boulder Temple.  No reason, but let's just say that.  This is still a couple of years before Colorado's medical laws, and like 7 or 8 years before Colorado's *real* medical laws.  But yeah, it's from Boulder.  Maybe they'll call it, "Boulder Bubble", and it'll be Carmex flavored. 
So they're leaning over the cooler, to pick one that's not too concentrated for him, and also, obviously, to show off their thick gyaru asses.  They pick out a kid's version (because of course there would be a kid's version) and give him the can.  He downs it all in one shot, to impress them, and immediately gets knocked on his ass, segue to next pic.

2-1c-2 : So, to sarong, or not to sarong?  Well, that's actually pretty easy.  They aren't wearing sarongs in the other pictures, so why would they put them on now?  The sarongs are really beautiful, and the colors are well chosen, so it sucks to get rid of them, but oh well.  There is one thing, though.  I want to use the faces in 2-1c-1-A, while using 2-1c-2. 
In this page, Black's *feeling it*.  He's on his ass, and the girls are standing above him, trying to figure out what to do with him.  This page is largely just to move the story forward, so it shouldn't be too long.  They'll essentially just be, well, moving the story forward.  He drops down onto his ass, and they take advantage of the empathenogenic qualities of the Boulder Bubble to get his life story. 
Basically, his parents are big Mennonites, but he doesn't give a shit about the church, so he fucks around instead of going to homeschool, and is generally sick of being a Mennonite.  He doesn't care about the Mormon/Mennonite conflict, he just wants to have a good time.  Lucky for him, these two are the epitome of "a good time". 

2-3-2 : Not much to decide for this one, there aren't a whole lot of different faces or anything.  I can say that I definitely want his "O" face, and I want him to be not wearing swim trunks. 
As far as the text for this one goes, they heft him up into a sitting position, which we'll just say is safe, somehow, and give him the hando.  I think I might make the Boulder Bubble an entactenogen, as well, just to give me something to talk about.  This page will more or less just be sexual, in nature.  I want to focus on the sex, since the last few have been almost 100% story.

2-4b1 : I've kind of debated this one a bit.  It's a switch to a close up, and a dutch angle, which is definitely off-model, but on the plus side, you get to see the girls in all their glory, it's easier to see that they're actually fingering themselves, and, as an added bonus, you get to see Blue's jewelry in more detail. 
What I might do, though, is use 2-4-1, chop off the worthless (but nice) sky, and then enlarge the picture as much as I can.  I won't lie, a lot of the reason I want to make this pic big, is just to show off the girls' anklets.  You don't get to see them in any other pics, and I feel like they really characterize them well.  Part of the gyaru aesthetic is the accessories.  Also, ignore the fact that the accessories sometimes show up out of the blue, on the later pages.  I might write in that they go shopping, during Black's refractory period, or I might just ignore it, and hope nobody notices. 
So what's the plan for this picture?  I'm thinking that I'll focus a bit on how much fun he's having, and how the 2 girls are a bit at odds (again) with what to actually *do* with him, since he's flying high, and super horny, jerking himself off.  I might focus on Pink here, and how she likes that he knows how to have fun, and take it easy.  He'll know how to jerk off, so the girls aren't teaching him.

2-5-1 : So at this point, we get into the sex, and I think I'll go in the order that the original writers used, since there's no real reason to have them tag team Black, and then just have Blue watch, in the second pic.  The tag team, honestly, just works better as a grand finale. 
So what do I do here?  Well, we'll keep the story moving along, and say that the Boulder Bubble's stimulant effect has just kicked in, so Black's ready to fuck.  Maybe they'll say something about how Black likes tits, and pink, and how pink likes him.  I discussed that in the last page, but really, I need to find something to really do with this pic, since the next one is just as sexual.  I can't exactly discuss the sex twice, can I? 
So the focus of this page is probably going to end up being Pink's softer feelings for Black, which will hopefully humanize her a bit more.  Maybe I'll throw in a little blurb about Blue wanting to cram her fingers up Black's ass. 

2-6-4 : I really like this picture.  This page will largely be a sexual narrative, since we haven't *really* had a good one for this boy.  Pretty straightforward.  Pink will talk a bit about how much she enjoyed "putting Black in his place", with the facesitting.   Blue will just talk about how she liked to kind of let go and just have a nice, no strings attached, fuck. 
There will have to be some outro, but it'll most likely be *really* straightforward.  Black makes up a bunch of terrible lies about his parents, and gets put with a Lilian family by CPS. 

3-1-1-B : So I'm thinking that MBlue (that's what I'll be calling him here) is going to come into the Union Hall on his own, and ask to speak to some Nuns.  He's heard of the Lilians before, from the internet, and wants to "defect" from the Mennonites.  He says that he has evidence of some kind of tax evasion by the Mennonite church, to trade, in exchange for his choice of mother, and a place in the Acolyte program. Let's just say that his dad's an accountant, and let's also say that he has like 4 or 5 little brothers. 
So the girls aren't particularly interested in pushing criminal charges through, since they already run CPS, and they *really* don't need anything else.  Trying to criminally charge anyone would just draw attention to them, which they don't want.
So they're willing to hook the kid up.  Pink isn't particularly interested, she wants to just kick the kid to the curb, because she looks at him, and sees trouble.  If he's willing to sell out the Mennonites, why wouldn't he sell out the Lilians?  But Blue wants to give him a shot, since he's just a kid.  She thinks that with the right amount of femdom, he can be brought to heel. 

