Monday, August 24, 2015

Mommy Bubble 80's Weekend Positions 1

This is the first position/weekend block of the Mommy Bubble 80's pamphlet.  It covers 69 and cowgirl.


Concepts of Cowgirl
Time to dine with 69


 100 - I remember the first time I ever mounted my baby for sex.  It was actually the morning after I popped his cherry.  We woke up, a bit hazy, after watching "Iubi in Alba" together, and we decided to move our lovemaking to the bedroom, to get a bit more space, and to have easier access to my collection of Lilian magazines and photobooks.  I took my baby's hand, and led him, nude, to our bedroom.  He was already rock hard, when I laid him down on the bed, and with a tender kiss, I crawled on top of him, and got his stiffness inside me.  I leaned in and gave him my tit for a little while, but soon, things started to get hot and heavy between the two of us, and I couldn't help but lean back, and *really* enjoy my son's beautiful cock, in the way that Our Goddess intended! /// The cowgirl position doesn't necessarily *have* to be the first one that you try, but it does have a lot of relevance in our faith.  Lilith was kicked out of the Garden of Eden, simply for suggesting that she and Adam try it out, one night.  For this reason, there is an element among our ladies, who say that it should be the *only* position used.  Although these women are clearly extremists, they do have *a* point.  The cowgirl position offers the female participant total control over the depth and tempo of insertion, and allows her to easily stop the act, if she so chooses.  Personally, I think that variety is the spice of life, and that a Lilian family should embrace as many fun and interesting positions as they can.  However, the cowgirl position *must* be one of those positions. 

23 - Our weekend of love was in full swing!  After we had sex for the first time, my little one wanted to explore my body completely, and, quite frankly, I couldn't disagree!  One of the things that we kept seeing, over and over, in the videos, and the magazine, was the "69" position.  My lover wanted to try it.  Well, I wasn't sure that he was quite tall enough, but to my surprise, and *glee*, he most definitely was.  Sure, I had to angle a little bit, but hey, it's nothing like what we saw in some of the videos!  One of the things that I *love* about the 69, is its responsiveness.  Every time I would lick or caress one of my baby's *really* sensitive places, I would get a wonderful surprise, from him, as my reward.  And when he came, well, it was such a turn on, that the only thing I could do was grind my wet pussy against him, until our orgasm was mutual! /// One of the nice things about taking your boy later in his boyhood, is that, at a later age, he's bigger, both in the pants, *and* in height.  Now, some mothers don't like this, preferring the cute little peckers of a 4-6 year old, but even they can't deny, it's about 100 times easier to do something like a 69 with a boy that is near your height, than it is with a boy who has to reach up to get at your chest.  The mutuality of the 69 position can't be disputed, but it's probably a good idea to be at least somewhat used to oral sex, before you try it.  It's *way* too easy to forget about pleasing your partner, when you're in the throes of an orgasm!

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