Friday, August 28, 2015

Mommy Bubble 80's Weekend/Position 2 Retrospective

Well, I've got their sex weekend finished, once and for all, and I can finally move the story forward.  Forward to where?  Well,  them having more sex, I guess.  The next few parts of Mommy Bubble 80's are just going to be little vignettes, which will probably end with the mother getting pregnant, because honestly, I don't really know how else to end it.  Probably the boy will not be the father.  We'll see whether I decide to piss everyone off by making the daddy a black guy (remember, they live in Namibia).  I think that if I use her pregnancy as an endpoint, I'll have them both go to Cape Town, to find a suitable acolyte, or something.  I'll have to give it some more thought.


The first page picture was actually supposed to be a doggy style pic, in which I discuss... doggy style, I guess?  I decided to use this picture instead, because, while this is the "position" part, I kind of wanted to focus less on the actual positions, and more on the context in which they are being used.  Plus, the other bathtime pictures aren't very usable, storywise, and I didn't want to just toss this pic into some generic "keeping it fresh" block.
As for the picture itself, I really, really, love it!  The mom just looks so chillaxed here, it's really nice.  I like that her big titties are kind of accentuated in this picture. I could honestly do without the 2 pics on the side, but I couldn't find any suitable replacements among the other bathtime pics.
The narrative is really quite straightforward, story-wise.  I mean, they would be getting really sweaty, if they're fucking so much, and they're getting covered in each others juices and stuff...  Yeah, they'd need a bath at some point, and of course, they'd be fucking in there, too.  I tried to find better words than "smell" and "stink", but I obviously didn't look too hard, because the words are still in there.  Hopefully they don't detract from the experience.  In retrospect, I focused a lot less on the actual sex here, than I should have.  I already kind of did the "erotic washing" thing in the earlier bathtime page, so there's that.  This one's a bit more story oriented, I guess.
The guide content for this page largely reiterates some of the ideas in the last bathtime page, but with a more firmly sexual focus, and essentially bills the sexy showers as a way to prevent the Lilian (maternal/filial) equivalent of a sexless marriage.  I like that she's essentially ignoring the actual purpose of the shower, which is to get clean, and focusing on what it can do for your sex life. 

The second page picture came just like that, I didn't change a thing.  I kind of wish there had been a facesitting scene, just to balance out the facefucking scene, but hey, we don't always get what we want, do we?  Theoretically, I could have erased all of the trash and stuff, but I wanted to keep their hedonistic debauchery in the story.  I like this page a lot, and I really wish that I could show it in higher res. 
The narrative for this page is story focused, by necessity.  There's no way I can go through all three of those scenes, and still have space for anything else.  I only get 700 characters for each, and this has to be a bit of a conclusion to their weekend.  So I focused mostly on just doing a sort of generalized overview of their sex weekend, and discussing the trash in the scene, a bit.  I probably didn't really need to focus so much on that aspect, but I felt like it was kind of something that should be in there, for overarching story purposes.  I'll get into that a bit more, when I discuss the guide content.  Overall, I like the way that I did this page, although I kind of wish that I'd been able to give it some more sex.  I mostly just focus on their general MO for the weekend; look at porn, fuck using porn as example, look at different porn, get turned on/inspired, fuck again, etc.  It's kind of interesting, when you think about it, just how much the Lilian Temple, through their pornography, affect the general Lilian lifestyle. 
The guide content largely just has Heather advocating a "sex vacation", where a mother and son basically shut themselves off from the world completely, and essentially go on a fucking binge, which can last up to a week.  I figure there's 2 reasons why she advocates this. 
First is the most obvious.  The boy is going to want to have fun playing with his new toy (sexuality), so he'd have the energy to do something like that, and it's fun for the mom, so why not have them donating massive amounts of sexual energy, because remember, that's what they're doing, all in one bit bingey shot? 
The second reason is a bit more insidious, though.  The "other distractions" bit refers, of course, to other women, or at least, women who aren't on the screen or page.  It might refer to friends.  Essentially, the mother is, from the boy's first time, locking him away, and denying him any sort of normal societal contact, at least for the duration of the sex binge.  He isn't able to bounce this very intense experience off of anyone else, and he isn't able to put it into any sort of context, or process it, in any way.  He's just marathon fucking his mom, and taking in a massive amount of Lilian sexual content, all at once.  Basically, it's a type of brainwashing.  The sex vacation is the mother's way of completing her son's bubbling, by quite literally locking him up in a bubble of maternal/filial sex, for days on end. 
The 'spirit herb' would be a big part of this too.  I didn't go into it much, beyond just mentioning it, and I kind of wish I had now, but essentially, the sex binge would largely go like any drug fueled sex binge, just with the aphrodesiac "spirit herb", instead of meth, or crack.  I can imagine that very few boys would be able to think straight about what they actually wanted, after spending a week in a drugged out haze of Lilian propanography, sexual abandon, and absolutely zero contact with the outside world. 


So there's the entire sex weekend, I kind of wish I'd been able to make it a bit more sinister, but hey, maybe the sinister-ness of it can come out over time, later.  Next up are the first couple blocks of Blonde's story with the Honey and Platinum, so I guess we'll all find out whether I'm ready for dialogue, or not.  If you couldn't tell, I kind of anxious about it.  Dialogue is where a lot of captions fall apart.  Anyway, in between those, will probably be the "sleeping in the same bed" block, for Mommy Bubble 80's. 

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