Saturday, August 8, 2015

Mommy Bubble 80's Nudism block

This is the nudism block of the Mommy Bubble 80's pamphlet.  It covers constant sex, and nudism. 


Wasted Weekends
Dynastic Disrobal


 49 - Ah, sex.  Dildos are great, and the Temple puts a lot of effort into making them as realistic as possible, but as much fun as masturbation is, it's not *quite* the same as having a real, flesh and blood, boy to play with.  In the days after my baby's first time, we had sex, *a lot*.  A whole lot.  In fact, I think we actually spent that entire weekend naked, and at home.  We tried new positions, watched pretty much every porno that I had in the house, and read through the past 10 years of "Bounty of Lilith". We probably had more screaming orgasms, between the two of us, that weekend, than the people in our village have, all year.  Suffice to say, we had a *great* time.  /// The first few weeks of sexual exploration with your son, are quite formative, as I've said, before.  But they shouldn't be too serious!  Have fun with your baby.  Try new things, bring him off in new ways, and give him the time and space to learn how to bring you off.  Once he's bonded to you, as your one and only, there's no reason why you shouldn't spoil the pants off him!  Try incorporating little games into your lovemaking!  Strip poker is an obvious one, but another fun game is called, "strip checkers"!  Every piece taken is another piece of clothing that gets removed, being kinged, or *queened*, nets you a quick oral orgasm, while the winner gets to pick the next position!  It's a fun way to explore with your little lover, during his 'recovery time'.

41 - With the two of us having so much sex, and the weather being so warm, it just didn't make sense to put our clothes back on, just to take them off again, a few minutes later.  It was nice, walking around my home in the buff, feeling my little lovers eyes on me, taking in his mommy's supple body!  I'd go to the fridge for a drink, bending over seductively, and when I'd turn back around, I'd find that my baby was nice and stiff again, cock in hand, and ready for another round.  Likewise, watching him lounge on the sofa, carelessly leafing through an old copy of BOL, his beautiful rod in that sexy little place, halfway between totally soft, and at full attention, just begging for me to take it into my mouth...  Well, I'll put it this way, clothes are over-rated, *especially* in a Lilian household! /// It's no accident that nudists make up a huge portion of our converts, and it's no accident that a huge portion of Lilians, become nudists!  "Hanging out" with your little one is always sure to guarantee a great time, for both of you!  Even if you're not too interested in having sex at that *exact* moment, it can still be nice to look up from the paper, and see your baby gazing at your nude form, pleasing himself, and worshiping both Our Goddess, *and* you, with his lust.  Now obviously, if weather doesn't permit, or if there are Non-Lilians around, you should probably cover up.  But if you can, give nudism a shot!  It really is sexy, and it really is *fun*. 

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