3-2-4 : First off, I definitely want Pink's face from 3-2-2 in this.  I might just use 3-2-5, though.  Moving on, we don't have a lot of time with MBlue, so we'll have to get through his entire story pretty quick. 
The two girls will go pretty hard on MBlue.  Here, Pink is jerking him off with her panties, while Blue teases his ass.  They'll say that he has to last for a certain amount of time to be "worthy" enough to join the Lilians, and of course, being like 10, there's no way that's going to happen.  So he comes, and they bitch him out, Pink is kind of mean, while Blue tries to be a bit nicer about it.  Blue says that he'll have one last chance to prove his worth, on the next page.

3-3-1 : So this is his LAST CHANCE to impress the girls.  Not really, but that's what they're telling him.  Pink alternates between licking his taint/ass and saying femdom stuff.  I'm thinking that she'll admit to kind of liking him, simply because he's so taken by the femdom.  Blue just thinks he's a cutie. 
MBlue is scared, and he tries his damndest to not cum, and he actually does a decent enough job of it.  Pink is almost impressed.  It's here that he mentions his 5 little brothers, while responding to one of Pink's femdom lines.  The focus here will probably be on Pink's femdom, and how it mixes with Blue's tender loving.  Hopefully I'll be able to describe both, while keeping the conversational style.

3-5-1 : I'm going a little out of order here, because I want Pink to have the "final say" in whether he gets into the Lilians or not.  Not really, of course.  He was in when he mentioned those 5 brothers of his.  I think there will be twins in that 5, so of course they have to jump on that.  Twins would command a high price on the Lilian adoption market. 
So anyway, in this page, Blue says that she needs to know how he fucks, before she can let him into the Lilians.  He's initially a bit nervous, but Pink turns on the maternalism, and tells him that she'll show him how.  So she does, and Blue loves it.  They both probably heap praise on him, at this point.  Pink will mention (in their conversational retrospective) that Blue was right, and that she could sense him getting more submissive.  Blue will say something about how sometimes you just have to draw them in with a little kindness, and then pull out the domination, while they're open to you. 

3-4-1-B : So here's the last sex picture of the pamphlet.  The sexual talk will be quick and dirty, basically, Pink will fuck him, telling him to show her what he learned from fucking Blue, she'll soften up a bit, doing the whole, "just like I taught you, baby" thing.  So they fuck. 
Most of the page will probably be devoted to outro for MBlue.  He'll essentially go to the Temple with his 5 brothers.  I'll give them a nice ending, even though this is a great opportunity to villify the Lilians.  I'll say that they end up in a communal living situation with like 10 or 12 polyamorous bisexual milves.  MBlue himself ends up being an acolyte, and in the pipe for the Rental Sub program. 

So how am I going to do the intros and outros?  Well, I should have thought this out beforehand, but maybe the end is a better place to think about it, since I know what the content is.  Well, I'm thinking that the intros and outros are going to be by the SLC High Priestess. 
In the intro, she'll explain that the SLC Temple isn't technically a regional temple yet, but they're most definitely on the road to becoming one.  She'll probably explain the situation with the Mennonites, and she'll also introduce Blue and Pink. 
In the outro, she'll more or less give a wrapup of what happened to each of the boys, in her own words, and then give a wider appraisal of the end result of the Mennonite/Mormon "troubles".  She'll close out with some discussion on why she thinks that the SLC Temple is ready for full incorporation, which will serve to inform/remind the reader of how connected the SLC Temple is, as well as inform/remind the reader of what separates the official Regional Temples with the Minor and Major Temples.  


So that's the prewrite.  It's a lot, but I really want to get this one right, and it's going to be an easy one to fuck up. 
Next week I'll be back to regular releases.  Mommy Bubble's up first, and I think I finally know what to do with it.  It'll be positions, and it'll probably be set during Emma and Greg's sex weekend.  Were those their names?  On Wednesday, I'll be dipping my toe into the Mennonite Molestation pamphlet, with the intro, and possibly the outro as well.  So I'll need to decide on names for Pink and Blue. 
I'm really digging the idea of having Skye and Rose be their real names, and then having their stripper names be Platinum and Honey.  Christ, can you imagine being 8-12, and having 2 women come up to you, dressed like whores, and calling themselves "Platinum and Honey", asking you if you want to go hang out with them?  That would be far too much.  Actually, now that I think about it, a lot of boys would probably run in the opposite direction.  These women are the female equivalent of some greasy rich guy skulking around the playground trying to show you "magic tricks".

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